Is VtigerCRM killing its OpenSource version?

May 24, 2017

Poor VtigerCRM performance

I am one of the developers who wrote the initial version of the VtigerCRM. when it was forked from SugarCRM. I have been closely tracking the activities happening in the Open source community and based on the discussion most of the contributors are not quite happy with the proceedings.

It is very much disappointing to see a not a fully cooked 7.0.0 version of the product after 10 months from the 6.5 release. They should have already fixed all the blockers before they announced the release. Some of the blockers are :

Mobile API is broken — It is a mobile centric world today and is VtigerCRM ready to do it for a hosted version.

Migration Errors — Every one in the community has been advices to start new with the Vt7 and delete everything they had in the previous versions.

Google Sync does not work — This is another crazy one.

There are a lot more such blockers which makes this release version unusable. Now the team is talking about an 7.0.1 patch for the fixes. We too have the same questions raised in the community by the contributors.

There is a lot of difference between the Online and the Open source version Is VtigerCRM want all its community users to start looking at Paid Version ?

One of the module has a vulnerability for a specific kind of user. Complete information not given out due to Security.

It is very evident that VtigerCRM team is more inclined towards its online version much like the SugarCRM did it during 2013 which gave birth to SuiteCRM. As one of the initial developer of VtigerCRM and still writing modules for VtigerCRM, we at Smackcoders, believe that it is time to fork and create another open source version for the interest of the community.