MailPlus for Vtiger CRM (Free)

Deliver Emails directly to your Customer’s Inbox with this powerful extension. Send emails from your Vtiger CRM that reaches the email inbox without a Spam Flag. Emails sent out from Vtiger CRM trigger the spam filter of customers and may land in the spam folder. But this extension makes your email hit the customers inbox and it will stay away from spam/junk folders. First, go for configuration. With the API key, configure your logged-in email addresses. Generate a simple SendGrid API key that will skip your emails from being Spam and from opt-in filters. With the logs, easily track your successful/failed email lists to sync.
  • Avoid spamming the emails that you send from Vtiger CRM
  • Skip your emails from the opt-in filters of your customers
  • Straight email communication with customers on time without disruption
  • Know the status of your emails delivered
  • Review the logs of delivered email lists and failed emails
  • Get email info easily with status and User Id
  • Secured configuration for sending emails from Vtiger CRM
  • Start sending emails after a simple Sendgrid API key generation
  • Manage email records with Mail Plus for VtigerCRM extension
  • Configure your logged-in email address in Vtiger with a secured API key
  • Send emails to your customers from your logged-in email address.

MailPlus for Vtiger CRM (Free)

CRM compatibility

Edition: Open Source Version: 6.* - 7.4

Product Version

Version: 1.1

Single Domain
Compatible with PHP 8 & above
For lower versions support, contact us
Req. ionCube Loader 12 or above

Secure Configuration

Configure your logged-in email address with the secured API key.

Send an Email from CRM

Send an email after a simple Sendgrid API key generation.It will skip your email from opt-in filters and avoid spam.

Review logs

Effectively track the delivered and failed email lists with their user Id and status with the help of logs.
Meet MailPlus for Vtiger CRM, a robust solution ensuring your emails sail through without being flagged as SPAM. Start by configuring it with your API key for logged-in email addresses. Easily generate a SendGrid API key to bypass Spam filters and elevate your email deliverability. Track the status of your emails, noting successful and failed deliveries through detailed logs. Experience Vtiger MailPlus for reliable email delivery without the concern of being marked as Spam. Try it now for seamless and effective communication.

MailPlus for VtigerCRM Features


Configure and Send emails not being flagged as Spam

  • Configure your logged-in mail address in VtigerCRM securely using an API key.
  • Mail Plus allows you to communicate successfully with your customers by sending emails without being tagged as spam.
  • Send emails easily in VtigerCRM to your customer’s Inbox without getting caught in the spam folder.

Review email info with Logs

  • Manage your email records with Mail Plus.
  • Mail Plus logs make it easy to find information about your emails, such as delivery status and user ID.


Revolutionize your email outreach with Vtiger MailPlus. Deliver messages directly to your customers’ inboxes without triggering spam filters.
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