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Vtiger Notify Plus

You can get instant notifications and reminder alerts with a standard workflow. Make ease of all the repetitive tasks with a workflow and trigger notifications whenever the workflow conditions are met. You can easily mark as read or delete and snooze it to remind the task later.


Magento 2 Vtiger Connector

All invoices created in your Magento store are immediately saved in Vtiger CRM with the Magento 2 Vtiger Bidirectional connector. And also you can use logs to see the sync information.


Email Plus

CRM and email are clearly integrated with the Advanced Email Plus Module for Vtiger. The extension makes it easier for you to communicate via email with your Vtiger CRM.

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Mail Plus

Send emails right to the inbox of your customers. Send emails from your Vtiger CRM so they arrive in the inboxes without being marked as spam. The spam filter is activated when Vtiger CRM sends emails.


PDF Maker for Vtiger CRM

You can create your own PDF template designs for CRM modules using the PDF creator module for Vtiger CRM. The best and simplest way to create PDF files for information is with the Vtiger PDF Maker Module.


PBXManager Suite

Utilize the Vtiger PBX Manager Suite to start placing and receiving calls from Vtiger CRM. With the help of the Vtiger Asterisk Connector, quickly generate calls while providing excellent customer service.


Vtiger Address Lookup

Address Lookup works securely using Google Places API. Get your own API and configure it. Address Fields in Vtiger CRM are easily updated. Address fields autocomplete as you start opening up.


VtigerCRM QuickBooks

VtigerCRM QuickBooks Integration allows you to put your QuickBooks Accounting data inside Vtiger CRM and synchronise financial data between the two. Importanly, Sync Invoices, Contacts,  Products much more.


Vtiger Google Calendar Sync

Sync your Google Calendar with Vtiger using the VtigerCRM Google Calendar sync (Bi-Directional) feature. The synchronisation is completely automated and secured. The plugin keeps a real-time Bi-Directional log.


Vtiger Xero Integration

The VtigerCRM Xero Integration establishes a two-way connection between your CRM and the Xero Accounting Software. The plugin integrates the Xero accounting system and the Vtiger CRM components under one roof.


Vtiger Duplicate Merger

The Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger plugin can help you avoid duplicate records in your CRM. CRM data is kept clean by locating the duplicate information and integrating the two records accurate CRM data.


Vtiger Payments

With the help of the addon Vtiger Payments, users can include a PayPal button in their emails. Include a PayPal button in the emails you send to your clients to enable quick payment.


Vtiger MailChimp Plus

Run efficient email campaigns from Vtiger CRM with automated workflow-based data sync. Get Your Mailchimp Inside Vtiger CRM. Integration between Vtiger and Mailchimp Plus.

Vtiger - WooCommerce


Efficient Bidirectional Record sync between WooCommerce and Vtiger CRM. Seamlessly sync Sales Orders, contacts and Products via Onsave, Historical and CRON sync.

Vtiger modules are the add-ons that can extend the functionality of the CRM. Users can install modules to have added functionalities offered by 3rd party vendors. To install, first download the required files from the vendor's website. And follow the instructions provided by the vendor. In general you have to extract the zip content into the given CRM location and run the installer.

It only takes a few minutes to install. Further setup and configurations also takes minimal time if done correctly. Once installed, the module is available in the main menu and Module Manager tab.

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