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CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source

Version: 6.* - 7.4

VtigerCRM QuickBooks Integration

VtigerCRM QuickBooks Integration, bring your QuickBooks Accounting info inside Vtiger CRM. Synchronize accounting information between QuickBooks and Vtiger with seamless integration.

  • Bidirectional Sync Contacts, Vendors, Products, Quotes, Sales Order and Invoices both manually and automatically.
  • Scheduled record insertion and update with cron.
  • Sync record with particular status to QuickBooks.
  • Fetch mapping template of Quotes, Sales order or Invoice module and apply for the other if the fields are same.
  • Sync record that has configured “Allow QB Sync” under QB information in individual record detail view.
  • Email notification for both failure and successful sync.

Single Domain

1 Year Free Support

Requires ionCube Loader (4.4 or ↑)

How it works VtigerCRM QuickBooks Integration


Connect & sync

Bridge your QuickBooks and Vtiger CRM in a click and start synchronizing the data.


Instant & Scheduled sync

Get all your CRM info inside your QuickBooks instantly in a single click or schedule it.


Selective sync

Sync only a particular Vtiger CRM info to QuickBooks with the available filters.

Vtiger CRM QuickBooks Integration

Manage your invoices, services, and products directly from your Vtiger CRM. Sync your accounting system with CRM and avoid logging in to it to get accounts information. Get the details of your closed deals to your sales agent for follow-up easily from your CRM platform. Get access to customer invoices, vendors, sales orders, and products.

Generate improved revenue and drive higher sales by integrating QuickBooks with Vtiger. Synchronization can be triggered instantly, manually, or scheduled. Scheduled synchronization can be defined to perform at specific intervals. Get customers, estimates, and sales receipts from QuickBooks as contacts, quotes, and sales orders in Vtiger. A single click will bring all CRM data inside your QuickBooks accounting software. Bridging the two apps provides many benefits and helps the users to save time.


Secure and Smart Sync
  • No more manual entries, sync all your data in just a single click with Vtiger QuickBooks Integration.
  • Sync Invoices, Contacts, Products, Sales orders and much more.
  • Reliable data sync using a secured API to connect your Vtiger CRM with QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Sync are performed securely with Google API.
Schedule your Sync
  • Sync all records to Vtiger promptly in one click using QuickBooks VtigerCRM Integration extension.
  • Keep your Vtiger & QuickBooks software up-to-date with accurate info by scheduling data sync based on CRON setup.
Automated Sync
  • Maintaining your growing library of records up-to-date can be tedious, when it undergoes periodic updations.
  • Vtiger QuickBooks Integration enables you to schedule your sync process based on CRON.
  • Also control your sync of scheduled list in on time and get the accurate and updated info without much efforts.
Map your fields
  • Easily map your Vtiger CRM fields with the appropriate QuickBooks fields using the more intuitive field mapping.
  • You can also sync selective Vtiger records to QuickBooks using filters like select, approved, auto created, cancel and more for invoice to render a customizable field relations.
Audit Logs to know sync info
  • No longer lose your sync data due to some connection drop.
  • Vtiger QuickBooks Integration let you to preserve the sync logs for both instant and scheduled sync.
  • You can analyse the detailed history of a individual records.
Engage with Instant Notifications
  • Get your sync reports right inside your inbox.
  • You can trigger notifications instantly or weekly or monthly once.
  • It’s keep you away from engaging in online for all time to know about sync info.

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