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Compatibility :

WordPress: 4.9 & above

WP Ultimate Export Plugin

Product version 2.2

A Nifty tool for mass exporting WordPress data into CSV,XML,JSON,XLS.

  • Export your WordPress data with Ultimate Exporter.
  • Get a periodic website backups without any manual intervention using Scheduled Export.
  • Backup in 4 different file formats like CSV, XML, JSON, XLS.
  • Different filters in the exporter lets you get the exact data you want.
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Elevate your WordPress data backup with Ultimate Exporter

Pick Your Module

Select your WordPress module to backup your data from WordPress.

Add Filter

Easily cull your data with advanced data culling filters in Ultimate Exporter.

Get your backup

Once done, get your backup in one click as a downloadable file.


Take a Tour

Take a quick whirl to know how to export all your WordPress data in one go with WP Ultimate Exporter


Migration made easy with simple WooCommerce export

Export WooCommerce Products
  • Ultimate Exporter includes complete support for WooCommerce products export.
  • The export is performed like never before in blazing fast.
  • You can even take backup of your biggest WooCommerce product information in your WordPress database.
  • The super powered Ultimate Exporter together with filters help you export your required data with high accuracy.
Export WooCommerce Orders
  • Download WooCommerce Orders from your online eCommerce store to create a sales report over a month or any specified time for better analysis.
  • And export the data of specific order status like Pending for better follow-up on the Lead and increase conversion rate.
  • An year of orders records lets you to view your entire product sales with all the sales information you have achieved in a year.
Export WooCommerce Variations
  • Take a backup file with all product variation info with a comprehensive set of powerful but easy-to-use filters.
  • Enhance your exported file info with more accurate fields of WooCommerce variation product in a click.
  • Use a filter to instantly get what you’re looking for.
  • Use scheduled export to take backup at regular frequency for safe keeping of your website data.
  • And now you can export in the file type you want, and your data will automatically be saved in the specified download location.

A Revolutionary New Way to Export your WordPress Data

Speedy WordPress Export
  • Ultimate Exporter for safe backing up and easy WordPress migration.
  • It’s easy to download just the data you’re looking for with filters.
  • You can search for data based on the published time or author of the content or the status of it.
  • If you are looking for the specific post type you imported a couple of months ago, you can download each post type in the file type you want with powerful filters in lightning speed.
Export WordPress User
  • Ultimate Exporter enables you to export WordPress user information along with the additional information collected from WP Members add-on.
  • The exported user information in CSV can be imported into your email marketing for better email campaign.
  • You can also migrate your user information from one website to another.

It’s why there is nothing else like Ultimate Exporter

Simple Intuitive User Interface
  • Quickly get what you are looking for with the simple and powerful exporter.
  • There are filters that lets you to collect your required data with more perfection.
  • With simple intuitive user interface, you can go right to the Export menu and download your files as CSV, XML, JSON or XLS.
  • The scheduled export file are automatically triggered at the specified time.
  • You will find all the scheduled tasks in Manager.
Get what you want with filters
  • With just a click, you can apply four filters to your files to be exported.
  • Take backup with even more accurate data by choosing only the specific required fields.
  • You can even filter the website record with specific status, author and time.
  • Quickly get the data of a particular author.
  • You can go right to your Export, there are filters that helps you to collect your required data in a file.
Setting up your website is easy
  • Whether you are migrating your website or building a new one, publishing an online website made easy with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.
  • The data in exported CSV, XML, JSON or XLS file can be imported in minutes in to your new WordPress website.
  • And for existing website, update takes in just a few quick steps.
Schedule once and forget forever
  • When you turn on scheduled export option, all your required WordPress default post types, WooCommerce products, orders, variations and more will automatically be downloaded at a regular defined frequency, so you can store all data in a CSV, XML, JSON or XLS file.
  • By downloading all your data, you take a safe backup of your site data. You can use the file to migrate your data from one website to another. WP Ultimate CSV Importer, plugin makes your import smoother and faster.

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