WordPress Ultimate CSV/XML Importer Plugin Intro


WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer is an all in one import tool that lets you get all your CSV/XML data into the WordPress website. You can either import newly created data or update existing data in your WordPress website. CSV Importer allows you to import/update data all in one go or schedule the import/ update process at regular intervals(you can define your own preferred timings). Not only import data but also you can import images in bulk either from your local computer or from any external URLs with advanced image handling and SEO options.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer lets you import/ update most of the WordPress default modules and other WordPress third party add-ons. To know more about this, please refer to our Supported Third Party Add-ons. WP Ultimate CSV Importer supports the import of CSV file in UTF-8 format.

Luckily our WP Ultimate CSV Importer comes up with Exporting features to lessen your hefty export process. It supports importing data in 4 different file formats. They’rebuild

  1. CSV file
  2. XML file
  3. Zip file
  4. Text file

What is a Comma Separated Value(CSV) file?

CSV file is a text formatted file, which stores tabular data separated by commas.. It separates data with a comma or other delimiting characters. CSV files are versatile and it is easy to adapt for different users and for different purposes.

CSV File Characters

  • Single line for each record
  • In the first line usually create a header
  • Make sure the header delimiter is as same as the records


How do CSV files help in Your Business?

More or less all commercial platforms are using CSV files to import and export their ecommerce data to and from the database. CSV files are generally faster and consume less memory space when compared to the Spreadsheet. CSV files handled by various businesses to save posts, products, and other requisite data.

Benefits of CSV Import

It is effortless to Install and child’s play to Resolve to any changes. Faster to handle the data. It runs in no time to import and export the file.

How to Open CSV files?

CSV files can be open with any text editor. Here we listed a beginner-friendly few best text editors:

  • Notepad ++
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Libre Office
  • Open Office Calc


How to Prepare a CSV file using Notepad++?

  1. Open Notepad++ for Windows and text editor for Mac
  2. On the new file, start to create field names separated by a comma valuesHere are the sample field names, which will be considered as headers.ie., product id, product name, product plans, product price
  3. Beneath the header field, add field data for records
    • 1012, WordPress ultimate CSV, XML importer pro, Premium, $149
    • 1013, WordPress ultimate CSV, XML importer pro, custom fields importer, $99
    • 1014, WordPress ultimate CSV, XML importer pro, WPML importer, $99
    • 1011, WordPress ultimate CSV, XML importer pro, “custom fields importer, Premium, WPML importer”, “$99, $149, $99”
  4. Save file with .csv extension by visitingFile > Save as > Name.csv

Like the same, you can create your preferred CSV file with various text editors and save it in the .csv extension.

XML Import

What is an XML file?

XML aka Extensible Markup Language is used to structure data for the purpose of storing and transport. XML file mainly contains tags and text in a structured format. This structured data can be shared via the internet. XML is also referred to as self-describing or self-defining.

XML file Characteristics

  • XML is a structured format with open and close tags
  • XML describes hierarchical and relational data
  • XML is a standard format accepted by W3C


How do XML files help in Business?

With XML you can extend data when it is needed. What’s more beneficial of XML files for your business, it supports Multilingual.

Benefits of XML file Import

XML files are Cheaper, faster than any other file format. It can store a lot of customized data based on one’s needs. XML data can be sent via the internet. So that it can get access from anywhere.

How to open XML files?

There is a lot of software and editors to give to open XML documents. Most popularly used editors are listed below:

  • Notepad++
  • Code Browser
  • Atom
  • Edit plus

How to Prepare XML file in Notepad++?

  • Open Notepad++ editor
  • Start with tag
  • Create a data start tag
  • Insert every item details
  • End data tag



How to reupdate Data into WordPress?

Export your desired content in XML format. Then edit the data on your exported file. Again import the same file into WordPress.

Bulk Import – What is it?

Bulk import is the method of importing a large quantity of data into WordPress. For example, importing 1000 records into WordPress.

How to Prepare Bulk Import Files in CSV?

  • For an illustration, the product list has various products with its specification.
  • To store and update those products listed on the website, you can create 1000’s products in an Excel sheet and save that file in CSV format and import that CSV files using WP Ultimate CSV Importer.

Getting Started

  1. General way to install:
    • Download the zip file from MyAccount page.
    • Go to Plugins → Add New → Upload
    • Browse and Upload the downloaded zip file
    • And finally activate the plugin.
  1. FTP Users:
    • Upload the plugin’s Zip file to /wp-content/plugins/ and extract there
    • Go to Plugins → Installed Plugins → Active
  1. From Admin: (For the FREE plugin)
    • Go to plugins → Add New
    • Search WP Ultimate CSV Importer
    • Click Install Now → Activate



Supported Third Party Add-ons

eCommerce Import

  • WooCommerce Import Suite
  • MarketPress Free & Premium
  • WP eCommerce

WooCommerce Import

  • Product Variations
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Orders
  • WooCommerce Coupons
  • WooCommerce Refunds
  • Chained Products
  • Pre Orders
  • Product Retailers
  • Product Addons
  • Returns & Warranty Request

Supported Custom Fields Plugins

  • ACF Free & PRO
  • CMB2
  • Toolset Types
  • Toolset Maps
  • Pods
  • Custom Fields Suite(CFS)
  • CCTM
  • CustomPress
  • Jet Engine

Custom Post Import

  • Custom Post Type UI
  • Types
  • Pods
  • CCTM
  • CustomPress

Multilingual Import

  • WPML
  • qTranslate X

SEO Import

  • Yoast SEO Free & Pro
  • All in One SEO Free & Pro
  • Rank Math SEO Free & Pro
  • SEOPress Free & Pro

Events Manager Free & Pro

  • WP Customer Review
  • WP Members
  • Members
  • Ultimate Member

Other Imports

  • bbPress
  • LearnPress
  • NextGEN Gallery

Is your required third party add-on missing from this list? No worries, Name your add-on we will make it possible for you! Are the extended features of third-party addons limited for your usage? Let us know. We can customize your intuitive intention as such.

Supported Languages of CSV Importer

You can now use the WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin in your own native language. The plugin gets translated automatically to the language you configured in your WordPress Settings.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer support 12 languages which are listed as follows,

  • French (fr_FR)
  • Italian (it_IT)
  • Spanish (es_ES)
  • German (de_DE)
  • Japanese (ja)
  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Dutch (nl_NL)
  • Turkish (tr_TR)
  • English (en_CA)
  • English (en_GB)
  • English (en_ZA)
  • French (fr_BE)

Setup Language Settings in WordPress

To configure language settings in your WordPress site, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  • In the site dashboard sidebar, select Settings >> General.
  • Choose your desired language from the “Site Language” dropdown.
  • Then select the ‘Save Changes’ button.
  • Now your WordPress site will be updated with the language you have chosen.
  • Once your site language has changed, navigate to WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin page by selecting ‘Ultimate CSV Importer Pro(Free)’ present in your WordPress sidebar.


  • You can see the plugin get updated to the language you configured in WordPress Settings.

As an example, we have changed the site language to ‘Francais’, the plugin’s CSV upload section looks like below


The media handling section looks like:


And finally the import section looks like



WP CSV Importer Pro Package details

Now WP Ultimate CSV Importer is available 4 different packages. The features that are supported in individual packages are listed below. The Import, Update and Scheduling option is common to all packages. All packages comes with FREE Lifetime Support and Upgradeand supports Unlimited Domains. Depends on your requirement and budget one can choose any one of the bundle

  • WPML Edition
  • Custom Fields (all plugins) Edition
  • Exporter
  • Premium (All in One Bundle)


WPML Edition

WPML edition is bundled with WPML based multi language import support for content types like Posts, pages, WooCommerce, and custom post types created using the plugins like Types, Pods, CPT UI, and Custom Press

All our pro plugin editions, supports import feature for WordPress Post, Page, Comments, Users along with Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO plugin fields import unless it isspecified excluded in the comparison tab.

  • Import of Post, Page
  • Data Export: Posts, Pages, Custom Posts, Users
  • Custom Post Import: Custom Post Type UI, Types, Pods, CCTM, CustomPress
  • SEO Import : Yoast SEO, All-in-one SEO
  • WP E-commerce, MarketPress
  • Events Manager

WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro is now officially WPML compatible and we are listed as under trusted plugin list for WPML powered CMS

Custom Fields Import Pack

Custom fields edition is the specifically packed to take over most used Custom field and Custom post plugins data. It is bundled with Advanced Custom field (ACF), Types, Pods, CMB2, CFS, Custom Press and Jet Engine plugin import support.

Advanced Custom field (ACF Free & Pro Plugin), Types, Pods, CMB2, CFS and Custom Press plugin import support.

All our pro plugin editions, supports import feature for WordPress Post, Page, Comments, Users along with Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO plugin fields import unless it is specified excluded in comparison tab.

  • Import of Post, Page
  • Custom Post Import: Custom Post Type UI, Types, Pods, CCTM, CustomPress, Jet Engine
  • Custom Fields Import : ACF, Types, Pods, CMB2, Custom Field Suite, CCTM, Custom Press, Jet Engine
  • SEO Import : Yoast SEO, All-in-one SEO



Export all your required WordPress default post types, WooCommerce products, orders, variations and store your data as CSV, XML, JSON or XLS. By downloading all your data, you take a safe backup or use the file to migrate your data from one website to another.

  • Export Types : CSV, XML, JSON, XLS
  • Export of Post, Page
  • Custom Post Export: Custom Post Type UI, Types, Pods, CCTM, CustomPress
  • WooCommerce Export : Product, Variations, Orders, Coupons, Refunds
  • e Commerce : MarketPress, WP Commerce
  • Users : WP Members, Members
  • Export of Comments, Tags, Categories, Taxonomies
  • Scheduled Export
  • Bundled CSV as Splited CSV


Premium (All in One Bundle)

Premium Edition or AIO Bundle is bundled together of all pro features along with some added features that are only available in this premium edition. Likely Events Manager, WP Customer Reviews, Nextgen Gallery Import, and finally All WP Export features are only available with this edition.

All our pro plugin editions, supports import feature for WordPress Post, Page, Comments, Users along with Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO plugin fields import unless it is specified excluded in the comparison tab.

  • Includes all the features of other packages
  • Additionally Events Manager, WP Customer Reviews, NextGen Gallery Import


To choose your right product bundle go to WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro product page and click the “Buy Now” button to view the pricing and package comparison table. Choose a bundle that suits your need and proceed to checkout.