Introduction Ultimate Exporter

Ultimate Exporter is a WordPress plugin that enables you to export your WordPress Website data as CSV, XML, JSON, XLS. You can export the data of Post, Page, Custom Post, Category, Tags and much more. With Ultimate Exporter you can easily backup your important website information in just a single click.

With Ultimate exporter you can export the data of WooCommerce Products, Variations, Orders, Coupons and Refunds. The scheduled export option enables you to get periodic website backups without any manual intervention. You can specify the date, time and frequency to run the export process. Additionally you can also export WP Commerce, MarketPress, Yoast SEO and All in One SEO data.

Getting Started

  • Download the package from My Account Page.
  • Go to Plugins → Add New → Upload
  • Browse and Upload the downloaded zip file
  • Finally activate the plugin.

Export All Your WordPress Data

You can export your WordPress data in just two simple steps,

  • Choose your Module
  • And then, Export the data

Choose your Module

Choose the module to export data. For Custom Post and Custom Taxonomies, in addition choose the post type from the dropdown list. Once chosen, the total record count is shown in the top right corner. (Note: If there is no data, then you can’t proceed to the second step). Click on Continue.



Data Export

File Name

Initially provide the filename to export.



Advanced Settings

  • Select your Export type as CSV or XML or JSON or XLS from the drop down
  • To split the data and export, check on Split the Records and provide the value based on which the exporter splits the data.



Export Filters

  • Auto-delimiters : Choose the Delimiters from the drop down list or if you want to use different delimiters other than the drop down list, provide the value in Other Delimiters option.
  • Specific period : It enables you to export the data within a specific period of time. Mention the start and end date to export the data in the required time period.


  • Specific status : Ultimate Exporter lets you to export the data with a specific post status like publish, sticky, private, protected, draft and pending.
  • Specific inclusions : If you want to export only the data with some set fields you can choose the fields using the inclusion options.



Now click on the Export to export the data and you can download the file.

Schedule Your Export

Ultimate Exporter lets you schedule your export to automatically backup your WordPress data based on your UTC Time and Zone. You can export data in your FTP, FTPS and SFTP locations. Specify the Date, frequency, UTC Time and Zone. Finally, click on Scheduled Export.