WP Ultimate CSV Importer Features & Comparison Checklist

This page is created with the intent of making the CSV Importer plugin features transparent to the users. It has a complete list of CSV Importer features and they are compared with our free, and pro packs. The Pro packs include Premium, Custom Fields Importer, and WPML Importer. This comparison makes easier for the users to decide the right one to go for quickly.

The features are perfectly listed, compared, and categorized in different categories like 3rd Party Plugins, eCommerce, Import, Export, and Advanced(upload, media) features. Give yourself time to find the right fit to your requirements.

Benefits of This Comparison Guide

Right plan completes your requirements also satisfies your expectations. Choose the right WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plan before you plan to purchase. Comparisons between pro plans give you a clearer picture of what each plan offers.

Third-party Plugins & Features

Here we have listed out all the supported third-party plugins of the WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin. The plugin supports the most popular WordPress plugins like Yoast, WPML, JetEngine, ACF, Toolset Types, All In One SEO, Rank Math, WP Job Manager, NextGEN Gallery, WooCommerce, and more. You can import data to Custom fields, and Custom Posts of third-party plugins. You can import translated data to a multilingual website. You can import data into the eCommerce website. For example, your coupons, orders, products, and subscription data.

Third Party Plugins & Features
Custom Fields Importer
WPML Importer
Import Custom Posts created by CPT UI, Pods, Toolset Types, JetEngine, CCTM, WP default
Import Custom Posts of CCTM Plugin
ACF free/ACF pro plugin support
ACF repeater fields
Toolset types -repeatable groups
Handle other content types such as media,users, or comments extended by pods
Import to custom fields in custom posts created or extended with pods
Import or update pods custom fields for posts, pages, or custom post types
Custom Field Suite plugin support
SEO data import with Yoast SEO(free & pro)
All In One SEO(free & pro)
Rank Math SEO plugin(free & pro)
Multilanguage by websoft
Post Expirator Plugin
WP Job Manager Listings Import Export
bbPress(topic, reply, forum) and LearnPress(courses, lessons,quizzes, orders, and questions) data import
Importing data of Events Manager Free plugin
WP Customer Review plugin support
Bulk Image import into NextGEN Gallery plugin
Multilingual Import with WPML(import posts, pages,WooCommerce products, and other custom post types)
Multilingual Import with qTranslate X, and Polylang plugins
e-Commerce Features
Custom Fields Importer
WPML Importer
Ecommerce import with plugins like WooCommerce, WPeCommerce
import export woo products, orders, categories,real estate listings, image galleries and more
WooCommerce Products(simple, grouped, variable,external type products) Import along with Images,Categories, Attributes, and Tags
WooCommerce orders
WooCommerce coupons
WooCommerce reviews
Product Taxonomy import export
Product Attributes import export
Update Product Variation
Import meta-data like data from WooCommerce customers
Import woo variations, attributes, subscriptions, orders, and customers
WooCommerce product bundles plugin import
Import of WooCommerce addons(Product Variation,WooCommerce Subscriptions, Chained Products, Pre-Orders,Product Retailers, Returns & Warranty Request)

Import Features

The import features shown here are a bit shorter. But you can also find them on other tables(we have added them in their categories). Below we have listed the comparison for some basic WordPress import features like Post, Page, Taxonomies, Users, Comments, Custom Posts, and Menus import.

Import Features
Custom Fields Importer
WPML Importer
Import post, pages, categories/tags, users, comments, and custom posts
Nested categories import export
Update post data based on Ids
Default WordPress Custom Fields import
Navigation menus import

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

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Export Features of CSV Importer

Export features give you complete flexibility in backup your WordPress website data. You can export based on advanced filters. You can export any data from your WordPress website. Here we have covered most of them. Find below the difference between the free and pro packages.

Export Features
Custom Fields Importer
WPML Importer
Export data in multiple file format
Export in CSV
Export in file formats like XLS, XML, JSON
Choose which data to export, export any custom post type(supported third party plugins)
Export data in delimiters like comma, colon, semicolon, tab(more delimiters supported)
Export feature with advanced filters
Apply filter based on id, choose fields to export
Export file type, Export file name, field seperator, records per iteration
Export WooCommerce Products
Export WooCommerce variations, attributes, subscriptions,
Export WooCommerce, real estate plugin(JetEngine), yoast, acf
Export based on post columns, post meta, taxonomies, post status

The Advanced and Media features

In the advanced features, we have provided all the plugin features you want to know. This will explain the supported file types you can upload to import, import media images to WordPress, Taxonomies import, Users, and other advanced features of the plugin. The media table provides all the information of media import feature in WP Ultimate CSV Importer.

Media features
Custom Fields Importer
WPML Importer
Import of Media (featured images and inline images)
Import images from URLs, Server, and Computer
Import images with meta data(title, caption, alt text, and description)
Image meta data can be imported /in the seo advanced options sub-section of the images section
Images import with SEO fields
Import images to WP media gallery