Easy Inventory And Stock Manager for WooCommerce

Easy inventory and Stock Manager is a powerful and intuitive Woocommerce plugin for efficient inventory management. With this plugin, you can take complete control of your Stockroom and can track stock levels, mass edit prices or update product data. It saves time, reduces errors and enhances inventory management. Our plugin is ideal for Stock owners that they can easily manage inventory in a hassle-free approach and ensures staying top of supply and satisfying customers.
  • Quick edits from list view to update SKUs, pricing and other information instantly
  • Bulk Modify several products such as stock levels, prices etc
  • Clear visual indicators to quickly determines In stock, low stock, or out of stock
  • Easy and effective monitoring of  all stock movement that includes the arrival of new goods and returns.
  • Smart Import/Export of data using CSV files will ease the process of data migration.
  • Instant access of any inventory information in a centralized dashboard.
  • Save time and reduces errors with the simplified process and clear visuals
  • Consistent releases with new features, such as compatibility with WPML and improved visual indications.

Easy Inventory And Stock Manager for WooCommerce


WordPress 6.5.4

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How it works


Access the Dashboard

Easy access of inventory details from within the Plugin’s Dashboard in WooCommerce. View and manage your entire inventory effortlessly with the centralized dashboard.

Update and Manage Inventory

Bulk update of SKU’s, prices , and stock levels directly from list view. Easy bulk edit on multiple products simultaneously.

Monitor and Track

Track inventory details like stock status, sales and product movement effortlessly with visual stock indicators and detailed inventory logs

Try Our Free Demo

Get our free demo on Easy inventory and stock Management plugin and experience the best possible ways to efficient inventory management. From bulk edit /bulk update inventory details, and inventory tracking, you will get a firsthand experience on how our plugin plays a vital role in stock management. Test out the centralized dashboard, edit the product details, and view the visual indicators in action.

Efficient Inventory Management

  • No need to open an individual product page for product update. This plugin offers a Quick update of SKU s, prices and more from the List view itself
  • Easy to bulk edit multiple products simultaneously. You can edit price, adjustments, stock updates and Sales settings
  • Simple, yet intuitive user interface that can manage all the aspects of your inventory within your WooCommerce dashboard.

Advanced Tracking and Reporting

  • Instant tracking of stock status such as in-stock, low stock, and out of stock items from clear visual indicators
  • Efficient stock tracking from the arrival of goods, to returns using detailed inventory logs
  • Regular stock monitoring in real time ensures the accurate stock information

Seamless Data Management

  • Simplified data migration and bulk updates with easy import/export of inventory records
  • Easy Rollback of sale prices back to regular rates with a single click after promotions end. This ensures smooth price transitions.

Enhanced Customer experience

  • Enjoy User-friendly UI, customizable dashboard and can access the inventory from any devices with responsive design
  • Regular updates on new features and enjoy the Upcoming WPML compatibility
  • Real-time tracking avoids the stock out situation and enhances the customer shopping experience.