AIO WP Media Library Manager

The All In One Media Library Manager is a robust plugin that allows users to organize media files with easy drag & drop features and unlimited folders. This plugin ensures smoother, yet efficient workflow in all aspects of your work like blogging, photography, or running an e-commerce website, etc. Effectively manage your images, videos, PDFs, and documents with its user-friendly UI that works with popular page builders.With AIO WP Media Library Manager, Keep your files organized and easily access any files.
  • Simple drag and drop files to efficiently organize your media library
  • Unlimited folders help in the easy sorting of your media files. i.e. you can create as many folders and subfolders.
  • Custom Folder themes to match your brand and workflow
  • Built-in Guttenberg blocks to display media from specific folders
  • Effective page builder integration to manage media folders right within the popular page
  • Bulk upload multiple files and efficiently organize them into folders
  • Flexible views between list and Thumbnail smartly sort the files as you like.
  • Customizable Sidebars to tailor the sidebar size to fit your Workspace.
  • Advanced filtering and categorization for multiple folders

AIO WP Media Library Manager



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How it works


Custom theme folders

Smartly select and apply custom themes to your folders that best suit your business workflow and brand. This ensures the better visual appeal and organized structure of your media library.

Organize your Media

Create folders and subfolders with the simple drag-and-drop interface. Move all your media files into these folders for effective media organization.

Smooth WorkFlow

Efficiently access and manage your media library within your WordPress dashboard and popular page builders.

Try our free demo

Curious about how to effectively manage your media library with a simple yet powerful plugin? Try our Free demo of our AIO media manager. See for yourself the simple drag-and-drop interface, limitless folder creation, and seamless integrations with renowned page builders. Discover how simple it is to improve the efficiency of your workflow, customize folder themes, and arrange your media assets. You can examine all the features in our demo and see how this potent plugin can change the way you handle your media. Use the All-In-One Media Library Manager demo to take charge of your media library right now!

Organization and Management

  • Simple Drag-and-Drop: Drag files into the appropriate directories to quickly and easily arrange your media library.
  • Unlimited Folder Creation: To efficiently organize and manage your media files, make as many folders and subfolders as you need.
  • Customizable Folder Themes: Choose from a range of themes to fit your brand or workflow and add personality to your folders.
  • Efficiency of Bulk Uploads: Upload several files at once and drop them straight into the appropriate directories to save time.
  • Multi-level Organisational Control: For effective administrative control, classification, and filtering, use a hierarchical folder system.

Integration and Compatibility

  • Seamless Page Builder Integration: For a consistent workflow, access and manage media folders easily within well-known page builder interfaces.
  • Gutenberg Block Integration: Use the integrated Gutenberg Block to display material from designated folders right within your posts.
  • Improved Media Library Interface: For a better overall experience, swap out the WordPress media library’s default interface for one that is more efficient and intuitive.
  • FTP Compatibility: Easily include files into your well-organized media collection by uploading them over FTP.

Customization and Flexibility

  • Flexible View Options: Sort files in ascending or descending order for best display, and select between list and thumbnail views.
  • Flexible Sub-Sidebar: For a more individualized experience, rearrange and collapse the sub-sidebar to fit your workspace.
  • Customizable information: To make your media files more searchable and organized, add custom information.
  • Global Settings Management: Adjust the global settings to personalize the plugin to your unique needs.

Streamlining Workflows

  • Improved Search Functionality: Use sophisticated search options based on file names, dates, or unique metadata to quickly find media files.
  • Quick Edit Options: For quick updates and changes, edit media file details right in the library interface.
  • Version control: Preserve each media file’s history of modifications so that a simple rollback is possible in case something goes wrong.
  • User responsibilities and Permissions: Give users particular responsibilities and permissions to enable restricted access to the media library.