WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer pro

WP Ultimate CSV or XML Import & Export plugin is a robust data import-export tool. It makes your WordPress website development easy.

WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer pro

WordPress Ultimate CSV XML Importer Pro

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Version 7.8.6

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With a wide range of powerful features, the WP CSV XML Importer plugin will change the way you build your website.


Custom Fields Importer

  • Import/Update/Schedule
  • Post, Page, Comments, Users
  • Custom Post
  • ACF, Types, Pods, JetEngine, MetaBox
  • Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO, SEOPress
  • Import from Google Sheets & Dropbox
Unlimited Domain & Lifetime FREE support
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  • Import/Update/Schedule/Export
  • Post, Page, Comments, Custom Post
  • Users, WP-Members
  • ACF, Types, Pods, JetEngine, MetaBox
  • Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO, Rank Math, SEOPress
  • WPML, qTranslate x, Polylang
  • WooCommerce data and Add-ons
  • Events Manager
  • WP Customer Reviews
  • Import from Google Sheets & Dropbox
Unlimited Domain & Lifetime FREE support
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WPML Import

  • Import/Update/Schedule
  • Post, Page, Comments, Users
  • Custom Post
  • ACF, Types, Pods, JetEngine, MetaBox
  • Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO, SEOPress
  • Import from Google Sheets & Dropbox
Unlimited Domain & Lifetime FREE support
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WP Ultimate CSV, XML Importer Pro Demo

Discover the Features of WordPress Ultimate CSV, and XML Importer Pro. Explore the Plugin and Test its Importing and Exporting Features for Pages, Posts, Custom Posts, WooCommerce, and More.

Use your favorite Custom Field Add-ons

Customize your website in the way you want with the support for the import of custom fields created with ACF, CMB2, Custom Fields Suite(CFS), Types, JetEngine, Pods, MetaBox, and WordPress custom fields.​

wp toolset types import

Toolset Types

Experience the full power of the WP Import Export plugin (CSV Importer) now seamlessly integrated with Toolset Types. Import, export, update, and schedule Toolset fields data effortlessly. This robust plugin supports custom fields data import across custom post types, custom taxonomies, and WordPress users. Dive into the efficiency of importing custom taxonomies and field data for WooCommerce Products. Enjoy streamlined processes for importing relationship posts information, repeater field data, repeatable field groups data, intermediate relationship posts data, and more – all in a single go! Elevate your data management with WP Import/Export.

ACF wordpress import

Advanced Custom Fields

Seamlessly manage your data with the WP Ultimate CSV/XML Import plugin, now fully compatible with Advanced Custom Fields Free and Pro plugins. Export custom field data from one website and import it into another using the WP Import Export plugin. Whether it's WooCommerce products, default categories, tags, custom taxonomies, WordPress users, default posts, pages, custom post types, and more, our CSV/XML Import and Export plugin simplifies the process of importing the data into custom fields. Easily schedule and transfer data into Advanced Custom Fields, supporting various field types like Text, Image, File, Select, Checkbox, Post Object, Post Relationship, Google Map, Gallery Field, Repeater Field, Repeater of Repeaters, and more for a seamless WordPress experience.

WordPress pods Import


Leverage the powerful CSV WP Import Export plugin for WordPress to efficiently manage your Pods custom field and post type data. Whether you need to import, update, or schedule, this plugin provides comprehensive support for various data types, including those under Pods custom posts, custom fields, default categories, tags, custom taxonomies, and more. The WP Import WooCommerce plugin takes your WooCommerce data management to the next level. Seamlessly handle custom fields data for WooCommerce Products with the ability to import, export, and schedule effortlessly. The plugin supports a variety of complex fields, such as Plain Text, Visual Editor, Date and Time, Number Field, Image/Audio/Video, Multiple images, Color Picker, and Post/User Relationship, enhancing your WordPress data handling capabilities.

jetengine wordpress import


Discover the extensive capabilities of Crocoblock's JetEngine Plugin, enabling the creation of custom fields, post types, relationships, taxonomies, and beyond. Pair it with WP Ultimate CSV/XML Importer Pro to manage custom posts, fields, and taxonomy data. This dynamic duo ensures a smooth import/export process for diverse field types, including Text, Date and Time, Media, Gallery, Repeater, Select, Color Picker, Number, Checkbox, and more within WordPress and WooCommerce.


CSV Importer Feature Highlights

ecommerce store 1
Efficiently build your eCommerce store
build website 1
Build a more professional website
global business 1
Grow your business globally
addon bundle 1
Bundled add-ons support
data backup 1
Impressive systematic data backup
seo friendlly 1
SEO Friendly Website
bulk image import 1
Bulk Image Import
WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Since customer buying habits are trending to be simple and hassle-free, many companies prefer subscriptions. For this, chronological info needs to be added or updated whenever a new subscription is started. With WP Ultimate CSV Importer, you can import all your WooCommerce Subscriptions info like multiple billing schedules, addresses, and much more into your WordPress faster.

WooCommerce Chained Products

WooCommerce Chained Products

Unlike relying on the manual addition of combo products to your WooCommerce orders, use WP Ultimate CSV Importer and automate the import of WooCommerce Chained Products. Easily add or update your WooCommerce product bundles by scheduling your import and keeping your stock info up to date.

WooCommerce Product variations

WooCommerce Product variations

Every product in your WooCommerce store can’t only be a specific bundle of single variations. In certain cases, a single product may end up with hundreds of thousands of potential combinations, each with its price, product info, and much more. WooCommerce CSV Importer makes your WooCommerce product variations import faster and easier than ever before. You can easily create and maintain as many variations as possible for your product. Just simply have all your product variations info in a CSV import file or XML file and import it with our WP Ultimate CSV Importer.

WooCommerce Product Retailers

WooCommerce Product Retailers

Your retailers’ or distributors’ information may not be the same all the time, it may vary accordingly. Collecting and updating the info can be difficult at times. But with WP Ultimate CSV Importer, you can easily automate this process, by simply scheduling your import. Get all your retailer info on a single FTP location and schedule your import, CSV/XML Importer will automatically fetch the CSV and update the info periodically.

WooCommerce Pre orders

WooCommerce Pre-orders

Make your WooCommerce pre-order import a breeze with WP import Export as CSV/XML. Allow your customers to order the products before they are made available in the market by importing all upcoming products as pre-orders and all their relevant info like stock available date and much more into your online store in just one go.

WooCommerce Returns Warranty Request

WooCommerce Returns & Warranty Request

Adding and managing warranty info for all your WooCommerce products is easy with WP Ultimate CSV Importer. Including warranty information for all your WooCommerce store products can be tedious but WP Ultimate CSV Importer helps you import all the WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Request info into your WordPress.


WooCommerce Taxonomies

Now taxonomy data import and export are possible using the WordPress CSV/XML Importer plugin. You can import the WooCommerce categories and tags along with the WooCommerce Products. WordPress CSV/XML Importer plugin lets the WooCommerce plugin users import the categories/tags with meta fields data separately without importing the WooCommerce Products. Ultimate CSV/XML Importer/Exporter plugin lets you import/update/export the meta fields data of the categories/tags like descriptions, images, hierarchical values, and more.

More features

An easier way to ImportExport WordPress WooCommerce data

Unlike entering each WooCommerce info manually, use WP Import WooCommerce that is CSV Importer to import all your store data into WordPress in just a few clicks. Just upload your CSV file or XML file, relate the fields with the intuitive drag & drop mapping or advanced mode mapping, and import all your info instantly. WordPress Ultimate Importer plugin also allows you to update the data for existing WooCommerce products with the help of the title, ID, slug, or SKU of the product. WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin lets you perform the WooCommerce product import, Variations import, Orders & refunds import, Woo-Coupons import, WooCommerce attribute import, Tags import, Woo-Categories import, Product bundles data import, Chained Products import, and more.

WordPress Import/Export premium plugin comes with export functionality that allows you to export all the data related to your WooCommerce store. Options are available to export the data from WooCommerce Products, Products with Variations, Categories export, WooCommerce Product images export, Attribute names and Attribute values export, tags export, coupons export, order export, refunds export, and more.

Choose your Package

Ultimate CSV Importer WPML compatibility

WPML edition is bundled with WPML-based multi-language import support for content types like Posts, pages, WooCommerce, and custom post types created using plugins like Types, Pods, JetEngine, MetaBox, and CPT UI. Click the button to learn the complete features of WPML Import. All our pro plugin editions support import features for WordPress Post, Page, Comments, and Users along with Yoast SEO, and All-in-One SEO plugin fields import unless it is specified excluded in the comparison tab.

Premium Edition or AIO Bundle is bundled together with all pro features along with some added features that are only available in this premium edition. Likely Events Manager, WP Customer Reviews, Nextgen Gallery Import from Google Sheets & Dropbox, and finally All WP Export features are only available with this edition. All the pro plugin editions are compatible with import features for WordPress Users, Comments, Posts, Page along with All-in-One SEO, and Yoast SEO plugin fields import unless it is specified left out in the comparison tab.

Custom fields edition is specifically packed to take over the most used Custom field and Custom post plugin data. It is bundled with the Advanced Custom field (ACF free & Pro Plugins), Types, Pods, CMB2, JetEngine, MetaBox, and CFS plugin import support. Our pro plugin editions support import features for WordPress Pages, Post, Users, and Comments, along with Yoast SEO, RankMath, SEOPress, and All-in-One SEO plugin fields import unless it is stated excluded in the comparison tab.


Explore our documentation section to discover how WP Ultimate CSV Importer can simplify data management in WordPress. Learn how to effortlessly import and export data with our intuitive tool, and make the most of your website. Get started today!

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Frequently Asked Question
1. How to open or edit a CSV file

A CSV file could be edited in any program like Notepad or Notepad++. However, a spreadsheet editor like MS Office, or Open Office Calc is more useful to directly edit.

Import to WordPress is done in different methods based on content source type, platform, and file types. The most common types of imports are XML, CSV, and DB files.

XML method needs advanced knowledge to edit/update them in case of any changes required on source data. Otherwise, users are limited to import without any changes to the source file. Hence, editing done post by post in WordPress is only possible after import.

CSV methods allow any users with basic Excel or spreadsheet knowledge to audit, change, edit, or update the data visually in bulk before importing. So painful manual work is avoided and time is saved.

Also, the CSV file is the most preferred method for any offline programs. Again from V 6.0.3 auto delimiter support is available for “,”, “\t”, “|”, “;”, “:” “delimiters”

With an improved import engine, the plugin v 6.0.3 and above can handle any size of import without server-side changes like max. execution time settings in php.ini. The plugin itself can manage bulk imports smoothly without any crashing in between.


This is only required if the plugin version is 6.0.2 or below. Basic System Requirements need to be met to upload a CSV with a bulk of records. Kindly check your System Requirements by Settings → Security and Performance on the CSV Importer plugin settings tab. You have to increase the system requirements values to the minimum values mentioned in the plugin.

Import may hang due to the following reasons,

  • CSV is not properly validated.
  • CSV is not properly encoded to UTF-8.
  • Check the allowed file size, if needed increase the upload_max_filesize in the php.ini file.

System Requirements are not matched with the required values.

Note the importer uploads images in the background for faster performance and it requires WP-Cron to be enabled. For a while, it may look like images are not there until the background process is completed. You can easily configure WP-Cron for smooth and speedy import.

This new feature allows the addition of multiple CSV (or XML) data columns to the post_content field and also the editor is capable of adding styled text along with dropped data column tags. For example, this feature can be used to build common structured content with static-style texts. Note that these styled texts are static and applied to all posts that get imported.

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