WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro can help you automate all of that as simple!

WP Ultimate CSV Importer has proven as the #1 most wanted CSV Importer for WordPress. Now you can easily manage your content as simple as CSV with any spread sheet editor like MS Excel, Open Office, Google Spreadsheets etc., offline to import.

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***Need ioncube loaders min. version 4.4 and above.

Import, Export, Manage & Control wordpress content as CSV now with:

  • Woocommerce with Pro Add-ons
  • ACF with Repeated Fields
  • Types and Pods Custom fields
  • Marketpress Lite
  • Custom Content Type Manager

Woocommerce Product import Suite  with product variation control, image gallery and pro addons


ACF – Advanced Custom Fields Plugin Import Module with Repeater Fields addon support


Types Custom Posts, Custom Fields and Taxonomies Import Module


MarketPress – WordPress eCommerce Product Import Suite Module with All Product Types


Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields CSV Importer Module


CCTM-Custom Content Type Manager Import Module

Don’t just take our words, see some WordPress reviews here!


“I had a problem with the custom import, send them a message and within 1 hour the problem was solved ! Great work guys, really appreciate the help.”

By joop.stringer, November 19, 2014


“It is exactly what I needed! I must put a giant excel spreadsheet online as a directory through WordPress. Now I can massage the data and use the plugin to import them wholesale into WordPress as many times as I want :D”

By evrenk, July 3, 2013


“Once I had figured some of the obvious things out (!!!!) it worked fantastic and gave me exactly what I wanted for handling custom post types.Note: I may have been tempted to purchase the pro edition. Keep up the great work.”

By MarkHedley, November 29, 2013

Four Steps To Import Any CSV To WordPress

Step 1.Modules Options

  • Click “Imports” options from the top navigation menu.
  • Enable the modules in settings page.
  • Choose the modules to import.
  • For example select the post or custom post to import it.



Step 2.CSV Import Options

Select the post module and upload the post csv file using browse options to import it.

  • Choose any one options to import the csv file.
  • For example use From computer options to import like us From FTP, From URL and From Already uploaded file.
  • Next select the delimiter options as comma(,) or semicolon(;)

Step 3.Mapping CSV to WP Fields

After completing the import options map the csv to wp fields, you can ensure that your column headers are mapped to the correct field in WordPress. The improvements to Reusable Advanced Mapping Template manager is the template edit option. It is more flexible now than before to edit any saved mapping templates from template manager. Click next to go Summarize view. Summarize view is another improvement to import mapping option, enables user to cross check their mapping setup just even before the real import from the summarized view report.



Step 4.Settings and performance

  • In pro version duplicates are detected and skipped from importing from a new csv.
  • In addition to Duplicate Handling options users can add Server Requests depends on their server load and performance.
  • Number of posts/rows per server request to import or specific records to import it.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro 4.2.0 Features

  • Advanced UI with field grouping
  • Auto delimiter & Summarize view
  • Advanced mapping template feature with edit option
  • Mapping User Interface with classifying field groups
  • ACF Pro support for all available fields
  • WooCommerce latest version compatibility support
  • New advanced short code manager for image handling
  • Auto mapping and specific column update in Update feature


Ultimate WP All Import Features is bundled into one handy plugin to handle any wordpress import from any post types, custom fields, post formats, image handling, multi author, multi taxonomies with advanced publishing controls, scheduling, reusable mapping templates, db optimization etc., make wp ultimate csv importer more powerful than any other plugin available.


Dashboard have a new look interface and provide many more options with importer activity, importer statistics and WordPress Admin Dashboard.

  • New advanced dashboard provides last one year import details for all post types and third party plugins including MarketPress, custom post, custom taxonomy, etc. It provides an option to enable/disable modules by clicking it.
  • User can download the import details in both image and document formats. It supports image formats such as .png, .jpeg and .svg and document format as.pdf.




File Manager – All the importer files are saved in filemanager with version and user can download, delete, trash, restore files and records.
Smart Schedule – User can schedule their imports by one time, daily, weekly and monthy. In our new release, you can schedule your imports by hourly basis.
Smart Schedule – User can create a template and also view it. Select “Templates” from Manager you can edit/delete the templates.

Settings – Modules

General Settings – To add flexibilty and for much more simple user experience, users can enable/disable modules like Posts, Page, Users, Comments, Custom Post, Custom Taxonomy, Categories/Tags and Customer Reviews. Now new improved ajax based save feature enables plugin to auto save all options on the fly while selecting required options. No more jerks or issue when you forget to save switching options in settings module.



Thirdparty Plugins

Custom Post and Taxonomy – Users can enable/disable third party plugins for custom posts which includes CPTUI, CCTM, Types and PODS. Our plugin also supports default custom posts.
Custom Fields – Our plugin supports CCTM, Types, PODS and ACF. For ACF, it supports ACF Repeater fields only for pro addons and ACF google map custom field.
Ecommerce Settings – User can enable eCommerce modules here. It provides support for eShop, MarketPress, WP eCommerce and WooCommerce.
SEO Settings – Our plugin supports All in One SEO and Yoast SEO. User can enable it in SEO settings.
Advanced Custom Fields Pro – The support for Advanced Custom Fields plugin has been improved well to support latest plugin version, their features and all ACF filed types now.

Database Optimization

Database Optimization provides many more options to clean up the databases. It provides option to delete unnecessary entries in wordpress database. User can enable the necessary option in this module.




“I had to move ~100 business listings from Joomla (SOBI2) to WordPress (Business Directory Plugin). This plugin saved sooooooo much time. Thanks so much!”

By Benjamin Uzelac, July 12, 2013


“Needed a way to batch import products, including faetured images, for non-Woocommerce sites. Sure enough, this plugin works like a charm. Very thankful to SmackCoders for putting this together!”

By Tanner Hodges, December 14, 2012


“Simply the best importer tool I’ve ever met. My clients often ask me to import or duplicate many pages of their websites. Sometimes it also need to be migrated.And this plugin really save my time to do all these jobs. And I don’t have to worry to have a back-ache in the future.”

By Brookebot, March 12, 2014

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Milestones

V 4.2.0

with 220,054+ wordpress downloads, trusted by most wp users & developers, comes with pro features, detailed documentation, csv samples, cheat sheets and world-class support.