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WP Leads Builder for CRM

Product version 2.0.5

WP Leads Builder for any CRM is the best lead capture form WordPress plugin helps you to grow your CRM with potential Leads by capturing data from web forms used on your WordPress website. The powerful and intuitive WooCommerce integration helps you to capture your abandoned cart customer info to CRM as Leads.

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Fill your CRM with more Leads from WordPress website


Leads Builder Webforms

Create your own Lead/Contact form or Use existing webforms to capture your visitor info right inside your CRM. Generate unlimited shortcodes and inject inside your post, pages and widgets.


Leads Builder Users

Bring in your WordPress Users as CRM Leads/Contacts without any data reduction. Easy to sync all your existing WordPress users with 'One Time Manual Sync'.


Leads Builder Export

Integrate WooCommerce and get your abandoned customers info as your CRM Lead. Track every action that takes place in your WooCommerce site with our intuitive dashboard.


Leads Builder Feature Highlights

Leads Builder Report
Leads Builder Site Visitors
Leads Builders Cart Users
Leads Builder Automatic
Leads Builder Form Usage
Leads Builder hidden fields
More features

Connect with your favorite CRM

The best way to bump your CRM with more qualified leads is to grab leads from your WordPress Website. With Leads Builder For CRM you can automatically turn your WordPress website visitors as your CRM leads, unlike entering it manually.


WordPress Joforce integration

Once you got the targeted Lead, you need to direct them to CRM and to assign sales reps for efficient Lead nurturing. Small delays may let your Leads to go cold. With Leads builder for CRM, now you can automatically capture all your Leads right inside your CRM and assign it to your sales reps in no time.


ZohoCRM WordPress Integration

Easily populate your Zoho CRM with more potential Leads with Leads Builder For CRM. You can track your AdWords information by automatically fetching the GCLID & Google Adwords GCLID fields into your Zoho CRM. And with the support for the capture of file attachments, you can get all your client information using Zoho CRM plugin.


VtigerCRM WordPress Integration

Capture your WordPress website visitor info into your Vtiger CRM with WordPress Vtiger Integration. Create and use your own Lead/ Contact form to capture WordPress user information. You can also use your favorite existing web forms like Contact Form 7, Ninja Form, Gravity Form to fill your CRM with more hot leads and thereby drive more sales. WP Leads Builder For CRM works with both the Open Source & Enterprise edition of Vtiger CRM.


Connect your WordPress with Freshsales

Lead generation is the initial step in the sales process, you need to direct those Leads to your CRM for efficient nurturing. With WP Leads Builder For CRM, you can easily connect your Freshsales CRM with WordPress. It lets you capture Leads/ Contacts info from multiple web forms and easily lets you know which form grabs more with the support for Hidden fields.


SuiteCRM WordPress Integration

Never miss any lead to fall through cracks, grab all your sales leads right inside your SuiteCRM with WP Leads Builder For CRM. Automate the most repetitive task of distributing the leads to your sales reps with the built-in queueing algorithm, Round Robin to consecutively assign the leads for quick engagement with your customers.


WordPress SugarCRM Integration

Increase your sales conversion rate by bringing high quality into your SugarCRM. WP Leads Builder For CRM lets you capture spam-free Leads /Contacts with the support of Google Captcha. Not just spam-free Leads/ Contacts but also eliminates the duplicate entries and helps you to keep your growing CRM more clean with potential lead


Integration with Salesforce

In addition to the capture of Leads/ Contacts you can also capture your WooCommerce checkout info into your Salesforce CRM with WP Leads Builder For CRM. Integrate your Salesforce CRM with WooCommerce fields to get all your customers and abandon cart customer’s information inside your Salesforce CRM.

Configure your CRM

Begin with choosing the CRM you’re using from the list and give the necessary details to connect your CRM with WordPress.

Create Webforms With Advanced Form Options

Use an existing webform or create your own Lead or Contact form. Leads Builder offers you with different options like duplicate handling, URL redirection, automatic Lead Assigning and Google Captcha.


Web Form Settings

Enables you to specify the email to get the sync info right inside your email inbox. Set up to send notifications based on sync status.


WP Users Sync

Allows you to configure the fields and start capturing the WordPress Users info. Use “One time Manual sync” to sync all your existing users. Enable the ‘Auto Sync’ to sync Users to CRM once created on your WordPress.


eCommerce Integration

Lets you configure the fields to capture Abandoned cart customers info inside your CRM. Options to convert Leads into Contacts automatically on successful order.


Better Users insight with Custom Fields info

Send more information about Users to your configured CRM. Leads Builder for any CRM supports Custom Fields plugin like WP-Members, Ultimate Members, ACF, and MemberPress. Create additional fields using any one of the above plugins for Users and send their data to CRM easily with the help of Leads Builder.

ultimate member

Ultimate Members

With the help of Ultimate Members custom field support, you can easily capture more info about your WordPress users. Perfect fetching of your CRM and Form fields, lets you map your CRM fields with the appropriate Form fields and get all your WordPress users info at the right place.


Advanced Custom Fields

With WP Leads Builder you can get the exact info of what you need from your WordPress users with the support for the custom fields of ACF. Leads builder lets you easily handle the duplicates by either creating, updating or skip the duplicates and thereby keep your CRM cleaner.



Turn your default WordPress user forms into membership forms with support for the usage of MemberPress custom fields. With WP Leads Builder For CRM, you can automate the capture of the user info to your wordpress CRM. Once your users successful on form submission, you can easily redirect them to the appropriate place with the built-in URL redirection option.



Get to know more about your WordPress user with WP-Members support for better customer understanding & engagement. with Leads Builder For CRM, you can also automate the even distribution of your WordPress users to sales reps automatically.


WP Leads Builder For Any CRM Pro Demo

Take a quick look of Leads Builder for CRM. Explore the plugin and try configure Leads Builder with CRM, create webforms, Sync WordPress Users. Easy Integrate your WooCommerce site and track your all customers' journey.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Leads Builder for any CRM Pro?

WordPress Leads Builder for any CRM Pro is the improved version of free lead generation plugin WordPress, now to connect with 8 different CRM platforms. It comprises both open source free CRM and SAAS based premium CRM systems.

The plugin can connect with all the best and top ranking CRM providers in the market. This adds more flexibility to choose a CRM option that you already own for years. WP Leads Builder for Any CRM works with a list of CRM systems from the market in a more secure way using web services API without compromising any data security.

2. Which crms do you configure for the leads builder plugin and how?

The below listed CRM’s can be integrated with Leads Builder plugin.

Choose your own CRM, configure it with the appropriate details and connect your CRM with your WordPress website.

3. How to create Webforms?

Choose the appropriate form either as Lead or Contact. Leads Builder for CRM automatically fetches the desired CRM Lead or Contact fields inside it. You can choose the fields to include in your webform. So that’s it you’ve created your own webform.

4. Can i Use my existing webforms?

You can also use your existing web forms like Contact Form 7, Ninja Form and Gravity Form. Choose your desired existing webform and relate the form field with the CRM field. Once done, you can start using your webforms.

5. Where can I insert the shortcodes?

All created web forms can integrate to any page or post or widgets as simple as WordPress shortcodes. Also they are much flexible to use dynamically anywhere and multiple pages or instances. Even managing form fields are very simple from a single interface under shortcode manager which in turn gets updated everywhere.

6. List the advanced form options by leads builder for any crm:

WP CRM Leads Capture plugin comes with more advanced options which makes it a great tool to capture convert your traffic into leads and contacts to your CRM.

You can specify the form type based on page or post or widget to be used made things handy without compromising the layout or available space to accommodate the whole form. This allows you to limit the form fields based on the length that maximum space can hold. Added to this each created form or shortcode can be assigned with users fetched from CRM so that all captured leads/contacts get automatically assigned to the user without any intervention by admin or managers. The most useful option is duplicate handling method.?

One can define how duplicates can be handled like skip, update or create, etc. WP Admin can also define custom messages for both success and error messages. The most powerful feature is to customize the return URL in case of success/failure of form submission. This feature allows us to keep the visitors on the same page or redirect them to the desired page once forget submitted based on purpose of the form created.

7. How the form settings option can benefit me?

Another advanced setting that helps admin to configure multiple features to track the wp lead capture system. Like to set up the type of log to save, email that to forward the log data, enable or disable captcha to avoid spam entries and bots. Added to this admin can enable/disable debug mode if needed.

8. Where can I inject the shortcode?

After created the web form, along with it a shortcode will be automatically generated. Copy the shortcode and paste it in the place where you need to embed your webform. You can use it in your Post, Page and Widgets.

Now you can start capturing all your potential Leads right from your WordPress website and direct it into your own CRM.

9. What are the more advanced options in Leads Builder plugin?

There are four more advanced options in the Leads Builder plugin that you need to know.
Redirect on successful form submission – Direct your customers to the desired page by adding unique redirection URL to your webforms on successful form submission.

Duplicate Handling – When an existing CRM contact submits a webform, it creates duplicate entries in your CRM. With Lead Builder for CRM you can efficiently handle this, with a built-in duplicate handling.

Spam Free Leads – Make your webforms more secure by enabling Google reCaptcha to bump your CRM with Spam & abuse-free Leads/ Contacts. Sync Logs – Get your Lead/ Contact capture report right inside your email inbox. Sync Log lets you get the success & failure status of your sync.

Automatic conversion of lead to contact – Capture your abandoned cart customer as CRM Leads and help them to complete the purchase. On successful completion, Leads Builder automatically converts them as your CRM Contacts.


Use our step by step documentation for learning the Leads Builder for any CRM plugin and become a pro easily.

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