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WP Leads Builder For any CRM

Leads Builder For Any CRM captures leads and contacts from WordPress to Salesforce, Freshsales, Zoho CRM, Vtiger CRM, SugarCRM, and SuiteCRM, helping to enhance your CRM integration capabilities.

Getting Started #

  1. General way to install:
    • Download zip
    • Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload
    • Browse and Upload the downloaded zip file
    • Activate the plugin.
  2. FTP Users:
    • Download and Extract the zip
    • Upload the plugin to /wp-content/plugins/
    • Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Active
  3. From Admin: ( for the Community Version)
    • Go to plugins -> Add New
    • Search CRM WordPress Leads
    • Click Install Now -> Activate

CRM Configuration Using WP Leads Builder #

CRM Configuration tab helps you choose the CRM you are using and where you want to push your customer info.

  • Choose your required CRM from the drop down.
  • The options to be filled differ based on your CRM.
    1. For Salesforce provide your consumer key, consumer secret and callback URL. The configurations need to be authenticated separately by clicking on Authenticate before saving.
      • To get the details, login to your Salesforce account ? setup icon ? Setup
      • Click on Apps ? App Manager ? New Connected App and provide the required details.
      • Check on the Enable OAuth Settings and paste the Callback URL given in Leads Builder for CRM.
      • Select Full access(full) & click Add for Selected OAuth Scopes
      • Click save and continue to get the consumer key and secret
    2. For Freshsales provide your domain URL, username and password.
    3. Log in to your Zoho Account
      • Visit the URL https://api-console.zoho.com/
      • Click Add Client
      • Click CREATE NOW button in Server-based Applications
      • Provide your Client Name, Homepage URL, Authorized redirect URL (You can get the Authorized redirect URL from Leads Builder for CRM configuration tab) and click on Create button.
      • You will get your Client ID and Client Secret key. Copy the same and paste it in Leads Builder Configuration section.
      • Click on the button SAVE AND AUTHENTICATE in CRM configuration tab, and accept the field information.
      • Finally, click on the SAVE CRM CONFIGURATION to save the settings, and complete your configuration process.
    4. For Vtiger CRM provide your CRM URL, username and access key. To get the access key login to your CRM, click on Username -> My Preferences ->Under User Advanced Options -> Access Key


Vtiger Access key

For SugarCRM provide your CRM URL, username and password.

For SuiteCRM provide your SuiteCRM URL, username and password in SugarCRM configuration.

If you wish to change to a different CRM in between you can do it with ease.

WordPress Leads Builder for CRM Forms #

CRM Forms is the form creation tab where you can choose the required CRM fields that needs to be shown to the customer to collect information.

  • Click “Create Lead Form” to create form based on the fields in your CRM Lead Module.
  • Click “Create Contact Form” to create form based on the fields in your CRM Contacts Module.
  • Click “Use Existing to capture” leads and contacts with the already embedded third party forms built with Gravity Form, Ninja Form and Contact Form 7.
  • Click ‘edit’ in the Form list to update or modify existing forms.
  • Click ‘delete’ to delete the form from the Form list. This will delete the form permanently.
WP Leads Builder CRM forms

To Create / Edit Form : When you click on the create or edit , the list of fields in the corresponding module will be listed. You can use to customize the list based on your need.

  • Choose the list of fields which needs to be modified.
  • The “Bulk Action” dropdown has option to enable /disable fields, change order of display, renaming labels and make fields mandatory of the selected fields. 
Wp Leads Builder edit form
  • The Form Options enables to overwrite the settings for the individual form.
  • Post Type: Choose where you want to embed the form – Post / Page / Widget using the drop down. Select Post for Post & Pages and Widget for the Widget.
  • Duplicate handling: Create, update or skip the duplicate entries possibly generated from the form. Duplicate handling works based on the default Email ID field in the CRM.
  • Assign automatically : Select the CRM User (Salesman) to whom the captured lead needs to be assigned.
  • Custom Messages : Customize the messages you want to show to the user on form submission. you can customize success and failure message.
Wp leads builder Form options

Existing Form:

Leads Builder for CRM allows you to use your existing Webforms to capture Leads/Contacts to your CRM. The supported third party WebForm builder add-ons are Gravity Form, Ninja Form and Contact Form 7.

  • To capture, click on Use Existing Form
  • Choose your Module and Form Type from the drop down
  • Select the existing form from the Choose the Form drop down.
  • Duplicate Handling : Create, update or skip the duplicate entries which is generated from the form. Duplicate handling works based on the default Email ID field in the CRM.
  • Leads/Contact Owner : You can assign the newly syncing Leads and Contacts to specific Salesperson in your CRM. You can choose Round Robin to automate assigning the sales rep consecutively one after the other
  • Now, map the Form fields with the CRM fields in the drop down
  • Finally, click Configure to complete the mapping
Wp leads builder existing form

Form Settings #

  • The debug and notification enables you get notifications on success and failure of your Lead and Contact sync.
  • Specify the email address in which you want to receive the error notifications.
  • Enable the debug mode to receive the notifications
  • To prevent the spam and abuse enable the Captcha and set the Public and Private Key.
  • To create account, visit Google reCAPTCHA.
Wp Leads builder form settings

WP Lead builder Support Third Party Plugin #

WP Leads Builder for any CRM Pro plugin supports you to integrate the forms created using third-party plugins for lead generation. Some of the supported third-party form creation plugins are as follows.

  • Contact form 7
  • WP Forms Free
  • WP Forms Pro
  • Gravity form
  • Ninja form
  • Qu forms
  • Caldera Forms

WP Leads Builder for any CRM Pro plugin supports third party plugins helps to create the custom fields in the wp user table. Leads Builder Pro plugin helps you to integrate with the third party plugins and lets you map and capture the data from WordPress to the Business CRM. Some of the supported third-party plugins are as follows.

  • Ultimate Member
  • WP Members
  • Member Press
  • ACF free
  • ACF pro


WP Leads Builder for any CRM Pro plugin capture the e-commerce cart details as Leads or Contacts. Supported third party plugin like Woocommerce.