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WordPress Users Sync as Potential CRM Leads

In a eCommerce based site, Users are allowed to sign up to purchase the product or add to shopping cart. You can use this Leads Builder module to sync these users to your CRM automatically.

  • Select Plugin-Custom Fields: Choose MemberPress, ACF Free, ACF Pro, Ultimate Member or WP-Members to sync the custom fields data along with default Users fields in WordPress.
  • Sync WordPress User as: Choose Leads or Contacts to sync the Users to CRM leads or contacts.
  • Configure Mapping : Click on Configure Mapping to map the CRM fields with the WordPress User fields. Then select Update button to save the mapping.
  • On Duplicate Data: You can choose create, update or skip to handle repetitive User Sync.
  • WP User Auto Sync: Enable this setting to captures WordPress Users as leads or contacts to your CRM automatically.
  • One Time Manual Sync: Captures the existing users as leads or Contacts to your CRM. We recommend you to use this option when you initially set this.
  • Lead Owner: Select Lead owner from the dropdown to assign new Lead/Contact created in your CRM. The list displays email addresses of your sales representatives. The last option Round Robin in the list enables you to automate the assigning process by allotting each sales rep consecutively one after the other in the listed order.
Leads builder User sync