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Leads Builder for any CRM: Ecommerce Integration

Integrate WooCommerce with your CRM

This tab helps you to sync your WooCommerce checkout field information from eCommerce site to your Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Freshsales, Vtiger CRM and SugarCRM.

Capture customer information as: You can capture WooCommerce checkout field information as your CRM Lead or Contacts.

Convert Lead: If you convert the WooCommerce checkout information as your CRM Lead, after successful payment of your order you can convert them as your CRM contacts

Assign Leads/Contacts to owner: You can assign the newly syncing Leads and Contacts to a existing Lead/Contact owner. You can choose Round Robin to automate assigning sales rep consecutively one after the other

Leads Builder Ecom Integration

Configure Field Mapping: The fields of the WooCommerce checkout are assigned to the CRM Leads/Contacts field to properly update the captured user information to your CRM

WP Leads Builder for WooCommerce Insight

This tab lets you to know all your website visitor info from the point of entry to exit. You can easily analyze your website visitor flow.

Leads Builder Mapping Configuration

Intuitive Dashboard

Leads Builder for CRM lets you to track all the events of your site. You can get the details like successful purchases, Total number of site visitors, Add to cart and Checkout Customers. Leads builder also helps you to know the amount of time spent on each product, which helps you to analyse and increase your ROI.

Leads Builder Woocommerce Dashboard


You can easily track all your customer events with Leads Builder. You can get the Customer Name, Country, Product Name. Leads Builder also lets you to know the customer events such as Product Purchase, Checkout and Payments.

Leads Builder WooCommerce Reports

Customer Status

With Leads Builder for CRM you can get each and every customer events separately. You can get the customer details individually along with their total no. of orders, No. of successful orders, Time spent on each product, etc.,

Leads Builder Customer Status


This tab lets you to get all your customer purchase details like Successful and Unsuccessful Payments. You can also know the Add to cart and Abandon cart customers.

Leads Builder Opportunities