Smackcoders Refund Policy: Your Assurance

At Smackcoders, ensuring your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Please carefully review our updated refund policy for a smooth and informed purchasing experience.

Before making the purchase

Kindly note that a refund is too costly for us. So contact our presale support before the purchase, if you have any special requests or technical clarification.

Before claiming a refund

If you are experiencing any issues contact our support to seek assistance. In most cases, we can assist you with a working solution, as issues may differ from person to person. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to seek assistance and resolve any issues promptly.

How to create support

You can create a support ticket from the inbuilt support form from the product or simply email the issues in detail to [email protected] You will get an email acknowledgement with link details of the ticket created. You can reply to the email to keep the ticket thread updated. For timely and effective support we always suggest below

About the Products and Licenses

Primarily there are 2 types of products available.

1. WordPress Products

If you are experiencing any issues contact our support to seek assistance. In most cases, we can assist you with a working solution, as issues may differ from person to person.

2. CRM Products

It is mentioned in all possible ways that our "CRM extensions are licensed for a single domain, ionCube protected, and comes with 1 Year FREE Support & Upgrade".

The refund policy and the processing may differ between these two types of products as we offer different presale solutions for WordPress and CRM products to make sure the product serves your purpose.

2.1 About Product Upgradation

After 1 year, the support and software upgrades will expire for our CRM products, still, you can use the software license for a lifetime. To claim the latest upgraded product and support, you need to pay 20% of the product cost.

2.2 Regarding ionCube

Kindly confirm that your hosting supports ionCube loaders, the version, and the method, or get support to enable it for your account before the purchase. A refund claim due to not being able to use ionCube is not eligible as the product can be used by simply changing the host.

Refund eligibility is contingent on meeting any of the following criteria:

The product is not performing in the way it should be or "not as described"

If the product doesn’t work in your instance we can always support you in fixing the issue, kindly cooperate with our agents with the requested information for a timely resolution.


Our products are tested only in a standard environment and listed as supported 3rd party products and supported for the same. There may be conflicts due to customization, unknown 3rd party products, etc. which should be resolved from your side.

The product is "not as described"

We keep updating them frequently based on our development, testing, and support experience. Features that are not listed as supported by the product are not supported by default. If the features mentioned as supported do not work as expected we can always assist you to make it work for you. Otherwise, it is eligible for a refund.

In the case of CSV importer plugin editions, users should take responsibility for the source file if it is not exported by our product. Source files like CSV or XML which have validation or such errors are not supported. We can always help you in fixing errors and format, but to make it compatible you should follow the relevant sample/example files.

Product support is promised but not provided

We are committed to supporting all our valuable customers to solve any product-related issues under certain terms as explained further. It is clear that our support is limited to our product features as mentioned and promised on our website. We cannot guarantee a solution/support for any issues arising out of our products.

Issues that are not covered (if they meet the below criteria):

In the above cases, we can try to help you achieve the goal without breaking the above policy based on your cooperation.

Note that the refund request you initiate should include detailed information about the product issue you are claiming for a refund along with necessary supporting media proofs such as screenshots, or screen-recorded videos.

The product has a security vulnerability

If the product contains a security vulnerability (rare cases) it can be fixed/patched by updating the product. Otherwise, refunds are eligible.

is buggy, or not resolved in time

If the product is buggy and our technical support cannot resolve the issues even after proper access to the development environment to test the case, the refund can be eligible after confirming the same with the Smackcoders developer team.

Refunds are not eligible for

Developer Edition.

The user should ensure that a reasonable time is available for product activation, support, etc., as some cases need to be solved after evaluating a complete instance. So in such cases, no deadlines can be specified for such delays as it is not a direct product issue. Anyhow, we can support you to some extent as far as the requested details are provided without any hesitation, restrictions, or delays.

We have mentioned all the details above to ensure that our customers are well-informed about our policy. We aim to prevent any misuse of the policy, and we appreciate your understanding.

If you have any questions about our refund policy or privacy policy , please send us an email at [email protected]

*** This refund policy can be changed at any moment without any prior notice. We recommend you check this Agreement periodically for changes. For further inquiries, please contact the webmaster