About Us

Businesses today uses the different set of tools to manage all their information and to achieve their Organisational goals. This results in scattering of information at different applications and becomes hard and frustrating to manage. Countless hours are needed to be spent to get these applications to work together.

We at Smackcoders, started our journey with an aim to bridge the gap between these scattered services. We deliver products that connect different applications on CMS, CRM, and HRM domains. We are experts in WordPress, Vtiger CRM, Magento and OrangeHRM platforms. Not only products, we also deliver our great deal of time in services over customizations of our applications and service that are specific to our customers.

Founder Fenzik Joseph

Fenzik Joseph

CEO & Founder

Fenzik Joseph has started this company with the aim to help businesses to reduce the technology headaches, IT expense and to increase productivity. Early in his career, he is one of the Lead developers of Vtiger CRM. He is a tech freak and knowledge hacker, have done many contributions to the open source as a freelancer and an entrepreneur. His exposure to Opensource community urged him to start his own company Smackcoders in 2008, to contribute back to open source.

Ranjith Kumar

Ranjith Kumar


Ranjith Kumar is a versatile and result oriented person. He is the founder and CEO of Bevywise Networks, which develops software for Internet of things. He has hands-on experience in handling Product management, Customer Relationship and release management at Zoho. Prior to Bevywise, he worked as a Product Manager, leading Zoho docs and Integration of Office Suite.

Subha Celin

Subha Celin


Subha Celin is a highly enthusiastic individual and expertise in Management. She plays the vital role in determining the company policies with regard to quality, health, and safety. She is proficient in building and retaining high-performance teams by hiring and motivating skilled professionals. Holds a Masters degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering.

Our History

Initially, we offered a less number of WordPress & CRM products. Upon its success, we came up with many more custom plugins, add-ons, modules and extensions for WordPress, Magneto, Vtiger CRM, SuiteCRM, SugarCRM and OrangeHRM that meets the common need of the digital business. With the knowledge and experience, we also engaged ourselves in providing various services and solutions for clients to achieve their business goals.


Smackcoders was born and started its journey. Fenzik headed a small team and started working on the initial prototype of our products.

SEP 2012

Launched the first product Magento Vtiger Bidirectional connector to connect eCommerce Store Magento and Vtiger CRM and sync data between the two.

JAN 2013

Launch of the second major product Vtiger Mailchimp Integration. Get all the MailChimp info right inside the Vtiger CRM.

FEP 2013

Vtiger QuickBooks Integration launch, to bidirectionally sync data between the QuickBooks Accounting Software and Vtiger CRM.

FEP 2013

Smackcoders enters into the WordPress world and launched its first product WP Ultimate CSV Importer – To import data into WordPress website form any CSV file.

JUNE 2013

Smackcoders extends it’s boundary and enters the HRM world. Vtiger HR Management, an HRM extension to manage all the HR activities right from your CRM.

AUG 2013

Payroll module for OrangeHRM launched to automate and simplify the employee Payroll calculations.

AUG 2013

Vtiger Google Calendar Sync launch for efficient organization of all the activities in one place.

NOV 2013

Xero Vtiger Integration to connect & bidirectionally sync data between Xero Accounting Software and CRM.

MAY 2014

Update for Vtiger Mailchimp Integration with the support for Vtiger CRM 6.

JULY 2014

Release of the next major WordPress product Leads Builder for CRM to connect and capture all the WordPress website visitors right inside the CRM.

NOV 2015

Email Customizer for WooCommerce joined the journey, offers customizable WooCommerce order email templates.

JUNE 2016

Enhanced Payroll for OrangeHRM with the Support for Loan and Appraisal management.

AUG 2016

Launch of Vtiger Duplicate Check to check and arrest duplicates at the time of data insertion.

SEP 2016

Address Lookup for Vtiger, built in an effort to offer a hassle-free CRM address filling.

OCT 2016

Launched WP HelpDesk Integration, a tool to capture all the customer support queries from WordPress website to different HelpDesk.

OCT 2016

An update for WP Leads Builder for CRM with the support for SuiteCRM and Zoho CRM plus.

MAR 2017

Mail Plus was released, a tool that helps to deliver emails that skips spam folder & reach customer inbox.

APR 2017

In an effort to simplify the hassles of sales reps, Email Plus was released. It brings your email account right inside your CRM and brings all your communication in one place.

MAY 2017

PDF Maker was released, to get rid of boring Inventory PDF Templates & design on our own.

JUNE 2017

Smackcoders made its global presence by expanding its operation in the United States.

JULY 2017

Release of Magento 2 Vtiger Connector, to connect Magento 2 store with Vtiger CRM.

AUG 2017

Smackcoders broadened it’s horizon and launched 3 different SuiteCRM Integrations,

  • SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration – To connect and keep data in a synchronized way between MailChimp and CRM.
  • Address Autocomplete – To streamline your address filling in SuiteCRM.
  • QuickBooks SuiteCRM Integration – Brings the QuickBooks and SuiteCRM under one roof.
SEP 2017

In continuation with the previous month, Smackcoders launched two more SuiteCRM products,

  • Duplicate Check for SuiteCRM – To detect and eliminate SuiteCRM duplicates.
  • SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger – To audit, spot and merge duplicates in SuiteCRM.
  • Towards the end of the month, launched the new WordPress product Ultimate Exporter, to make your backup process easy peasy.
NOV 2017

Asterisk Integration for Vtiger – Helps to reach and better engage with your customers right from the CRM.

MAR 2018

Leave Management for Vtiger – To organize and simplify employee Time off management.

MAR 2018

Later this month Smackcoders launched the G-Apps Integration for SuiteCRM, a 3-in-1 suite includes the Google Calendar, Contacts and Address Autocomplete integration.