Free WordPress Google Seo Author Snippet Plugin

About the Plugin A powerful plugin that includes micro data with extended authors social profiles. Micro data is highly recommended by google than micro data. Also don’t mix up both micro data and micro format as by google guidelines. So if you use plugins that includes micro format please avoid this plugin or uninstall the [...]

How to guide : Installation Instruction for Google Seo Author Snippet Plugin

Requirements and License Details Requires at least: 3.4 Tested upto: 3.4.2 Stable tag: 1.0.0 License: GPLv2 or later License URI: Installation Instruction Google Seo Author Snippet Plugin is very easy to install like any other wordpress plugin. No need to edit or modify anything here. Unzip the file ''. Upload the ' google_seo_autho_snippet_plugin ' [...]

How to get free wordpress ultimate csv importer plugin

How to import data from an existing CSV into WordPress as Page, Post or any Custom Post Types using WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin in seconds. Download Free Plugin from The Pro version of the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin has many more features like Bulk products import for WP-eCommerce  plugin in few clicks. Bulk [...]

Bring your QuickBooks accounting info inside SuiteCRM


As your company started to evolve, your businesses will expand to new segments. In the process, you may acquire many new customers, invest in new sales [...]

Smart Duplicate Merger for Vtiger now supports Vtiger7


Today, we’re happy to release Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger with the support for the latest version of Vtiger CRM 7. Data duplicates in CRM is [...]

Announcing the new Vtiger MailChimp Integration with the support for Vtiger 7


Today we're excited to announce the next step in our efforts for Vtiger MailChimp Integration. Now, Vtiger MailChimp module has been enhanced [...]

New WP Advanced Importer! Enhanced with amazing features


There is never a single option that fits all. Likewise, a single file format is no longer fits all, you [..]

WordPress data export made easy with FREE WP Ultimate Exporter


Websites are an integral part of today’s technological world. And the rate at which the websites are evolving over years has been phenomenal. In fact, many survey [...]

Grab more Qualified Leads from your Website with the enhanced WP Leads Builder For CRM

Leads Builder For CRM Picture this : Walking into your office on a typical Monday morning and finding some hot leads flowing into your CRM. What a great way to start a week, huh?

But in every sales process, generation of more qualified Leads is at the core of successful deal closure[...]

Announcing all-new WP Ultimate CSV Importer with the support for XML Import

WordPress XML Import/></a><p>We’re happy to announce our latest and greatest update for WP Ultimate CSV Importer and it’s a doozy.<a href=[...]

Smackcoders takes another big leap – Introducing Hawkpayroll

Announcing Hawkpayroll

Today is a very proud moment for all us at Smackcoders, as we step into our first on demand cloud based services, Hawkpayroll. The Hawkpayroll’s arrival in your company is enough to get you through the bitter Payroll process![...]

Announcing JoForce : A better Open Source CRM

Open Source CRM, JoForce

Knowing your audience” is the key to any successful business. Because every customer wants you to know who they are and what they are looking for. The more you know about them, the better you can connect with your customers[...]