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Schedule export WordpressSince its start, WP Ultimate CSV Importer has gone from strength to strength. We have consistently added new functionalities to it. In the same way, today we just can’t wait to unveil the latest and greatest update for WP Ultimate CSV Importer we’ve been working on. What’s new?[...]

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Sync CRM contacts

Your business is picking up steam with a number of Leads gained from periodical email follow ups and you have made a wisest choice of setting up a CRM application to help your sales & marketing team close more deals. Great[...]

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Website traffic

Driving more traffic to website is certainly a great thing. And most online marketing strategies revolves around boosting qualified Leads. Bringing in high quality visitors results in increasing sales conversion rate. But it’s something challenging to manage those incoming Leads. Here is our WP Leads Builder for CRM comes in to efficiently handle Leads, so you can spend your time closing deals and do you most important tasks [...]

An Open Letter to Sreenivas @ VtigerCRM

I have been closely following the happenings of the VtigerCRM as we do work on VtigerCRM for a lot of our customers. I really appreciate your comment on our blog on the is VtigerCRM killing open source version. I would really like to let you know that the Vtiger CRM Open Source version deserves a better management.

Is VtigerCRM killing its OpenSource version?

Poor VtigerCRM performance

I am one of the developers who wrote the initial version of the VtigerCRM. when it was forked from SugarCRM. I have been closely tracking the activities happening in the Open source community and based on the discussion most of the contributors are not quite happy with the proceedings.

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WordPress image upload

We all heard the famous cliche, “A picture worth a thousand words”. That’s true, Images are the best to convey messages at a faster rate. According to Jeff Bullas, articles with images get 94% more total views than articles without images.

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April Offer "Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you” by Chip Bell.

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Capture Leads to CRM

Discovering the style of your customer flow in your WooCommerce website can provide a great deal of insight into their buying behavior. The enhanced Leads Builder for CRM, gives you a complete idea on your customer’s WooCommerce journey in your website< href="" class="url-links">[...]

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Simple WordPress CSV Import

All new WP Ultimate CSV Importer puts everything you wanna import into magnificent all in one package. A clean, intuitive interface places all the import, update, and schedule options in a perfect flow. And fabricating a website with your raw CSV data is made more simpler than knitting a fabric from a wool[...]

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Contact Form 7 CRM Integration

As a marketer, your job doesn’t stop with capturing Leads using embedded WebForms. You have to nurture the prospects who shows interest in your offers. Leads builder for CRM helps you to automate by capturing them to your CRM. With properly configured workflows you can even retarget abandon cart customers[...]

Better customer service with Powerful WP Helpdesk Integration

Vtiger Customer Portal WordPress Integration True customer service is understanding your customer and helping them till they get satisfied. From prospecting to marketing & then to customer service, gathering detailed information and analyzing them helps to unwrap the problematic areas and discover the hidden solutions to solve[...]

Prevent duplicates in WordPress with FREE WP Ultimate CSV Importer

Prevent duplicates in WordPressYour website information plays an important role in SEO. Having a similar Post, Page or Custom Post information brings a negative effect on your SEO performance. By default, WordPress deals with duplicates in slug by adding a number at the end of the URL slug[...]