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Faster Content Optimization with SEOPress and WP Ultimate CSV Importer

SEO plugins are helpful to optimize websites and improve their rankings on search engine page results. SEOPress is one of the popular SEO plugins on the list to use for improving site ranking and traffic. WP Ultimate CSV Importer is compatible to import and export SEOPress field data in WordPress for faster website content optimization. This guide explains how to use the CSV Importer plugin for quickly optimizing content with SEOPress.

New Update: WP Ultimate CSV Importer with WP-CLI, Polylang Pro support & more

Today, we have rolled out WP Ultimate CSV Importer with major upgrades and improvements. As we are committed to maintaining consistency in good quality and bringing something new. We have added the exciting features you want and will thank us for that. We have focused more on improving your importing experience. Therefore we have integrated the plugin with WP-CLI. You can now run the import without the web browser's help. There's more you need to know. Read this article till the end to find out what this new update offers.

Wix vs WordPress What’s the best option?

WordPress is an open-source content management system. It's a more powerful tool used to create blogs and eCommerce websites, portfolio sites, etc. You can create any type of website you want. A lot of plugins and themes are available from the WordPress repository

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for your presence and support so far

We’re feeling extra thankful today. We use this wonderful day to pause and say Thank You to you for being with us, for supporting us, and for having faith in us.

Auto-complete your address fields with the Address Lookup for Vtiger CRM 3.0

Salespeople spent most of their time entering and managing their customer database in CRM. Entering the same information like the street, mailing city, state, country, etc over again and again consumes lots of time and effort. Approximately 50% of your business time is spent on entering the same information more than ten times. Because many customers are from the same street, city, state, and country. So there is no need to enter all the same information manually. To reduces the burden of entering the address fields hundreds of times a simple extension will make it so cool with the auto-suggestion and auto-complete of address fields.

How to Build Online Courses Selling Website with LearnPress & CSV Importer

Whether you’re looking to get started in digital marketing or business world, there are online courses available to help you launch your career. Online courses are helpful for people and students to level up their lives by spending less of their money to grab a new skill. They can learn anytime while staying at their homes. If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge via courses online, it’s essential to choose the right LMS plugin to build a website to sell your courses online and earn money.

The Best Tool to Check and Merge Duplicate Records in Your Vtiger CRM

The duplicate-free CRM record is a challenging task for every organization. When your organization grows, the customer database increases as well. The increase in the quantity of CRM records will have a high chance of duplicate entries. Humans are prone to errors. Creating duplicate records in CRM while typing in a rush or by mistake or when importing bulk records is a common one. No matter the size of your organization whether it may be small or large, CRM record duplication will definitely have a negative impact on its productivity. Duplicate records affect almost all the departments of the organization which in turn reduces Sales growth.

7 Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in 2022

Black Friday is on the horizon. People are enthusiastic about this holiday season to spend their saved money to buy some valuable things. If you are an ecommerce store owner, it’s your time to prepare for this Black Friday to make great sales. Larger brands like Amazon, start their Black Friday campaign earlier, at the end of October or at the beginning of November. Using the right promotional strategy will help get more sales and increase brand awareness. We have discussed the 7 marketing ideas for small businesses to use this Black Friday

Introducing Vtiger Notify Plus: The Best Way to Get Instant Notification in Vtiger CRM

Have you needed help reminding project deadlines in your busy schedules? Have you forgotten and missed important events often? Put a full stop to your worry. Stay calm and Smart. How? Here is a good day for you. We are so glad to release our new and excellent product, Vtiger Notify Plus. Vtiger Notify Plus is an extension that allows the user to trigger any type of notification/alert using a standard Workflow. This Vtiger Notify Plus acts like your personal assistant and reminds you of all your work-related activities at the exact time. Now you don't need to miss any deadlines.

CSV Importer Pro: JetEngine 3.0.4, MetaBox AIO, ACF Flexible Content & more

Delighted to share the release details of CSV Importer Pro with you here. We have released the major updates of WP Ultimate CSV Importer. It includes many new features like Metabox AIO support, JetEngine 3.0.4 support, ACF Flexible Content field import-export compatibility, and on. This article clearly explains all the new features, updates, and noted bug fixes. So keep on your reading.

Adobe EchoSign WordPress

Echo Sign plugin for WordPress is a very simple integration of Adobe EchoSign feature of Adobe Document Cloud to your WordPress site. Use the plugin in case to get or add e-signatures to your business documents and any such processes. Read for more information.

How to Create Custom Post Types in WordPress

We have explained about WordPress custom post types. You can overview about our blog what is custom post types and how to create with plugin. Its was great experience with WordPress additional elements in the Dashboard.

A Guide to Fix WordPress 500 Internal Server Errors

Do you want to know how to fix internal server error in WordPress. We have explained in details read our complete blog and let us know your technical queries to us. We have greate experience in WordPress.

WordPress SEO in 2022: Tips and Best Practices for a Better Ranking

This article elaborates on some of the best practices for WordPress SEO that you can use to help improve your ranking on search engines. While these techniques may change over time, as search engine algorithms become more sophisticated, following these tips will keep you ahead of the competition.

How to Publish Your Plugin to the WordPress Directory

If you've created a plugin for WordPress and would like to share it with the world, this article will show how to do it. We'll cover everything from registering your plugin with WordPress to publishing it in the official plugin directory. So let's get started!

How to install WAMP and XAMPP?

To install WAMP and XAMPP on your computer, you need to understand how the operating system works and how to use a text editor. This article will provide an overview of both processes.Installing WAMP and XAMPP is a breeze, and this article will show you.

An Ultimate Guide to Speed Up WordPress Website in 2022

WordPress is one of the most popular site-building and content management systems today. While it is known for its ease of use and wide range of features, there are ways to speed it up even more. This article will discuss tips on how to speed up a WordPress website in 2022.

Best managed WordPress hosting in 2022

WordPress is the most known and powerful content management system used by millions of people worldwide. While it is a great system, it can be challenging to manage if you are unfamiliar with it. This article will discuss some of the best-managed WordPress hosting services in 2022.

SuiteCRM Installation Guide

If you're reading this, you're interested in installing SuiteCRM - an open-source CRM application that can manage your customer relationships and sales pipeline. This document guides you with the installation process.

WordPress Security: How to Secure Your Website from Hackers

If you're running a WordPress website, it's essential to take steps to secure it from hackers. In this article, know about how to do just that. We'll cover passwords, user permissions, and malware removal. We'll also show you how to use.

CSV Importer Free – Compatible with Meta Box

If you're looking for a CSV importer plugin compatible with the Meta Box plugin, look no further! This tutorial teaches the steps to import data from a CSV file into your WordPress site using the Meta Box plugin.

How to Install Ioncube Loaders – Simple Steps for Various Hosting Types

Suppose you are using a hosting service that does not provide Ioncube Loaders, or you want to use a different loader for another reason. In that case, this article will show you how to install Ioncube Loaders on your hosting account. There are simple steps for various types of hosting accounts, so follow the instructions that apply to you.

Ultimate Exporter – Better Plugin to export all WordPress Site Data

Looking for an ultimate exporter for your WordPress site data, look no further than the Better Plugin. This plugin makes exporting all your site data a breeze, whether you need to export your posts, pages, comments, or custom post types. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, the Better

How to Import and Export WordPress Users to CSV file

Are you searching for a quick and simple method to import and export WordPress users? Stop looking around; you've found the right blog. Here, we'll go over the best way to add and remove users from/to your WordPress website.

Customize your login page for Vtiger CRM

Brand your CRM to give it a more beautiful look. With the new Vtiger Custom Login Page, you can give your Vtiger CRM a more appealing User Interface that will appeal to everyone. With only one click, create a beautiful login screen with a unique, add-free login page.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress?

Do you own a website? If yes, you should track your visitors' interaction on the website. If you are looking for an effective way to track your website audience? Then give a try to Google Analytics. You will know where your website visitors are coming from, how long they stay on your website, what devices they are using and much more with the help of Google Analytics.

24 Most Important Reasons to Use WordPress in 2023?

Would you like to know why WordPress is used? Let me go into detail about WordPress and the key components of a WordPress website. In 2023, WordPress will offer a vast range of features. More features exist as well, such as trustworthiness, SEO, speed, usability, etc. Everything about WordPress as it exists now is given below.

Top 10 features in Xero Software

We are explaining in below Top 10 features in Xero Software. As you know Accounting platforms like Xero are the most widely used software across the world. This software is primarily used for businesses. Xero is a program designed to count expenses and invoices for small and medium businesses. There is no additional software required to use Xero.

Best Accounting Software for Vtiger CRM

In this blog, we are going to explain about Best Accounting Software for Vtiger CRM. QuickBooks is an online accounting software that lets you process online payments and bills for your business. This software is applicable to small and medium sized businesses. Also, it is a tool for accounting, payroll, invoicing, tax filing, inventory, payment processing.

How to create an Email Campaign in Vtiger CRM

Let me share you today how to create an email campaign in vtiger crm. Mailchimp is a marketing platform that helps you run Email Campaign in Vtiger CRM to manage all your clients and customers. Moreover, A tool like Mailchimp enables users to design e-mail newsletters. And also, this will allow you to send emails to specific users from your list.

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