Ultimate Exporter – Better Plugin to export all WordPress Site Data

Are you trying to export your WordPress site data? If you search on the internet you will find some common methods to export your WordPress data such as exporting data with the native WordPress export tool, exporting data using FTP and phpMyAdmin, and exporting data using Plugins. The export method using FTP and phpMyAdmin is used to export WordPress databases and files. This is complicated and requires technical skills to operate. Read on...

An updated version of Zoho QuickBooks Extension is now available

Zoho QuickBooks Extension comes up with an enhanced UI in this version. Improvements in the UI is very helpful for easy navigation and also it's a quite impressive way to grab your audience. There is a lot to see about the UI functionality in Zoho QuickBooks Integration version 6.0. The improvements like

CSV Importer Pro 6.5: WP Job Manager Compatibility

WP Job Manager is a free WordPress plugin that has the magic to turn out your normal WordPress website into a Job Board. Generally, a Job board means a website that lists open job positions. By creating a few new pages and embedding shortcodes inside them, you can get your job portal live. Read more..

Why Your Business Needs SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is a popular open source Customer Relationship Management tool. The CRM has a set of tools to assist marketing campaigns, custom rule creation, and a built-in email module. One of the more popular open-source tools currently available in the market. A free download and installation method makes it easy to use and has the advantage of being a free tool.

How to Import and Export WordPress Users to CSV file

Surfing for an easy and quick way to import and export WordPress Users? Now stop searching you have landed on the right blog. We will discuss here the finest way to import and export Users into/from your WordPress site.

Customize your login page for Vtiger CRM

Brand your CRM to make it a more professional look!. The new Vtiger Custom Login Page allows you to brand your Vtiger CRM with a better User Interface that everyone will like. Create a stunning login screen with a customized add-free login page with just a single click.

Take business on the go with SuiteCRM

Do you want to access your leads, contacts, and other data on a mobile device? Your SuiteCRM data can be easily accessed from any iOS or Android device using the SuiteCRM Vibe App. The App is available for download on Google Play and Apple App stores. We are going to discuss the SuiteCRM Vibe App new features and updates.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress?

Do you own a website? If yes, you should track your visitors' interaction on the website. If you are looking for an effective way to track your website audience? Then give a try to Google Analytics. You will know where your website visitors are coming from, how long they stay on your website, what devices they are using and much more with the help of Google Analytics.

24 Most Important Reasons to Use WordPress in 2022?

Do you want to know why use WordPress site?. Let me explain the deep view of WordPress and the most important features of the WordPress site. Features of WordPress are countless in 2022. There are more features including reliability, SEO, performance, usability, etc. Below, you’ll get everything about WordPress today.

Sync your data quickly using Zoho Mailchimp Extension

Sync your Audience, Campaigns, Subscribers between Zoho CRM and Mailchimp securely with API. Automate your syncing process by scheduling the sync or by an instant sync of records. Use this extension to manage all your customers’ details bidirectionally. With great excitement, we are announcing the release of the Zoho Mailchimp Extension.

Top 10 features in Xero Software

We are explaining in below Top 10 features in Xero Software. As you know Accounting platforms like Xero are the most widely used software across the world. This software is primarily used for businesses. Xero is a program designed to count expenses and invoices for small and medium businesses. There is no additional software required to use Xero.

Best Accounting Software for Vtiger CRM

In this blog, we are going to explain about Best Accounting Software for Vtiger CRM. QuickBooks is an online accounting software that lets you process online payments and bills for your business. This software is applicable to small and medium sized businesses. Also, it is a tool for accounting, payroll, invoicing, tax filing, inventory, payment processing.

How to create an Email Campaign in Vtiger CRM

Let me share you today how to create an email campaign in vtiger crm. Mailchimp is a marketing platform that helps you run Email Campaign in Vtiger CRM to manage all your clients and customers. Moreover, A tool like Mailchimp enables users to design e-mail newsletters. And also, this will allow you to send emails to specific users from your list.

Importing Pods Custom Posts Data Into WordPress

WordPress is legendary among other Content Management Systems with many commercial and blogging websites built on it. The content management is more powerful because it allows to extend it’s functionality in all dimensions. The ability to create advanced custom fields helps to collect and display more additional information.

Exporting Your WordPress Website Data as CSV

Taking constant backups of the website still prevents data loss. If a website is hacked and all the data are deleted, the data backup will be helpful to include the data of the old website into the new site. Exporting your data from the WordPress website becomes easier with the WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin.

How to import Custom Posts as CSV into CPT UI using WP Ultimate CSV Importer

Our WP Ultimate CSV Importer team upgrades the plugins’ compatibility from time to time for WordPress and other third-party plugins when there is a change in development or added new functionality. Custom Post Type UI is one of the most active and popular plugins among WordPress users. It has 1+ million active installations.

How To Send Emails without a Spam Flag from Vtiger CRM?

Emails sent out of Vtiger CRM land in the spam folder of your customer from time to time. CRM users generally send emails to customers often to stay in touch. Send emails straight to the inbox without a spam flag with Mail Plus for Vtiger CRM extension. The emails create a powerful bond between the brand and customers when it's delivered.

Vtiger CRM Beginner’s Guide To Amplify Your Business Operations

tiger Open Source CRM helps businesses to explore A to Z functionalities. Moreover, it reports in a single unified Customer Relationship Management platform. In this tutorial, you can explore the various types of CRM systems. Further, it is running through a wide range of business industries. In addition, you will also learn about Basic Features of Vtiger CRM.

An All-important Product to Boost Up your Business Efficiency is Vtiger CRM

Vtiger Open source CRM is an essential Customer Relationship Management system. It helps businesses and organizations to administer and maintain their competence. Most importantly, it contains strategies, techniques, and tracking facilities. Additionally, it contains interacting and developing factors for an organization. Vtiger CRM is an all-important product to boost up your business efficiency.

What does WP mean? How does It mean to WordPress?

WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System which is free to use. It is written in PHP and uses a MYSQL database. WP or WordPress was launched in 2003. It is developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress lets you create any kind of website. So you can create amazing website easily using WordPress to promote your business in online.

Stay updated with your schedules in CRM with Vtiger Google Calendar Sync

Business creates and manages schedules, events, meetings, reminders, and tasks. Such activities are generally organized and maintained in Google Calendar. A team's operation, process, workflow, performance, and reports are maintained in a CRM. The person who needs to handle both calendar and work finds it difficult to switch between apps.

CSV Importer Pro + JetEngine: Import Export Data

Dynamic websites are the most preferred choice for creating advanced websites. It provides a better and personalized user experience as it modifies website content based on user preferences or interests. This lets your visitors come back to your website and also stay on your website for a long time. Dynamic website content is typically stored on a CMS. When a user visits a dynamic site.

Stop Creating Duplicate Records in Your Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM Duplicate Check prevents duplicate record creation in your Vtiger CRM. This extension ensures avoiding repeated entry in your Vtiger CRM data. It checks for repeated entries instantly in your Vtiger CRM to grow data accurately and cleanly. Avoid creating duplicate data in real-time by setting up rules from the setting panel.

Simplify Data Management with SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration

SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration easily sync your records, campaigns, and lists. Communicate with your clients and customers through efficient email marketing campaigns. Nurture your leads and track the potential buyers for building your brand. Every business tries to get in touch with their future buyers in some sort of way, especially emails.

Introducing Brand New Email Design Studio Plugin

Introducing our Email Design Studio, email template designer plugin to build branded emails for your WordPress & WooCommerce website. We're super excited to share the new plugin release. Now you can easily and quickly create attractive email designs to send to your customers. You can download the plugin from wordpress.org. Email Design Studio offers six pre-built templates. Every pre-built template has a variant style.

Get Started to Run a Successful Email Campaign from Vtiger CRM

Mailchimp is an automated email marketing tool helping business entities to send emails. Mailchimp helps to find the audience, track their engagement and analyze the campaigns. Businesses use Vtiger CRM to handle the entire workflow, operations, and functionality maintenance. Integration of MailChimp with Vtiger CRM helps companies to run successful email campaigns.

CSV Importer Pro 6.4: Dropbox Images Import, WooCommerce Product Bundles & JetEngine Custom Content Types Import Export

WP Ultimate CSV/XML Importer upgrades its support for the JetEngine plugin. It now supports importing and exporting Custom Content Types data of JetEngine. You can import bulk CSV/XML data to JetEngine Custom Content Types. This reduces your manual effort and saves your time. You can export CCT data as a CSV/XML/JSON/XLS file type.

Sample XML files – WordPress Ultimate XML Import/Update Plugin

WP Ultimate XML Importer Pro plugin offers WordPress users the chance to import and update the data created using the Events Manager plugin fields. You can import the Events Manager events data, locations details, recurring events fields data, bookings using the WordPress XML Importer plugin. Also, you can update and import the new events manager plugin.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Sample CSV files and Updates

WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin supports WooCommerce product import, WooCommerce product variations import, WooCommerce orders & refunds import, WooCommerce coupons import, WooCommerce attributes import, WooCommerce categories import, WooCommerce tags import, WooCommerce product bundles import, WooCommerce Chained Products import, and more.

Email Customizer WooCommerce: What’s New in 2021

Email Customizer for WooCommerce is an easy-to-build template plugin. You can build individual mail templates for Admin and Users. After you choose one template, the 'Template For The User' option is enabled automatically. If you want to create a template for admin, click the 'Template For Admin' button and start editing the template.
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