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Knowledge Base

Free WP Plugin | Community Version

Download the community edition of the Leads Builder plugin for free from wordpress.org.

CRM Configuration #

This tab helps you to choose your CRM, where you want to push your customer info.

  • Choose the CRM you’re using from the drop down.
  • The options to be filled vary based on the CRM you choose.
    1. For Zoho CRM configuration: Provide your username and password.
    2. For Vtiger CRM: Mention your CRM URL, username and access key.
    3. SugarCRM Configuration: Provide your CRM URL, username and password.
    4. For SuiteCRM provide your SuiteCRM URL, username & password in SuiteCRM configuration.
    5. For Salesforce CRM: Mention the consumer key, consumer secret and callback URL.

CRM Forms #

  • You can see 2 default Form shortcodes in CRM Forms which can be added in Post/Page and Widget. Click on Edit to design the form with selective form fields.
  • Click the Fetch CRM Fields at the top right corner in edit view, to fetch the Leads module field from the configured CRM. You can enable, disable and update the order of the fields in the list.
  • Choose the desired action from the bulk actions drop down. Check on the required fields and place the fields order number in the ‘order’ column and then save it by clicking on Save Field Settings.
  • You can configure the individual form settings in ‘Form Options’.
  • You can add custom message alert to be delivered after the success or failure of form submission.
  • You can add redirect URL to direct the user to the desired page after successful form submission. Save the configuration by clicking on ‘Apply Form Options’.
  • You can redesign the created form with Contact Form 7. Choose Contact Form 7 from the Choose your Form Type drop down menu. Ninja Form and Gravity Form are supported in our Pro version.

Form Settings #

  • Enable Debug mode to display WordPress errors to know the reason for the conflicts.
  • You can enable notification additionally by using the email notification option for success and failure of pushing data to CRM. Specify the email address in the text field. If not specified, email will be sent to Administrator’s email address.
  • Google Captcha is available only in Pro version.

WP Users Sync #

  • You can capture WP users as your CRM contacts. The contacts will be built on new registration or on updating an existing WP user.
  • In Pro version, the existing WP users and newly registering users can be synced along with additional user fields of MemberPress, ACF and WP-Members. Duplicate data handling, assigning record to Lead or Contact, and mapping wordpress fields to appropriate CRM fields are additional features of Pro


  • Zoho CRM restricts number of token per user. If it gets exceeded, you need to remove the tokens on the Zoho Servers. You can read more about Zoho Authtoken in Zoho Documentation
  • You can request for a 48 hours trial in the Product page before you buy WP Leads Builder Pro Version.
  • Power up your CRM integration with WP Leads Builder Pro Version to unlock advanced features and streamline your customer management processes.