How to Export and Import Advanced Custom Fields from CSV in WordPress

March 21, 2018

Website development is growing around the globe as a tool of business development. And many WordPress website owners organize their content strategy in spreadsheets or XML containing the Post ideas, custom field info, etc. If you’re a part of a larger organization with frequent Post or Page creations or modifications, adding them manually will take a lot of time.

Well, let’s take a look at how WP Ultimate CSV Importer can import Post or Page with advanced custom fields(acf) data from CSV into WordPress. You can refer our video tutorial below or continue reading the blog to know about it.

The first thing you need to do is to install and activate WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin. Upon activation, you can simply go to WP Ultimate CSV Importer → Import/Update

Now you will be asked to upload your CSV file containing ACF fields info. But, before you do that you need to format your spreadsheet in the UTF-8 format so that it can be imported, updated or scheduled.

The WP Ultimate CSV Importer fetches ACF field info based on the columns in your spreadsheet. The first row must have the column names, and you can have the name of your choice and there is no restriction in naming the ACF fields.

You can download the sample ACF CSV file for your reference. And you can open in Microsoft Office, LibreOffice Calc or Google Docs. While downloading the CSV file, make sure you use the comma(,) to separate columns and text delimiter is set to double quotes(“). You can also refer WordPress ACF field import samples to give the values in CSV file for ACF repeater field, repeater of repeater fields, gallery field, etc,.

Import ACF Fields in WordPress from CSV

There are 3 simple steps in importing or updating the existing content of your WordPress website. The first step is to upload the CSV file in any of the 4 methods. Then choose whether the CSV file contains the New Items to import or Existing Items to update the website content.

ACF Import in WordPress
The second step is to relate CSV headers and WordPress fields. You can use the Advanced Mode with dropdown or simply Drag & Drop to match the CSV headers with WordPress fields.
ACF and WordPress field relation

The third step is to choose whether to import now or to schedule the post to get an update in future. The ideas and custom field ACF info update in WordPress from CSV.
ACF Import/Schedule in WordPress

Export ACF Fields in WordPress as CSV

The ACF field info in WordPress along with the Post, Page or Custom Post can be exported as CSV file for safe backup or migration in 2 simple steps.

In Step one, you can choose the Post Type and in the second step, you can download the entire Post Type as CSV.
ACF Import/Schedule in WordPress

We hope this article helps you to import your ACF fields in WordPress from CSV file. You can also checkout the other third-party add-ons supported in WP Ultimate CSV Importer. You can try Ultimate CSV Importer for now in our Live demo. If you need any help, write to us at [email protected] or leave us in the comments below