Import Export JetEngine data with WP CSV importer

WP Ultimate CSV importer is an all-in-one tool that supports the import/export of all the custom posts and Custom fields of JetEngine.

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Highlighted Features

Flawless Data Migration

For websites undergoing migration or redesign, importing JetEngine posts and fields ensures seamless transfer of valuable content. Reduces the risk of data loss and maintains the integrity of your website.

Smart Content Management

Easy JetEngine CCT import. CSV importers allow for bulk updates, making managing and modifying JetEngine posts and fields easier. Flexibility in data formatting and structure Regular data updates.

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy a user-friendly interface that simplifies the import and export process, making it accessible to users of all skill levels while providing advanced features for power users and developers.

Migrate JetEngine CPT to WordPress

Now JetEngine’s fields, Terms, and Taxonomies of CPT into WordPress are a few clicks away with CSV importer. Effortless export of custom fields from JetEngine and import it into WordPress.

Drag and Drop Mapping

Intuitive mapping of JetEngine custom fields corresponding to the WP CSV header with a simple drag-and-drop mapping. Effortlessly map incoming data elements with the corresponding JetEngine fields ensuring accurate importation of data.

Advanced Filter on Export

Easy export of Specific Custom content types and Custom Post Types of JetEngine’s data with advanced filter. Supports export of your desired data type or data format such as CSV/XML/Excel.


Scheduled imports enable you to automate the process of updating JetEngine posts and fields. This feature is handy for websites with frequent content updates, reducing manual intervention and ensuring data freshness.


Need Further Assistance

WP CSV importer with JetEngine support, it is easy to export/ import JetEngine fields and custom posts of JetEngine with a few clicks.