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Generate AI Content with ChatGPT OpenAI When Import with CSV Importer

Ultimate CSV Importer plugin for WordPress supports ChatGPT to automatically generate content and images for your Posts, Pages, and Custom Posts when you import. This will be helpful in cases like if you want to import WooCommerce Products with Product descriptions and Posts with featured images. You just need to configure the ChatGPT option shown beside the post_content, post_excerpt, and featured_image fields while mapping in our plugin. This feature will automatically generate descriptions and images for the imported WooCommerce Products and your Posts.

Note to consider: Only In the CSV with empty post_content, post_excerpt, and featured_image fields, you can generate descriptions and images with the ChatGPT ai.

openai sample csv

Let’s explore more about this feature here. To get started, you must initially configure your OpenAI API key in our CSV Importer Plugin to enable this automatic content generation feature. 

Configure ChatGPT with an API Key

1. Navigate to the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin within your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Go to Settings, then click on OpenAI Settings.

openai settings

3. Enter your ChatGPT API key. If you don’t have the API key, please click the link provided to get the OpenAi API key. A new window will open, guiding you to your OpenAI settings. Get the key and enter it.

openai api key configuration

Import CSV

Once the OpenAI API key settings are configured, proceed with importing your data.

1. In the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin Dashboard, navigate to the Import section and upload your CSV file.

2. Select the type of post you want to import, such as post, page, Woocommerce products, or other custom post types.

3. Click the continue button to enter the mapping section, where you can map the fields.

4. The “Auto-generate post content” feature will be visible in the mapping section, represented by the ChatGPT Icon. You can see it beside these three fields: post_content, post_excerpt, and featured_image.

5. Choose the ‘Header Manipulation’ option from the dropdown menu and click the ChatGPT icon for the field.

configure chatgpt option for post content

6. Choose your Prompt Column (eg: post_title), and specify the desired word count for the content.

7. For the Featured Image, select the relevant Prompt section(That is a field specified in your CSV. This field contains prompts for generating images).

configure chatgpt option for featured image

After configuring the settings, click the continue button to proceed to the next steps and import. 

The descriptions and images will be automatically generated for the imported post type. Refer to our documentation, for more information about importing the data.