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SEO Import By WP Ultimate CSV Importer

WP Ultimate CSV Importer supports the imports of All in One SEO and YOAST SEO data into your WordPress. The SEO fields can be imported along with Post, Page, Custom Post, eShop, MarketPress, WP eCommerce and WooCommerce module. The import is same as that of the other import process.

You have to update the meta tag, meta description for every post on the website. When you do so, it directly reflects your website’s ranking position on search results pages. Create every post details along with metadata and meta tags as a CSV file, Then upload it on the WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin as a new item. If it already exists, upload it as an existing item.

Once you click import, all the data in the CSV file gets imported on your website.

Update SEO Fields #

  • Update the SEO fields separately or along with the other support modules like post or page. Update is done based on Post Title, ID or Slug.

Sample values of distinct fields in All in One SEO #

The All in One SEO plugin is useful to set up advanced SEO features like XML sitemap, optimize searches, SEO meta title, SEO meta description, and so on in your post or page. When you are creating and updating these data on a website manually it will take a lot of time to complete this process. But bulk updating all these data by preparing single CSV/XML file and importing it would be easier for you.

All in one Sample CSV

Supported Modules #


PostsPagesCustom PostsEvent
Recurring EventsLocationWooCommerceMarketPress
WP eCommerceeShop  

PostsPagesCustom PostsEvents
Recurring EventsLocationWooCommerceMarketPress
WP eCommerceeShopTaxonomiesCategories
TagsWooCommerce TagsWooCommerce Attributes 

WP FieldsDescription & CSV ValuesCSV Sample Value
keywordsSpecify the meta keywords. Multiple keywords are separated by comma ( , )WP, CSV, PRO
Specify the value whether the fields are to be enabled or not
on – enable
off – disable

Sample values of distinct fields in Yoast SEO #

Yoast SEO is also used to optimize your website. You can add all your SEO fields along with the post CSV file and upload it on WP ultimate CSV importer.

The below table displays the sample fields values to provide in the CSV file.

Yoast SEO Sample CSV

WP FieldsDescription & CSV ValuesCSV Sample Value
meta-robots-noindexSpecify the index
0 – default for post type
1 – noindex
2 – index 1
meta-robots-nofollowSpecify the follow values
0 – follow
1 – nofollow
meta-robots-advSpecify the values. By default it takes none
noarchive nosnippent
Multiple values are separated by comma( , )
sitemap-includeSpecify the value for sitemap. By default, it takes auto detect
sitemap-prioSpecify the priority of Page in XML sitemap. It takes automatic priority, if empty
1.1 – highest priority
0.1 – lowest priority

Important Note

  • The plugins must be enabled in the WordPress plugin list.
  • If the plugin is not enabled in settings, then the fields will not be listed in the mapping section.

Import Events Manager #

WP Ultimate CSV Importer supports Events Manager add-on to import locations, events & recurring events. The post_title field is mandatory.

CSV/XML samples of distinct fields #

Get your Sample CSV here

WP FieldsExplanationAccepted ValuesCSV Sample Value
event_categorySpecify category nameText – Multiple categories are separated by ( | ) pipelinesCountry | Rock
event_tagSpecify the event tagsText –  Multiple tags values are separated by comma ( , )Even, Ever
event_all_daySpecify whether to enable this field or not1 – enable
0 – disable
ticket_min/maxSpecify either or both of these field to set an lower or upper limits of ticketsNumerical2
ticket_start/endSpecify the starting and closing dates of ticketsmm/dd/yy07/12/12
ticket_priceSpecify the price of the ticketNumerical350
ticket_spacesSpecify the spaces to assign the maximum number of tickets you want to sellNumerical1000
ticket_requiredSpecify the value to enable or disable this field1 – enable
0 – disable

Recurring Events #

The event that occurs more than once is called event recurring or event re-operating. If you have the purpose of recurring events then you can import the values with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.

Download the Sample CSV file here

WP FieldsExplanationAccepted ValuesCSV Sample Value
WP FieldsExplanationAccepted ValuesExample
recurrence_freqSpecify the type of recurrence frequencydaily / weekly /  monthly / yearlydaily
recurrence_bydaySpecify the recurrence day value to enable or disable1 – enable
0 – disable
recurrence_daysSpecify the span for each eventNumerical5

Events Location

Here is the Events Location Sample CSV file

With WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer you can separately import the events locations namely location_name, address, town, postcode, state, country.

Note: Specify the country code for the field location_country.

Pods Import by Ultimate CSV Importer #

Import all your Pods custom field information into your WordPress with Ultimate CSV Importer. You can import/update any Pods field information either importing all your data in one go or schedule it to run at periodic intervals.

Supported Module #

PostsPagesCustom PostsEvents
Recurring EventsLocationWooCommerceMarketPress
WP eCommerceeShopImagesUsers

Pods FieldDescription & CSV ValuesCSV Sample Value
Plain TextSingle line plain text.WP Ultimate CSV Importer allows you to import the custom fields Pods.
WebsiteSpecify your Website link.
PhoneMention the phone number with the specified limit.6541023789
EmailProvide your email using the standard @ and dot format.[email protected]
PasswordSpecify your own password.R4@m9ns
Plain Paragraph TextAdd your multiline plaintext.Import all your Pods information into your WordPress from any CSV/XML file. Upload your file, Map the CSV fields with the desired WP fields and then import your content.
WYSIWYG EditorAdd any type of text style.WP Ultimate CSV Importer
* Import/update of any Pods custom field information.
* Import all your CSV/XML data instantly or schedule it to run at periodic intervals.
CodeSpecify the text field with syntax via code mirror.Any code
Date/TimeMention the date and time in the standard format – yyyy/mm/dd hh:mmam2018/10/09 01:50pm
DateSpecify the date in the below format – yyyy/mm/dd2018/10/09
TimeMention the time in the standard format – hh:mmam01:50pm
Plain NumberSpecify any numeric value210496453
CurrencyMention the currency value.684
Images / Video / Audio / TextSpecify the image or fie or video url of your WordPress Media gallery. Additionally for imgaes your can also use publicly accessible external URL. Use Comma(,) separator to add multiple values.,
oEmbedMention the You tube URL.“”
Relationship (Checkboxs, Multiselect, Radio button, Autocomplete, List View)Specify the desired value. To select multiple value use Comma(,) separator.Yellow,Green,Blue
Yes/NoSpecify the desired value to be selected.
0 – No
1 – Yes
Color PickerMention the color code.#fff

Update Pods Fields with WP Ultimate CSV Importer #

Using the WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin, update your pods fields based on the Plain Text or Number field. After uploading the CSV/XML file, check the Existing items and choose the WordPress post type. Follow the same procedure for the Mapping section and Media Handling section. Finally, in the Import Configuration section, enable Do you want to update the records based on Pods Fields?. Enter the pods plain text or plain number field name in the text box to update fields. Once you click on the ‘Import’ button, the WordPress fields data gets updated


Import & Export Job Listings in WP Job Manager plugin #

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro & Free is compatible with the WP Job Manager Free plugin. You can now create bulk Jobs inside Jobs Listings in minutes but not manually. Just by importing unlimited Jobs data prepared in a CSV or XML into Job Listings of WP Job Manager Plugin and also easily export them with our WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin.

Job FieldsDescriptionCSV Sample Value
   Application email/URLMention the email or website address of the employer[email protected]
    Company WebsiteMention the recruiting company website url
    Company TwitterMention the company’s Twitter profile URL
     Position FilledInclude the value 1 to enable the checkbox of the field, otherwise include 0.1
   Listing Expiry DateMention the expiry date here in this format(MM/DD/YYYY)4/16/2022
       LocationSpecify the job location.India
     Company NameMention the name of the company.Smackcoders
    Company TaglineEnter the company tagline in text values.Web Development solutions
     Company videoInclude any external video url like a youtube url or mention the WordPress media video url.
      Featured ListingMention the value either 1 or 0. If you specified the value 1 then the field’s checkbox will be selected.1
     Job TypesMention any one job type in text valuesFull Time

How to Import Jobs data with CSV Importer #

Importing Jobs data into your Jobs Listings can be done in fewer easy steps.

  • Upload the CSV/XML file inside the ‘Import/Update’ tab.
  • Choose the ‘job_listing’ option from the ‘Import each record as’ dropdown and move to the next step.
jobs csv upload choose job listings
  • Map all the fields you mentioned in your CSV. Ensure to map the fields in the ‘Job Listing Fields’ and ‘Terms and Taxonomies’ widgets.

  • Use the media handling page if you include any external URLs inside your CSV.
  • Click the ‘Import’ button instantly to import the Jobs into listings.
  • Next, verify the import using the ‘view log’ button to ensure all the values are imported to the appropriate fields.
  • If you want to schedule the process, learn here to know how to schedule the import operation with CSV Importer.
csv importer job listing fields

Steps to Export Jobs data in Job Listings #

Export your Jobs from WordPress at any time you require. To export,

  • Move to the ‘Export’ tab.
  • Select ‘Custom Posts’ and choose ‘job_listing’ from the dropdown box.
export job listings ultimate csv importer
  • Enter the file name and choose the file type.
  • Then Click on ‘Export’.
  • Select the ‘Download’ button to save the exported file on your computer.
WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro #

Get Ultimate CSV/XML Importer to import data on WordPress faster, quicker and safer.