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Custom Field Suite Import

Custom Field Suite plugin lets you add custom fields for your Posts, Pages, and Custom Posts. WP Ultimate CSV Importer supports Custom Field Suite(CFS) Import, enhancing your workflow. You can import, update, schedule, and export the data of CFS fields easily with our plugin. To enhance your experience with the CFS plugin, install it from WordPress.org for free and use it for your WordPress posts and pages.

Supported Modules #

WP Ultimate CSV Importer supports importing and exporting the Custom Field Suite fields data assigned for the following modules:

PostsPagesCustom Posts

How to create CFS data and import it with WP Ultimate CSV Importer? #

Step 1: Download the free Custom Field Suite plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.

Step 2: Create new custom fields in CFS by navigating to the the Settings menu and clicking on the “Add New” in the top of the page.

Create new custom fields

Step 3: Click on Publish to publish the fields you’ve created to make them available for use in posts/pages.

Add New Field Group

Step 4: Prepare a CSV file containing all the necessary details of the CFS fields, ensuring proper formatting and alignment.

Custom Field Suite: How to add values to CFS fields #

All the supported CFS fields format values are listed below in order to prepare a proper import file.

                 CFS Field    Description & CSV Values           CSV Sample Value
                  TextAdd your single-line text.WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin
                TextareaAdd your paragraph with multiple lines.WP Ultimate CSV Importer lets you import your WordPress website content from any CSV/XML file. Also, you can schedule the data.
             WYSIWYGAny type of text values are supportedWP Ultimate CSV Importer
Import/ Update
Instant/ Scheduled import
      DateMention the date value in standard format
    ColorMention your color code value(HEX Code)#b2a9c9
  True / FalseSpecify the desired boolean value
For, eg: 1 for True and 0 for False
             SelectProvide the value for your select option to select the desired one. If there are multiple values, they should be separated with commas (,). Eg: If you have select options like: 
The values will be like Blue, Green to select the first two options.
Blue, Green
            File UploadSpecify the ID of the file from your WordPress Media gallery.740
           RelationshipSpecify the multiple Post/Page name. Use the comma separator to add multiple values.Balenciaga,Fila,Diesel
                 TermSpecify the multiple category IDs in the comma(,) separator.72,73
                 UserSpecify the multiple user IDs in the comma(,) separator.3,9

Step 5: Use WP Ultimate CSV Importer to upload the CSV file. Choose the post type where you’ve assigned the CFS fields and want to import data to it. Select ‘New item’ or ‘Existing item’.

Custom Field Suite

Step 6: Map the CFS fields in the mapping section of the importer and make sure to map the mandatory field like post_title along with other needed fields. 


Step 7: Configure the media handling options as per your requirements. Click continue for the next import step.

Step 8: Click import and run the import process to bring the data into your WordPress website. Check out here for the more detailed explanation for import.

Update WordPress data with CFS Fields #

WP Ultimate CSV Importer allows updating existing WordPress records along with CFS custom fields. After uploading your CSV/XML file, select the “Existing Items” option and select your desired post_type from the dropdown.

When you visit the import section after configuring all the steps before, enable the Do you want to update the records based on Fields? Option. This will let you update records based on Post_Title, ID, or Post_Name so enter the Post_Title/ ID/Post_Name value inside the textbox.

Note: The Field Mapping and Media Handling sections follow the same procedure you do for other imports.

Field Mapping

Export WordPress data with CFS Fields #

You can export CFS fields assigned to Posts, Pages, or Custom Posts.

  • In the Export tab and select the post type that the CFS fields are assigned to which can be Pages, Posts or Custom Posts.
  • Specify the file name and format(the type of file you want to export).
  • Apply advanced filters if needed and click Export. To know more about advanced filters, refer to our export data with CSV Importer documentation.
  • After the file is ready to export. Click download to save the backup on your local desktop for backup or further analysis.
WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

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