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Toolset Import is an advanced way to build your WordPress website. WP Ultimate CSV Importer is an import tool that lets you import/update any Toolset Types field information into WordPress from any CSV/XML file. You can either import/update all your information instantly or schedule it to run on later time frequency.

Supported Modules

Posts Pages Custom Posts Event
Location Recurring Events Users WooCommerce
WP eCommerce Taxonomies Tags Categories

Toolset Types field Details

  1. CSV preparation of Toolset Types field values
  2. CSV for Post Relation
  3. Intermediate Post Import
  4. Repeatable Field Import
  5. Repeatable Field Group Import
  6. Terms Field Import

Step 1: CSV Making

WP Ultimate CSV Importer doesn’t have any restrictions on naming the CSV headers or XML nodes. The importer supports UTF-8 format CSV files.

Below table explains how to add toolset field values in your CSV files.

The Toolset fields that are present in the WP Ultimate CSV importer are listed below.

Toolset Types Fields Description CSV Sample Values
Audio Path of the audio file in your WordPress media gallery. You can’t include files from any external source.
Checkboxes Mention the choices in comma separation. Saffron, White, Green
Colorpicker Mention the colour code #DB5640
Date Mention the date in standard PHP format 07/05/2017
Email Standard email format with @ and dot[.] [email protected]
Embedded media Mention youtube or video URL to be embedded
File Path of the file in WordPress media gallery. You can’t mention files in any external source.
Image Mention path of the image from WordPress media gallery, Google Images, Pixabay, Pexels, etc.
Number Any numerical value 2768
Phone Phone number in numerical value with proper limit 9944873872
Radio, Select Order of the value to be chosen. For example, Red, Blue, Green. To choose Red, mention as 1 1
Skype Skype user id smacksupport
Multiple Lines Paragraph with multiple sentences. WP Ultimate CSV Importer is a robust tool designed to help you make your website development easy. Through advanced features like update, schedule, drag & drop mapping, duplicate handling, export and much more, you’ll be able to perfectly create professional eCommerce website.
Single Line Simple sentence in single line Import, update, schedule and export made easy with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.
URL Proper web URL
Video Path of the video file in your WordPress media gallery. You can’t include files from any external source.
WYSIWYG Any type of text style are supported

Smart WP Ultimate CSV Importer Features

  • Import, Update & Schedule your CSV/XML file to upload into WordPress website
  • Import file from Desktop, FTP, External URL or Server
Address Enter complete address of the location CMC Hospital, Thottapalayam, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Step 2: Post Relation CSV Import

Post relationship lets you to relate your post in 3 different relations i.e. One-to-one, One-to-many, Many-to-many. To import Toolset Types post relation, you just need to add two additional columns in your CSV file along with your existing post content.

  • One to mention Slug – Get your Post Relation Slug form Toolset & Types and add it in your CSV.
  • Other to mention the post relation – Mention the “Post ID” or “Post Title” of the child post that need to be related with the parent post.



Eg: Laptop(LP1,LP2,LP3) and Charger(CH1,CH2,CH3) – Each laptop will have a unique Charger and each Charger will fit to a unique laptop.

  • Post Title(LP3) – Your necessary info
  • Slug – laptop-charger
  • Post relation – CH3


Eg: Sport(Cricket,Hockey) and Player(SachinTendulkar,Dhoni,ViratKohli,Dhanraj Pillay,Harmanpreet Singh,Savita Punia) – Each sport will have a number of players but no one player will be in two Sports.

  • Post Title(Cricket) – Your necessary info
  • Slug – sport-player
  • Post relation – SachinTendulkar,Dhoni,ViratKohli




Eg: Shirtbrand(Hugo Boss, Nike, Adidas) and Color(Red,Green,Blue)- Each Shirt brand will be in multiple colors and each color will be in different brands.

  • Post Title(Nike) – Your necessary info
  • Slug – shirt-color
  • Post relation – Red,Green,Blue



Step by Step procedure for Importing Data

Step 1: Create a CSV file

Step 2: Upload CSV file in WP Ultimate CSV Importer. Click on New item and select post type in the ‘Import record as’ dropdown.

Step 3: Map your CSV header fields with WP header field of Toolset Type


Step 4: Click on ‘Import to import the data.

Multiple Post Relation

Eg: Shirtbrand(Hugo Boss, Nike, Adidas), Color(Red,Green,Blue) and Size(Small, Medium, Large)

Each shirt brand will be available in different colors and sizes. So the custom post for each shirt brand will include both color and size custom post. For this create two relationship in Toolset Types – shirt-color and shirt-size

  • Post Title(Nike) – Your necessary info
  • Mention the slug using Pipeline(|) – shirt-color|shirt-size
  • Specify the post relation values of a custom post with comma(,) separation and separate one custom post values with another custom post using pipeline(|) – Red,Green,Blue|Small, Medium, Large

Intermediate post Import

Intermediate post lets you to relate two different Toolset types custom post in one single post.

Eg: Considering two custom post say

  • Sports(Hockey, Cricket, Soccer, Tennis)
  • Players(Dhanraj pillay, Harmanpreet Singh, Savita Punia, Rupinder Pal Singh, M.S.Dhoni, Ricky Ponting, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, Mesut Özil, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Leander Paes, Sania Mirza).

And now going to post a blog about the #1 player of all sports. So the CSV includes,

  • Post Title, Post content – Add the necessary info
  • Relationship slug – Create a many-to-many relation and add the relation_slug in CSV.
  • Intermediate post – Add the “Post ID” or “Post Title” of the custom post that need to be related in comma separation.

For #1 Cricket player

  • Relationship slug – sports-players
  • Intermediate post value – Cricket,Sachin Tendulkar

For #1 Tennis Player

  • Relationship slug – sports-players
  • Intermediate post value – Tennis, Roger Federer

Import of Repeatable Field

With WP Ultimate CSV Importer, now you can import Toolset Types Repeatable field values. You can repeat any Toolset Types field easily using “(|) Pipeline”.

Eg: Multiple contact numbers. So add desired field name in CSV say Contact Us and add the values using Pipeline (|).


Import of Repeatable Field Group

WP Ultimate CSV Importer lets you to import Toolset Types repeatable field group values. In addition to your common Page, Page, Custom Post or WooCommerce field values, mention the below values.

  • Parent_Group – The Field Group name and it is mandatory to import the repeatable field group values.
  • Mention the Repeatable Group Name & Group fields in standard field value format, and for mentioning Multiple Group Name & Group field values, use Pipeline ( | )Separator.


Eg: Consider an online ticket booking website publishing a blog post showcasing the available tickets for upcoming concerts and movies based on a particular location(say, San Francisco). So here Ticketing Booking will be the Field Group name and Concert & Movies are the two Repeatable Groups with a set of fields.


CSV Values:

  • Your post related fields.
  • Parent_Group – Ticket Booking.

For the first repeater field group

  • Concerts – Gary Clark Jr|Ekali|All Time Low|Arctic Monkeys
  • Date & Time (Date) – 10/12/2018 08:00PM|10/13/2018 08:00PM|10/12/2018 07:00PM|10/20/2018 08:00PM (Mention as mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Place(Single Line Text) – Fillmore|The Warfield|The Masonic|Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

For the second repeater field group

  • Movies – Patton Oswalt|My Favourite Murder|Alcatraz Night Tour
  • Theater Name – The Masonic|Davies Symphony Hall|Alcatraz Island
  • Show Date & Time – 10/13/2018 07:00PM|10/28/2018 07:30PM|10/13/2018 05:55 PM


Import into WordPress

The import, update and schedule process is the same as that of the usual Post import. In the mapping section, map the required custom Toolset Types field values in CSV with the previously registered Toolset fields under Types Custom Fields section.

Import of Terms field information

WP Ultimate CSV importer allows you to add custom categories and field information in the Toolset Types. The below video explains how to import terms field information in WP Ultimate CSV Importer.


Update Toolset Types Custom fields

With the WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin, update all the WordPress field data based on the Toolset Single line Field or Number field. Start by importing your updated CSV or XML file. Enable the Existing Items options to execute the update operation. Configure the Mapping and Media Handling section that follows the same update procedure on the WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin..

In the Import section, Enable the Do you want to update the records based on Toolset Fields? and give the toolset Single Line Field Name or Number Field name inside the text box of Update records based on Toolset text or number fields.

After you proceed with Import, the WordPress fields get updated based on the specified field name.




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