CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source
Version: 6.* - 7.4

VtigerCRM Google Calendar sync(Bi Directional)

Product version 1.0

VtigerCRM Google Calendar sync (Bi-Directional) synchronizes your Google Calendar and Google contacts with Vtiger. The synchronization is fully secured and automated. The extension organizes and tracks your activities Bi-Directional in real-time.

Single Domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (4.4 or ↑)

Stay Updated With All Your Schedules


Bidirectional Sync

Create, edit and delete any events in either spot and get updated in your CRM and Google Calendar. As well as you can create, edit and delete contacts on any of the sides that will be updated in both the CRM and the Google Contacts


Sync Events and Contacts

Configure how often to run the sync to automatically sync your Google Calendar events and Google contacts via Cron


Specific Sync

Pick a specific time range and sync only the particular events and contacts created in that range.

Product Demo

Get started with Vtiger Google Calendar Sync and keep all your events up-to-date.

Vtiger Google Calendar Sync allows multiple Google calendar integration and Multi-user authentication with CRM. Synchronization occurs with each activity type mapping option. Meetings, calls, and mobile calls can be mapped in different calendars. A record created in a Meeting Calendar will be updated as Event Activity Meeting type in your Vtiger. A call activity recorded in CRM will be updated automatically in the Google Calendar.

Synchronization is automatic, 2-way, and executed regularly by a simple cron setup. Stay updated with all your schedules, reminders, meetings, and contacts without switching between apps. No more remembering to update or track your calendar events in multiple locations. Increase your event’s visibility and loop in all members for important appointments. Save your time without hitting the Sync Now button using on-the-spot auto-sync.


VtigerCRM Google Calendar Sync

Sync your Events Periodically
Sync your Contact Periodically
Inspect your Events Log
Sync records with the event filter
Multi-User Authentication

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