CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source
Version: 6.*, 7.0, 7.1

VtigerCRM Google Calendar sync(Bi Directional)

Product version 1.0

Track and Organize your activities with Vtiger Google Calendar Sync.

  • Secured sync between Vtiger CRM and Google Calendar.
  • Sync with event date filter to sync events from specified date.
  • Mapping option to set Event Type, Priority and Event Status.
  • Enable/Disable automatic event sync from Vtiger CRM to Google Calendar.
  • Real-time and periodically sync with cron using secured API.
  • Log module to audit and review events sync.
Single Domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (4.4 or ↑)

Stay updated with all your schedules


Bidirectional sync

Create, edit or delete any events either in CRM or Google Calendar & get updated in both.


Sync events

Configure how often to run the sync to automatically sync your Calendar events.


Specific sync

Pick a specific time range and sync only the particular events of that range.


Product Demo

Get started with Vtiger Google Calendar Sync and keep all your events up-to-date

Configure your Google API

Get your Client ID,Secret and Developer key to connect your Vtiger CRM Calendar and Google


Synchronization Settings

Lets you configure your Calendar Settings to synchronize events between your CRM and Google Calendar.


Bidirectional Sync

Google Calendar Integration lets you Sync the events bidirectionally.





Sync your Events Periodically
  • Never miss an appointment, bring all your events in one place with Vtiger Google Calendar.
  • Bi-directionally sync your calendar events between your CRM and Google Calendar in real time and periodically with cron.
  • You can edit your calendar events based on your choice and decide if you want these changes to be reflected either in CRM or Google Calendar or both.
  • Sync are performed securely with Google API.
Sync records with event filter
  • Pick and choose your exact time range you need to sync your events.
  • You can also configure how often to run the sync between your calendars.
  • You can stop syncing your events, if the event falls outside the range configured to sync.
  • Provides a predefined mapping for the mandatory fields like priority, event type and status.
Inspect your Events Log
  • You can keep track of your complete event sync information with Vtiger Google Calendar.
  • You can get the complete sync info like sync status, Google event Id, Vtiger Id and much more.
  • This detailed log will help you to capture the unsynced records.
  • You can visualise the entire event sync information on a single unified window.

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Vtiger Google Calendar
$ 149
  • Sync Calendar events
  • Sync events from specific date
  • Automatic event sync
  • Enable/ Disable event sync
  • Supports Vtiger CRM version 6.*, 7.*
  • Licensed only for a single domain.
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