Introduction & Installation

Vtiger CRM Google Calendar Sync enables you to keep your Calendar events updated in both Vtiger CRM & Google Calendar.

Installation :

  • Login to CRM.
  • Click on Settings, nextclick → CRM Settings, then → Modules → Import Module from Zip.
  • Choose → file, then click Import and → Import Now

Cron Setup:

  • Add the following entry in your crontab for cron setup.
  • Make sure that localhost/vtigercrm is changed to your Vtiger CRM URL.
  • Scheduled sync will not be performed if the cron is not configured properly.

Plugin Details

Module Name : Google Calendar Sync

Vtiger Version: 6.* – 7.4

Requires ionCube Loader version 4.0 or higher

Configure Vtiger google Calendar Bidirectional Sync

Steps to Get your Google API

1. Go to Google Developer Console.

2. In the API & Services page click on Credentials from the menu.


3. Click on Create Project. Create a project by providing the required information.


4. Now click on Create Credentials and select OAuth client ID from the drop down.

5. In this pop up, select the Application Type, provide the Name, Authorized redirect URLs.



6. Then click on the Create button.

7. Now, you can see the Client ID and Client secret. You can just Copy and Paste the URL in the configuration page.


Configure your Google keys

For this, click on the Main Menu -> Projects -> Google Calendar -> Google API settings -> Edit. Now add your own Google API, Client ID and Client Secret Keys. To get your keys, refer to our user guide.


Once done with your configuration, click on the Google Cal Sync -> Edit

  • Enable Sync – Enable this checkbox to synchronize events between your Google Calendar and VtigerCRM Calendar.
  • Event Type – Choose any one of the event types from the dropdown. Eg: If you’ve chosen it as Call, all the events synced from Google Calendar to Vtiger CRM as the Event Type value as Call.
  • Priority & Event Status – Select the event priority & status from the drop down. All the synced events from Google Calendar will have priority. It also has the event status value you’ve chosen here.

When you no longer need to sync all your existing events, you can use this option – Specific data based filter.

  • Start date for Sync from Google – Start date for Sync from Google – Based on the date and time you’ve mentioned the events are synchronized to Vtiger CRM from Google Calendar.
  • Start date for Sync to Google – Mention the date and time, the event that are after this specific value are only synchronized from VtigerCRM to Google Calendar.

Finally, click on Save.


Now click on, Click here to authorize for connecting your Google Calendar with Vtiger CRM.


Instant Google Calendar Sync

To verify the field mapping in which each Vtiger CRM fields and Google calendar fields are related, click on ‘Mapped Fields’

Sync Vtiger CRM to Google Calendar

To Sync Calendar events from Vtiger CRM to Google Calendar instantly. Click on the Sync to Google button.

Sync Google Calendar to Vtiger CRM

Click on ‘Sync From Google’ button to trigger Vtiger CRM sync from Google Calendar to , Click on Sync From Google button.


Scheduled Sync

The automatic synchronization of calendar events works based on your cron time.



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