Xero Vtiger CRM Integration

Xero vtigerCRM Integration module (XTiger) version 2.0 is available and now integrates your vtigerCRM 6.X and Xero Online Accounting Software. Xero integration for old vtiger crm 5.4 is also available, contact sales after purchase. XTiger helps you to sync your Contacts, Products, Invoice, Accounts and Receipts. Accounts and Receipts are single way synchronization where user can fetch records from xero alone. Remaining modules are bidirectional.


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  • Lifetime Support and Lifetime upgrade.
  • Supports Vtiger CRM version of 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5
  • Vtiger 7.0 support is in pipeline, contact support for latest news.
  • Required ionCube loader version 4.4 or higher.
  • Package licensed only for a single domain




  • Connect your Xero accounting software from vtigerCRM using API.
  • Sync Contacts, Products and Invoice in Both ways from Xero as well as from vtigerCRM
  • Sync Receipts, Accounts in single way, from Xero alone.
  • Manual Sync option also available. User can sync modules manually.
  • User can also schedule task and run the task some other time using cron. This will helps you, not to overload your server with current task
  • Field Mapping is also available. User can map fields against Xero fields. There are also mandatory fields in Xero. So we mapped some fields in default which can’t be modified.
  • Email Notifications are available. This will send the status of the Sync.
  • Option to send all records as well as selected records to Xero. To using this feature, user has to select “Sync Records” option in Field Mapping located in XTiger
  • There will be a checkbox present in modules named as “Allow XTiger Sync”. If user wants to send selected records to Xero then user has to change the Sync Records Option in Field Mapping to “Enable XTiger Sync”.
  • Logs are available. If sync failed, user can see the message in the logs. It will show you some information about why sync has been failed.
  • Queue option is available. If you have lots of records to sync. User doesn’t need to manually click the sync button and wait. They need to schedule the task to Queue and configure the cron to run at midnight or some other time. This will reduce the overload of correct tasks.
  • Option to send selected status invoice to xero.

User Reviews

It’s time to say thank you for a great work. I have searched a product for VTiger Xero data transfer management. But i did not see any efficient product like this. Now i got it.
Excellent Connector to Xero with VTiger CRM. Now i able to Sync Contacts, Products and Invoice in Both ways from Xero as well as from vtigerCRM.
Simply best Bi-way directional connector.
Plenty of options! Manual Sync, Send selected records, Logs , Queue option, Mail Notifications and so on. Brilliant work! This plugin really save my time.

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