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Xero Integration for Vtiger CRM

VtigerCRM Xero Integration connects your CRM bi-directionally with Xero Accounting Software. The plugin integrates Vtiger CRM modules to the Xero accounting system under one roof. The Vtiger CRM and Xero Accounting systems are widely used software across the world.
  • Connect your Xero accounting software with Vtiger CRM using secured API.
  • Bidirectionally Sync Organisations, Products and Invoice from Xero to Vtiger CRM and vice versa.
  • Sync Accounts in single way, from Xero alone.
  • Schedule task using cron to sync data without any manual intervention.
  • Map the appropriate CRM fields with Xero fields using field mapping.
  • Email Notifications helps you to view the status of the Sync.
  • Send all or selected records to Xero accounting software.
  • Sync selected status invoice to xero.
  • Logs to know the details of the sync process.
  • Queue to get to know all your the sync that are scheduled.

Xero Integration for Vtiger CRM

CRM Compability

Edition: Open Source Version: 6.* - 7.4

Product Version

Version: 2.1

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
Req. ionCube Loader 4 or above

How Xero Vtiger Integration works


Connect Xero & CRM

Get your Xero API, configure it in your Vtiger CRM and start data sync.

Sync your data

Bidirectionally sync of Organisation, Invoice and product info between Xero & Vtiger CRM.

Instant notifications

Get all your sync updates right inside your email inbox at the instant of sync completion.

VtigerCRM Xero Integration Demo

The Vtiger CRM and Xero Accounting systems are widely used software across the world. Vtiger CRM helps to improve sales by converting the leads into customers. Xero software manipulates accounts and completes the cash flow visibility of business entities. Vtiger CRM and Xero integration is an absolution solution to manage business operations. Speed up the billing process, invoices, and payments with Vtiger Xero integration. Integration of Xero with Vtiger CRM sync accounts, customers, invoices, products, and services. The extension removes the information gap by syncing the two applications bidirectional. Integrations of Xero with Vtiger avoids switching between financial and CRM apps. Control the synchronization process from Vtiger settings and workflows. Save your operational time and effort with flexible integration of Vtiger and Xero.



Secured Sync

  • Bidirectionally sync your Products, Invoices, Services and much more between your Vtiger CRM and Xero Accounting software.
  • Connect your Xero account with Vtiger CRM using the Secured API for more reliable data sync.
  • Sync all your data in just a click or sync only particular records from Vtiger CRM to Xero accounting software and vice versa.

Intuitive Mapping

  • The fresh new user interface makes it easy to map your Vtiger CRM fields with the appropriate Vtiger fields.
  • Use the module option menu to choose the module you need to map.
  • Based on the mapping the data are sync between your Vtiger CRM and Xero.
  • Sync only the selected records to Xero by using the filters like select, approved, auto created, cancel and more for invoice.

Instant and Scheduled Sync

  • Make an edit in Vtiger CRM and see it in Xero and vice versa.
  • Keep your growing library of records up-to-date in both Vtiger CRM and Xero by scheduling your sync based on CRON.
  • Sync all the records instantly in a single click. Separate logs to keep track of both your instant and scheduled sync process.

Easily get Notified

  • Get alerts whenever sync occurs between Vtiger CRM and Xero.
  • You can trigger the notifications instantly or every day or weekly once or monthly once.
  • Use the filters like select, approved, auto created, cancel and more for invoice to sync only the selected records to Xero.


Empower your financial workflows with Vtiger and Xero integration. Simplify data sync, and ensure seamless accounting operations.
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