Vtiger Docs to Cloud

Cloud storage extension integrates seamlessly with Vtiger CRM, to easily access, store, and share data with a few simple clicks. It’s compatible with popular storage solutions such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and FTP. Vtiger’s cloud storage solution gives you reliable, quick, and easy access to your Vtiger document from anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy to configure multiple storage services. i.e. users can configure multiple cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and FTP and easily switch between them if needed.
  • Easy to configure the settings with AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, or FTP credentials
  • Cloud storage increased data security ensures that data is backed up and kept secure and is not exposed to external threats
  • Easy to share documents with your coworkers with safe secured access and control
  • Flexible to choose any file storage location such as S3, Azure, and FTP from the desired document’s detailed view.
  • Multiple users can collaborate on documents stored in the cloud without having to download them on their local computers.
  • Option to view logs to access specific documents from the cloud storage
  • Single-click access is available for documents stored in cloud storage

Vtiger Docs to Cloud

CRM compatibility

Version: 8.0 Edition: Open Source

Product Version

Version: 1.1

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
Req. ionCube Loader 12 or above

How does Vtiger Docs to Cloud work?

Effective configuration

Effective configuration

Configure the settings by selecting the desired cloud storage location such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and FTP. Also, get the access key, secret key, and bucket name of the respective cloud storage location to connect it with the Vtiger CRM.

Store the Documents

On the detailed view of the desired document, you can easily select the file storage location in which the document needs to be stored.

View Logs

Logs display the number and name of the documents stored from Vtiger to the cloud storage location. Thus it is easy and quick to access the documents stored with a single click.

Product Demo

The Vtiger Cloud Storage Extension allows users to store their Vtiger documents in the cloud with only a few simple clicks. This powerful feature allows organizations to securely store important files in the cloud for quick and easy access as needed. With the Vtiger Cloud Storage Extension, users can choose to store documents on Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, or FTP right from within the Vtiger CRM interface. You can easily access the document in any of your cloud storage platforms with a single click.


Configure your cloud storage location with Vtiger CRM

  • Easy to select the preferred cloud storage location such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and FTP.
  • Safe and secure storage of your Vtiger document by the effective configuration of getting the access key, secret key, and bucket name from the S3, azure, and FTP.
  • Easy to access the documents in any of the desired cloud storage locations without switching between apps.



Effective cloud storage of documents right inside your Vtiger CRM

  • Right from your Vtiger CRM, it is easy to store the document in the cloud storage.
  • On the detailed view of the desired location, it is easy to select the file storage by simply selecting the storage location from the drop-down.
  • Easy to view the number and name of the document that has been stored from Vtiger to the Cloud storage location.
  • Effectively track and progress the status of the file transfer from CRM to S3, Azure, and FTP.



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