CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source
Version: 6.* - 7.4

VtigerCRM Smart Duplicate Merger

Prevent duplicate records in your CRM with the Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger extension. Finding the duplicate data, and merging the two records helps maintain CRM data clean. The extension helps to improve accurate CRM data without any repeated records.

Single Domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (4.4 or ↑)

How Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger Works


Mark unique fields

Choose and mark any CRM field as unique, based on which the duplicates are detected.


Spot the duplicate

Checks over different modules and instantly pops out an alert if a duplicate is detected.


Skip or Merge

Once spotted, you can either skip the duplicate or merge it with the primary CRM record.


Merge empty primary fields

Smartly merge the empty primary field with the field value of the selected secondary field and prevent the loss of valuable information.

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Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger efficiently detects and merges your duplicate records. By deleting or merging duplicate records, your CRM data will be clean and flawless. Smart Duplicate Merger compares the primary records and the secondary records. If it finds the two records with the same information then it alerts it as duplicate. You may skip the warning to accept the duplicate or you can merge two records as one. Select the appropriate modules for which you need to merge records. Select the appropriate fields to Match and Merge. The secondary record will be considered a duplicate and will be deleted in case of duplicate detection. While comparison if the primary record has an empty field where the related secondary record has a field value, then the smart Duplicate Merger will merge the secondary field value to the empty primary field and delete the secondary record. The Smart Duplicate Merger runs automatically at specific intervals on the backend via the CRON scheduler.

Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger

Select the required module for the Duplicate check rule for. And you can enable/disable the duplicate check for the selected modules


To detect duplicate and Merge two records as the one you need to define the duplicate check and Merge rule. You can easily define the rule by simply selecting the Match and Merge icon on the respective field.

Global Notification Settings -1

On manual data entry, if the field you are entering matches any of the fields in the existing record, then it pop-out a message duplicate exists at the instant of data insertion.  With this, you can easily Detect duplicates before they are saved.


You can find the log history of your CRON run or duplicate detection and merge file records by simply clicking on Logs. It shows the overall lists of records that have been updated with duplicate checks and merges log history of your CRON run


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Prevent Duplicate Records
Smart Merge of Primary and Secondary Fields

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