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CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source
Version: 6.* - 7.4

VtigerCRM Smart Duplicate Merger

Prevent duplicate records in your CRM with the Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger extension. Finding the duplicate data, merging the two records helps maintain CRM data clean. The extension helps to improve accurate CRM data without any repeated records.

  • Configure the Modules that need running a duplicate check
  • Schedule cron to run merger at specific intervals
  • Define separate fields to Check and Merge data for selective Vtiger modules
  • Set any CRM fields as unique/primary field to search for merge
  • Enable automatic running of the duplicate merger at the backend
  • Set up for duplicate detection via secured API
  • Brilliant checker finds duplicates with applied rules
  • The pop-out alert shows duplicate records with existing CRM data
  • Compare between Lead, Contact, Account or any Custom Modules
  • Merge selective field of the record with the duplicate record information
  • No loss of required information while merging with the primary record
  • Record opted by the salesman to merge acts as the primary record
Single Domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (4.4 or ↑)

How Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger Works


Mark unique fields

Choose and mark any CRM field as unique, based on which the duplicates are detected.


Spot the duplicate

Checks over different modules and instantly pops out an alert if duplicate is detected.


Skip or Merge

Once spotted, you can either skip the duplicate or merge it with the primary CRM record.


Find duplicate Records
  • As humans are prone to errors, duplicate records can be bumped into your CRM with spelling errors, typos or different formatting.
  • Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger detects these types of duplicates with the smart comparison made with the already existing data.
  • The brilliant duplicate detection rule applied can compare between Lead, Contact, Account or in any of your custom modules to exactly locate the duplicates in any cross module.
  • You can have complete control over the settings with which you want to detect duplicate entries.
Duplicate Free Leads after Campaign
  • Build your CRM with unique new Lead information after running every new campaign and mass data import into your CRM.
  • Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger eliminates all duplicate records from your Vtiger CRM with scheduled cron that runs at regular frequency.
  • The detected duplicate records are merged into the primary record without losing any of your required information.
  • The duplicate detection can also be triggered manually at the time of bulk uploads.
  • Any salesman can find and merge the duplicates.
  • The record from which the salesman opt to merge act as the primary record.
Prevent Duplicate Records
  • The instant duplicate prevention check assists your salesman to keep your Vtiger CRM clean.
  • When creating or updating a record in any CRM module, the duplicate check pops out an alert in real-time with advanced duplicate detection rule defined.
  • It shows even if the entered Lead information matches with any records in Contacts, Organizations or any cross modules and vice versa
  • If you have any additional or updated information in the duplicate record, you can do force insert and merge the primary fields with the existing record.
  • CRM admin and the users with the Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger access are empowered to define the list of primary fields that need to be merged.

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