CRM Compatibility:

  • Edition: Open Source
  • CRM Version: 7.11
  • Asterisk Version: 11 or ↑

SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector

Product version 1.0

Asterisk Integration with SuiteCRM is a telephony application that allows CRM users to make and receive calls from Software phones.

  • Click-to-talk with your Prospects or Contacts right from your SuiteCRM.
  • Call pop-up on incoming calls with the detailed information on the caller.
  • All calls are tracked so that you can refer back call history for any communication details.
  • Automatically records all conversation with your Leads or Contacts in case you missed any information.
  • Pre-built installable package, easy install with SuiteCRM Module Loader
  • Call hang-up option in incoming call pop-ups to terminate connection.


SuiteCRM Telephony Integration
  • Get instant pop-up window for incoming calls with SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector.
  • You can also make outgoing call from the CRM in single click.
  • Attend or Reject your customer calls.
  • Better visualization of calls which are in progress.
Configure your Dial Plan & Self Service
  • No more time delay to answer your customer calls.
  • Empower CRM users by giving them access to make and receive calls directly from your CRM.
  • With SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector you can Dial, Answer or Hang up your customer calls for efficient peer-user communication.
Analyze Call Reports in CRM
  • Easily monitor and analyze your call recordings in single unified window.
  • You can get accurate records of both inbound and outbound calls for better decision making.
  • With SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector have a better insight about the total calls that you have attended and No answer calls.
Get complete call history
  • Keep track of all your call records right inside your CRM with their contact details.
  • You can visualize the call duration with exact time.
  • Record, Replay or Download the call records to enhance your products or services.
  • SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration let’s you to check the call status of the customer to know whether it is Ringing, Completed or Busy.
Asterisk for SuiteCRM
  • The SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector supports Asterisk version 11.* & above and SuiteCRM version 7.11 If you are using other Asterisk or SuiteCRM versions, kindly contact support.
  • SuiteCRM Asterisk Server setup can be configured with ease referring SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector documentation.
  • SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration for SuiteCRM let’s you make call & record for later reference.

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