SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector

SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector allows users to make and receive calls from SuiteCRM. Start an outgoing call or answer an incoming call with a single click through the softphone. The asterisk connector automatically records calls and allows you to view logs anytime.
  • Click-to-call from Contacts phone number right from your SuiteCRM.
  • Call pop-up on incoming calls with detailed caller information.
  • Track all calls from call history to refer/analyze details later.
  • Automatically records all incoming, outgoing calls, and saves the same in mp3 format in your business CRM.
  • Download and replay the conversations to enhance your services.
  • Define dial plan with user access rules to make/receive calls.
  • Efficient peer-user communication with options to view calls on progress, and answer calls.
  • Call hang-up option in incoming call pop-ups to disconnect the connection.
  • Access to previous call reports inside the PBX Manager module in vtigercrm.
  • If you are using other than Asterisk 11.* version and SuiteCRM version 7.11, kindly contact our support for help.

SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector

CRM Compatibility

Edition: Open Source CRM Version: 7.11 Asterisk Version: 11 or ↑

Product Version

Version: 1.1

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
ionCube Loader 4.0 & above

Configure Asterisk connector

Configure the Asterisk connector with Suite Asterisk App URL, Outbound context, outbound Trunk, and Suite Secret.

Send and Receive calls

Once configured you can easily send and receive calls via softphone. The user can view incoming call pop-ups, call history, and calls in progress.

Track and record calls

Easy to track all calls from call history, and record all incoming & outgoing calls. Effectively replay the conversation for future reference.
The SuiteCRM Asterisk connector facilitates seamless integration of telephonic activities within your CRM, enabling direct management of calls—both incoming and outgoing. Experience instant pop-ups upon receiving calls, and effortlessly make outbound calls directly from your CRM. Record calls for future reference and enhance peer-to-peer communication by handling dialing, answering, or hanging up customer calls with the Asterisk Module for SuiteCRM.



SuiteCRM Telephony Integration

  • Empower CRM users by giving them access to make and receive calls directly from your CRM.
  • With Asterisk Module for SuiteCRM you can Dial, Answer or Hang up your customer calls for efficient peer-user communication.
  • Get an instant pop-up window for incoming calls in SuiteCRM from Asterisk Connector.
  • You can also make outgoing calls from the CRM in a single click.

Asterisk for SuiteCRM

  • The Asterisk Connector module for SuiteCRM supports Asterisk version 11.* & above and SuiteCRM version 7.11 If you are using other Asterisk or SuiteCRM versions, kindly contact support.
  • Asterisk Server setup in SuiteCRM can be configured with ease by referring to SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector Documentation.
  • Asterisk Integration Module for Suite CRM lets you make calls & records for later reference.

Analyze Call Reports in CRM

  • Easily monitor and analyze your call recordings in a single unified window.
  • You can get accurate records of both inbound and outbound calls for better decision-making.
  • With Suite Modules for Asterisk Connector have a better insight into the total calls that you have attended and No answer calls.
  • Better visualization of calls that are in progress.

Get complete call history

  • Keep track of all your call records right inside your CRM with their contact details.
  • You can visualize the call duration with the exact time.
  • Record, Replay or Download the call records to enhance your products or services.
  • Suite CRM Asterisk Module Integration lets you check the call status of the customer to know whether it is Ringing, Completed, or Busy.


Enhance your communication infrastructure with the SuiteCRM Asterisk Connector. Seamlessly integrate your CRM with Asterisk for streamlined call management and enhanced customer interactions.
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