CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source
Version: 6.5.* - 7.4

Advanced Email Plus Module for Vtiger

Advanced Email Plus Module for Vtiger is a definite Email integration to CRM. The extension brings your email communication closer to your Vtiger CRM. Users can create contacts and leads directly from Email plus.

  • Get your Gmail and Yahoo inbox in Vtiger
  • Bring your Outlook or any other email client in CRM
  • Sync your Vtiger CRM contacts and Email recipients
  • Add/Save your new email recipient as Leads in CRM
  • Identify your existing customers/recipients easily from the email detail view
  • Adds all your customers automatically as Contacts in Address Books
  • Attach your Vtiger CRM Docs while sending emails
  • Share/attach other files and documents to your recipients
  • Create additional folders for emails in Vtiger CRM
  • Categorize and manage the emails using multiple folders
  • Create filters to handle your emails and get the changes in the email client
  • Email your customers from your preferred email id
  • Deal multiple products branding by allowing to email from separate email address
  • Send emails from different email addresses easily with multiple SMTP support
  • Use IMAP configuration to change your sender address
  • Existing customer email shows the purchased product details. It also displays the company info, support tickets, and more in a single view
Single Domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (4.4 or ↑)

Email Plus Module for Vtiger

The email interface of Vtiger allows accessing your emails and sending new emails. A simple configuration supports linking your email account easily with your Vtiger CRM. The extension allows sending emails with Vtiger document attachments or other file attachments. The user can find out the existing contacts and new email recipients in Vtiger CRM. You can add/save your new email recipient as contacts/leads in your Vtiger CRM.

The Advanced Email Plus Module for Vtiger helps to manage your high volume of emails in your CRM. You can organize your emails by creating and managing folders in Vtiger CRM. The changes like emails sent and folders will get updated on your email with no intervention.the-spot auto-sync.

Configure your email

Add your mail details to bring in your email account right inside your VtigerCRM.


Gmail inside Vtiger

No more juggling between your Email and CRM. Perform all your mail activities right from your VtigerCRM.


Turn email recipients as CRM contacts

Received an email from a new recipient/customer, add them as your VtigerCRM Contact in no time.


Send Attachments

Email Plus makes it easy for you to send your CRM documents or local documents as attachments in email.


Organize your email

Easily create folders and subfolders to better organize your emails in email plus and get automatically reflected on your Gmail.



Powerful Email Communication
  • Bring your mail client like Gmail & Yahoo into your Vtiger CRM.
  • Gives a look & feel that you views inside your email client.
  • Create filters or folders to organize your emails in email plus & all the changes are automatically mirrored in your email client.
Support for Multiple Identities for Sender
  • When you deal with products with multiple branding you need to send emails from different email address.
  • With Email Plus, you can easily do this with multiple SMTP support.
  • Easily change your sender address using the IMAP configuration.
Complete view
  • Get complete customer information within your email inbox.
  • Got a new email, just click on it and go to the detail view of the email.
  • If it is from one of your existing customer, you get product purchased details, company info, support tickets and more in a single view.
  • Else you can also add them as your Vtiger CRM contact in a click.
Keep your Email & Vtiger Contacts in Sync
  • Create new Contacts in Vtiger CRM with ease.
  • Add new Contacts in your CRM directly from Email plus.
  • Email Plus automatically adds all your customers info as contact in Address Books.
  • From here, you can also add your email contacts as your Vtiger CRM Contacts.
Seamlessly share Vtiger Docs via Email
  • Easily share documents and images to your recipients with Email plus.
  • You can attach any no. of files and images from your Vtiger CRM to Email plus.

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