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Advanced Email Plus Module an Introduction

Vtiger Email Plus integration module enables you to organize your sales activities in your CRM. With the Email Plus module for Vtiger you can send emails directly from your CRM which minimizes the gap between the CRM and the email client. You can send emails to your CRM contacts and can create new contacts. You can also add additional contacts to your email and can maintain your CRM and Email contacts in a synchronized way.

To elevate your productivity, the below video guides you on how to integrate your mailbox within VtigerCRM. Follow the steps explained to set up & configure a mailbox service from the available list to perform all your mail activities right inside your Vtiger CRM without the need to switch the platform.


  • Compatible Vtiger version: 6.5.* – 7.4
  • PHP version: 5.4 0r higher
  • IMAP server: IMAP4 rev1
  • Configure SMTP server or PHP for mail delivery
  • Ioncube for version 4.0 or higher

Module Installation

  • For secure installation, click Settings icon -> CRM Settings -> Module Manager -> Install from zip
  • Upload the zip file and click Import and then click Yes to finish.

Email Plus Module of IMAP Configuration #

Vtiger Email Plus module enables you to set the sender details using the IMAP Configuration of your email service provider. You can set the Email address and password from which you need to send emails to your customers. You can also use multiple send addresses to send emails. Set the account type and server name of your email & default server names are provided for the accounts type Gmail and Yahoo

Email plus Settings #

You can easily add additional folders and identities to your email. You can easily categorise your emails by adding additional folders.

  • To create a new folder, click Settings -> Folders, provide your folder name & parent folder name and click Save.
  • To create a new identity, click Settings -> Identities, provide the necessary details and click Save.

Send Contacts & Docs #

Add new Contacts:

Vtiger Email Plus integration enables you to create new contacts easily in your Vtiger CRM. You can create new contacts. For this, click on the contact icon shown in the image below. This will add the recipient information to Email Plus Address Book.

  • Now, click Address book -> automatically collected, Select a email contact you need to create as a CRM contact.
  • Select from the dropdown as lead or contact or organisation, provide the name & necessary details and click Save.
  • To add more information to your contact, click “Go to full form”.

Collects recipient mail address #

Email plus lets you to send email to new contacts and it is automatically collected and add to the email contact.

  • To edit the contacts, click “Address Book”, Select automatically collected from groups & make the necessary changes and click Save.

Share Vtiger documents: #

Vtiger Email Plus enables you to share documents and images to your recipients. You can add any no. of documents from your Vtiger CRM to email.

  • To share documents, click Attach from CRM -> Select the document and click

Detailed Customer Info View #

Email plus allows you to get the complete information about the customer within your email inbox. You can easily get the detailed information about the customer’s company info, product status, product purchased and support tickets. You can get the product and ticket details individually for each product & tickets to experience a seamless integration of customer data within your email workflow.