G-Apps Integration for SuiteCRM

CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source
Version: 7.8 *- 7.11

G-Apps Integration for SuiteCRM

Perform the actions of three separate applications with a single SuiteCRM G-Apps Integration. G-Apps integration for SuiteCRM is a bundle pack of Google Calendar, Contact, and Address Autocomplete. Synchronize all the 3 different applications bidirectionally with your SuiteCRM.

  • Bidirectional sync of Google Calendar events and SuiteCRM
  • Get your Google Contacts inside your SuiteCRM.
  • Autofill the SuiteCRM address fields of Leads, Contact, Accounts, Invoice and Quotes modules.
  • Sync instantly/Automate with the help of the CRON jobs.
  • Configure with highly secured Google API.
  • Add or edit any events either in your SuiteCRM or Google Calendar.
  • Choose a specific time range to sync with events type and status.
  • Add or update contacts information in one platform and let it sync on the other.
  • View the log details to get accurate sync success and failure information.
  • Fully verified addresses using Google Place API with a real-time interface to autofill.
Single Domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (4.0 or ↑)

3-in-1 suite for your SuiteCRM


Calendar events sync

Sync all your calendar events between Google Calendar and SuiteCRM.


Sync Contacts

Efficiently organize all your contacts information in one unified window.


Address autocompletion

Auto populates the address fields of Leads, Contacts, Invoice, Accounts & Quotes.


Connect your Google Calendar with SuiteCRM

Single click to sync
  • Whether it may personal or official, never miss out any of your important events.
  • Keep all your events sync with G Suite Integration for SuiteCRM.
  • Just a single click, you can bring all your Google calendar events inside SuiteCRM as well send all SuiteCRM events to Google calendar.
Automated and Secure sync
  • You may add, edit or delete any of your events by any time either in your SuiteCRM or Google Calendar.
  • By the time, you can easily automate the sync to run on periodic intervals based on your cron, rather manually sync each of your simple changes.
  • All your events are synced over highly secured Google API.
Sync Specific events
  • There are times, you no longer need to know about all your events you may need only your past events or may your future events.
  • With G Suite, you can choose the specific time range you need to sync events.
  • And you can also choose your Event type and status, based on which your events are sync.
Easy to maintain sync info
  • Get the complete information of sync between your SuiteCRM and Google Calendar.
  • You can know the sync status, in case of success you can get the Google event ID and SuiteCRM Id else you can get the reason for the sync failure all within your SuiteCRM.

Autofill address fields in your SuiteCRM

Easy update of Suite Address Fields
  • Manually typing all your customer address information without any typo errors can be tedious.
  • With Address auto filling option, you can easily fill out all address info in your SuiteCRM.
  • As you start typing, the address information gets auto populated and you can choose the appropriate value.
More secured integration
  • Provides a real time interface to auto fill address fields with fully verified addresses using Google Place API.
  • It provides you a type ahead and location based suggestions in your SuiteCRM modules like Lead, Contacts, Invoice, Accounts and Quotes.

Bring your Google Contacts inside your SuiteCRM

Simple and Secured Sync
  • Organizing your contact information has never been easier.
  • With the bidirectional sync of all your contacts between your SuiteCRM and Google Contacts, now you can easily maintain all your important contact information in one place
  • All your contact info are sync with secured Google API.
Recurrently sync Contact
  • Make changes either in your SuiteCRM or Google contact informations and get automatically mirrored in other
  • The sync automatically runs at periodic intervals based on cron, which avoids confusion and helps you to keep your contact information update.
Sync Logs
  • Better visualization of sync info between your Google Contacts and SuiteCRM with logs.
  • You can easily capture the synced and unsynced contacts with the detailed info in sync status.

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