CRM Compatibility:

  • Edition: Open Source
  • Version: 6.*, 7.0, 7.1

VtigerCRM Duplicate Check

Product version 1.0

Instantly check for duplicates in your Vtiger CRM to keep your growing CRM data more clean and accurate.

  • Check duplicates in all Vtiger Entity modules.
  • Select specific fields in each modules to check for duplicates.
  • Enable/Disable duplicate check in any individual CRM module.
  • Restricts editing privilege to users other than admin.
  • Save CRM storage with advanced duplicate detection across modules.

How VtigerCRM Duplicate Check Works

Define unique fields

Choose unique fields from the whole stack of CRM fields to check for duplicates.

Check Instantly

Vtiger Duplicate check instantly give alerts for duplicates at the time data insertion.

Check across modules

Vtiger Duplicate check detects duplicates across different CRM modules.

Product Demo

Product Demo

Take a quick whirl and get to know about Vtiger Duplicate Check

Detect CRM Duplicates



Instant Duplicate Check
  • Duplicate records creates enormous chunk of dirty data in CRM.
  • If CRM data is not cleaned up from making its way in, it can result in lost opportunities and poor customer experiences.
  • Vtiger Duplicate Check will help you define fields to check for duplicates.
  • And each module can be defined with unique set of fields.
  • When salesman enters existing data, it pops out an alert.
Cross Module Duplicate Detection
  • Duplicate records stored anywhere in your CRM tends to spend extra space, money and human resource.
  • Vtiger Duplicate Check detects duplicates with same customer information of Email and Phone in Lead, Contacts and Organization.
  • The advanced duplicate detection across the modules helps you to keep your CRM data more optimized.

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