CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source
Version: 6.* - 7.4

Address Lookup for Vtiger CRM

Product version 1.0

Easily Update Address Fields in Vtiger CRM. Autocomplete address fields as you start typing in your Vtiger CRM.

  • Quick address suggestions as you start typing.
  • Auto completion of address fields in all Vtiger entity modules.
  • Define unique mapping fields for each module.
  • Multiple mapping to autocomplete shipping and billing with different addresses.
  • Switch On and Off postal address lookup for any specific Vtiger modules.
  • Intuitive interface with button colors same as chosen theme.
Single Domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (4.4 or ↑)

How Address Lookup for Vtiger CRM works


Get your API

Address Lookup works securely with Google Places API. Get your own API and Configure it.


Field Mapping

Map the related Vtiger CRM Address fields. Address Lookup let you add multiple mapping.


Address Autofilling

Just start typing, Address Lookup will do the rest for you. More accurate address suggestions.


Product Demo

Try our live demo to learn how the Address Lookup for Vtiger CRM works.

Configure your API

Generate your Google Places API and use it in Vtiger Address Lookup for secure configuration.


Select the CRM Module

Choose the desired Vtiger CRM Module from the drop down for which you need to autocomplete the address fields.



Turn On & Off

Take complete control of your Vtiger CRM address completion by enabling or disabling it.



Map the fields

Relate the desired Vtiger CRM address fields, based on which the address Autocomplete works.


View it in action

Start typing few characters in the address fields and get more accurate suggestions to autocomplete.




Automate Address Filling
  • Typing customer address in multiple fields of Vtiger CRM without any mistake is difficult.
  • Automate address filling to save time, prevent typo and increase productivity.
  • Start typing in a Street field and choose the relevant choice from the suggestions.
  • Address Lookup will fill up the other state, country, etc., addresses for you.
Visual Field Relation
  • Adding customer information in Vtiger CRM with different Shipping and Billing address requires additional effort and care.
  • Address Lookup fetches the address from Google places API.
  • Mapping enables to map the fields with appropriate Vtiger address fields to autocomplete before your salesman types
  • Multiple choices of mapping improves efficiency and accuracy.
Turn On and Off Autocomplete
  • Complete control of address filling in all Vtiger CRM entity modules.
  • Turn On and Off the postal address lookup to autocomplete your customer billing, shipping or any address fields.
  • More flexibility enables to configure address suggestions on selective modules in Vtiger CRM.

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