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Address Lookup for VtigerCRM

Address Lookup suggests addresses related to each character you enter. It helps you to autocomplete and save time entering each postal address manually.It reduces the chances of typo errors when entering some valuable data effortlessly.

How to install Smart Address Lookup module #

  • Download the package from your My Account page
  • Unzip the Address_Lookup.zip file

Configuration #

Address Lookup can be configured with unique mapping fields to suggest your customers’ mailing addresses in every Vtiger module.

You can easily navigate and access the extension with the help of a User-friendly UI. To access the extension,

Navigate to Settings -> CRM settings -> Other Settings -> Address Lookup.

Google API Config #

  • Address Lookup suggests postal addresses with the Google Places suggest API. 
  • Click on the link “Click Here to Create API key” in the module, to generate API. 
  • Copy and paste the API in the “Enter your API key field”.

Turn On and Off Autocomplete address field

The address lookup can be enabled or disabled for any particular Vtiger module. You can choose your required module from the ‘Configure Field Mapping for’ drop-down menu. The Address Lookup for Vtiger CRM also supports the custom module. Whenever you import a new custom module, the custom fields will be automatically updated to this configuration drop-down menu of selecting modules. Then enable/disable autocomplete mailing address field for the selected module.

Map the Google Address field and Vtiger field #

The Google Places Suggest API gets the details of Street, Route, Area, Locality, City, State, Country, and Postal Code. Mapping fields assign the fetched Google address field to the corresponding Vtiger fields.

The street is the mandatory starting point. You can map your ‘Mailing street’ or ‘Other street’ to this field. Similarly, you can map all the required fields with their corresponding Vtiger fields. Only the mapped fields in the configuration page will autocomplete the selected address fields. The Address lookup extension doesn’t suggest the autocomplete address field for the unmapped fields.

You can define this mapping uniquely for all Vtiger entity modules. You can define any number of mapping fields equal to the address details you collect in individual modules by clicking on Add More. You can manage the mapping by creating, editing, and deleting the mappings. Once done with the configuration and mapping click on Save.

Address lookup configuration and mapping

Detailed View of Address Autocomplete #

When the salesman starts typing the address in the Street field, Address Lookup suggests the related address. When you choose the required address all the other address fields will be autocompleted. 

Detailed View of Address Autocomplete