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SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger

SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger review, spot, skip/merge duplicate records in your SuiteCRM. The extension prevents repeated data and helps to manage your CRM with accurate data. Merging two repeated records of SuiteCRM allows flawless maintenance of your database. SugarCRM Duplicate Merger acts in the same way with all the above given features. The SugarCRM duplicate merger gives an instant alert if it detects any repeated data..

  • Unique field selection to detect and merge duplicates in your SuiteCRM.
  • Choose any core and custom fields of Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Cases, Targets as unique fields.
  • Get instant pop-up alerts during duplicate detection with the existing record information.
  • Stop duplicates before creating a new record with a real-time pop-out alert.
  • Flexible to choose and merge only selective field information of your SuiteCRM. Keep CRM storage clean with advanced cross-module duplicate detection.
  • Enable or Disable duplicate check feature for any given SuiteCRM module.
  • Skip/Merge the duplicate with the primary CRM record avoids data loss.​
  • Detect and merge similar data periodically by scheduling the CRON time.
  • Log module monitors the flow of the duplicate check and merge process.
  • Filter option to group the logs for easy verification.
  • Email your customers from your preferred email id Logs keep track of the start and end time of cron.

SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger

CRM Compatibility

Edition: Open Source SuiteCRM : 7.8.*-7.10.*

Product Version

Version 1.1

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
ionCube Loader 4.0 & above

How SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger Works

Choose a unique field

Pick and mark any CRM field as unique, based on which the duplicates are detected.​

Locate the duplicate

Instant pop-ups with the existing record information to alert you that a duplicate is detected.​

Handle the duplicate

Either skip the duplicate or merge it with the primary CRM record to avoid data loss.​

Product Demo

SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger will check and merge duplicate records with primary ones to optimize data integrity. It has a check and merge option for each unique field of the selected module. Select the module for which you need to have duplicate free records on Duplicate Merger settings. Enable/Disable the duplicate merger based on your Business needs. You can also enable the cross-check to detect duplicates across the cross modules(Contacts, Leads, and Organisation ) in the email and Phone number fields. The cross-module duplicate detection keeps your CRM data clean.


Arrest duplicates before they are created

  • No more hassle on maintaining your CRM free from duplicates, especially when you deal with a large volume of data.
  • Mark certain field as “Unique Fields” to locate and merge the duplicates in your Suite CRM or SugarCRM.
  • You can choose any core and custom fields from your Suite CRM or Sugar CRM modules as unique fields.
  • While you add new information in your CRM, Duplicate Merger compares the data with the existing and if it already exists, it amazingly pops out an alert.

Duplicate Free CRM

  • Easily maintain a single version data even when you handle hundreds of thousands of records in your CRM with Duplicate Merger.
  • Checks for duplicates across different CRM (SuiteCRM/SugarCRM) modules like Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.
  • Easily eliminate all the duplicates and safeguard all your customer information.


Automatically duplicate Merger

  • Never let your Lead information fall through cracks with dirty data.
  • Automatically find similar records and add useful information to the primary record on a periodic basis without any manual work.
  • Duplicate Merger periodically detects and merges the duplicate information based on CRON time.


  • Keep track of all your check and merge process.
  • A complete set of details about the check process, the duplicate info and the record details which are merged.
  • Also, it gives the cron start and end timings as well.


Effortlessly clean up your CRM data with SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger. Say goodbye to clutter and streamline your customer records seamlessly.
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