Use SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger to Audit, Spot & Merge Duplicates



Arrest duplicates before they are created

Maintaining your CRM free from duplicates is quite challenging, especially when you deal with a large volume of data. And we can’t expect everyone of the employee to enter the the correct and accurate details every time. So with SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger to efficiently handle this situations. By marking a certain as “Unique Fields”, the Merger compares the data with the existing and if it already exists, it amazingly pops out an alert. And you can exactly locate the duplicates.

Instant duplicate alert

cross module duplicate alert

Automatically Merges Duplicates

Never miss any important information about your Leads. When the avenues to create the CRM records increase, the chances of generation of data duplicates will increase as well. The same lead may get created via Import as well as, say, manually. It’s common during the bulk import process. The duplicate check and merge automatically detects and merges the data based on CRON. It finds the similar records and the add the useful information to the primary record on periodic basis. So your Lead information never fall through cracks.

Duplicate Free CRM

As your business grows, you may lead to handle hundreds of thousands of records and at a particular stage, it becomes a very difficult task for us to check and eliminate it. As your customer your information are handled by different team, initially by marketing, sales and then support. Different team have their own version of info and finally it will chunk your CRM. SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger, checks for duplicates across different CRM modules. With this you can easily eliminate all the duplicates and safeguard all your customer information.

Instant duplicate alert

cross module duplicate alert


Keep track of all your check and merge process with the more intuitive. It provides you the complete set of details about your check process, the duplicate record, merge record details. Additionally it gives the cron starting and ending timings as well.


  • Choose the Modules which needs duplicate check.
  • Keep CRM storage clean with advanced cross module duplicate detection
  • Check duplicates in different modules like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Cases, Targets
  • Single domain license & it requires ionCube Loader version 4.0 or above.
  • Log module to monitor the flow of duplicate check and merge. Filters to group the logs for easy verification.
  • Enable/Disable duplicate check for given suiteCRM modules
  • Merges only selective field of the record with the duplicate record information.
  • Supports SuiteCRM version 7.8,7.9

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