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Duplicate Merger for SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger extension enables you to maintain your CRM more clean without duplicates. It efficiently handles all your duplicates at the instant of record creation and updation. And it will also detect the duplicates that are created during automatic WebForm info and bulk import. You can have complete control over the check and merge option.

Note :

SuiteCRM enables you to add multiple email for a single contact. The Duplicate Merger module checks the first email with the first email all the other records and second with the second and so on. And it merges the fields, if the existing email field is empty.

Installation & Configuration | SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger


  • Get your package from My Account page.
  • For secure installation, take a backup of your database
  • Go to Admin -> Module Loader
  • Upload the Import.zip and and click Upload
  • Finally click Install to complete the installation
  • Then Unzip the Install.zip package from the root directory


For CRON setup

  • After the installation is completed you need to setup the CRON
  • Add the following entry in your crontab


To configure the Duplicate Merger,

  • Go to Admin -> Duplicate Merger Settings (you can find this at the bottom of the page)
  • Using the settings, you can configure the unique fields to check for duplicates
  • Choose the required module from the dropdown in “Duplicate Check Rule For”
  • You can also enable and disable the selected module to check for duplicates.

Find & Merge Rule:

Setup your own Duplicate detection rule to find the duplicates

  • You can define the primary field to check and merge
  • Icon to assign the field as primary field to find the duplicate record.
  • Icon to assign the field as primary field to merge the information from the duplicate record.
  • You can choose any number of fields as primary fields to find and merge the duplicates
Suitecrm duplicate merger settings configuration

SuiteCRM Duplicate Check and Merge

Manual Check

SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger enables you to check for duplicates at the instant of record creation or updation. The real-time duplicate detection helps you to detect the duplicates and alert the user when a duplicate is found, making the process effortless and efficient.

Automatic Check & Merge

The SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger also check the duplicates automatically based on your CRON entry. It will merge all the duplicate records with the primary record. This helps you to check and merge when you uses bulk import or automated capture of Webforms info.

Cross Module Check

SuiteCRM Duplicate Merger allows you to check for duplicates across different modules like Leads, Contacts and Accounts. It also provides you the complete logs of Duplicate check and merge and cron timings.

Suitecrm duplicate merger logs