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Edition: Open Source
Version: 7.0-7.4

Vtiger Notify Plus

Vtiger Notify Plus allows the user to trigger a simple notification using workflows. This Workflow based notification helps to do repetitive tasks instantly once the workflow is active. The Workflow created will be listed in the Workflow lists which makes workflow access easier with a single click. Just enable the Global Notification settings and activate your Workflow. Once the Workflow conditions are met, then it will trigger a notification.

Single Domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (4.4 or ↑)

How the Vtiger Notify Plus Works


Global Notification Settings

Enable the global notifications settings by selecting all the modules or by selecting any particular module. Only the action performed on the selected modules will be notified.


Create a New Workflow

Create a new workflow for a repetitive task to trigger notifications. Add actions to the Workflow and select to whom the notification is to be sent (for creator or owner or the last modified user).


Receive a Notification

Whenever the workflow conditions are met, the notification will be displayed on the right side of the Vtiger header. It can be read, deleted, or snoozed to display later. All the notifications that have been sent will be displayed in the Notification Log history.

Product Demo

Vtiger Notify Plus will allow the user to receive notifications based on Workflows. Configure the global notification settings by selecting all the modules or any particular modules for which the workflow has to be created. Create a new workflow and Workflow Action. The created Workflow and Workflow action will be listed on the Workflow list. From the Workflow list, it is easy to access any workflow with a single click. And also you can sort the workflow based on any particular module name. Once the workflow conditions are met, the notification will be displayed on the right side of the Vtiger header. One can read and delete the notification or snooze the notification to view it later.

Notify Plus for Vtiger


Easy to do repetitive Tasks using Workflows
Notification Log History
Easy to access Notification icon


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