Vtiger Notify Plus (Free)

Vtiger Notify Plus allows the user to trigger a simple notification using workflows. This Workflow based notification helps to do repetitive tasks instantly once the workflow is active. The Workflow created will be listed in the Workflow lists which makes workflow access easier with a single click. Just enable the Global Notification settings and activate your Workflow. Once the Workflow conditions are met, then it will trigger a notification.
  • Easy to configure Global Notification settings.
  • Notification log history will explain in detail about created time, modified time, assigned to, module name, content, etc.,
  • Follow /Unfollow the notification by enable/disable the Star icon.
  • Displays a Quick detailed view of the notification using the eye icon.
  • Do repetitive tasks by simply creating a workflow for the particular task.
  • Used to receive notifications for upcoming and planned activities.
  • On and Off the Workflow to activate or deactivate the workflows.
  • Create Workflows for all modules and listed on the Workflow lists.
  • Add, edit and delete Workflow Actions with ease.
  • Enable any particular modules or select all modules to receive notifications for those modules.
  • Execute the workflow by triggering the workflow action.
  • Send notifications instantly or at a scheduled triggered time when the workflow conditions are met.
  • Read and delete the notifications in a single instance to avoid confusion on various notifications.
  • A maximum of 50 notifications will be marked as read and deleted at a time.
  • Snooze the notifications to displayed them later( whenever you prefer to view them).

Vtiger Notify Plus (Free)

CRM compatibility

Edition: Open Source Version: 7.0-7.4

Product Version

Version: 1.1

Single Domain
Compatible with PHP 8 & above
For lower versions support, contact us
Req. ionCube Loader 12 or above

How the Vtiger Notify Plus Works

Global Notification Settings

Enable the global notifications settings by selecting all the modules or by selecting any particular module. Only the action performed on the selected modules will be notified.

Create a New Workflow

Create a new workflow for a repetitive task to trigger notifications. Add actions to the Workflow and select to whom the notification is to be sent (for creator or owner or the last modified user).

Receive a Notification

Whenever the workflow conditions are met, the notification will be displayed on the right side of the Vtiger header. It can be read, deleted, or snoozed to display later. All the notifications that have been sent will be displayed in the Notification Log history.

Product Demo

Vtiger Notify Plus will allow the user to receive notifications based on Workflows. Configure the global notification settings by selecting all the modules or any particular modules for which the workflow has to be created. Create a new workflow and Workflow Action. The created Workflow and Workflow action will be listed on the Workflow list. From the Workflow list, it is easy to access any workflow with a single click. And also you can sort the workflow based on any particular module name. Additionally, users can receive real-time notifications for workflow actions.


Easy to do repetitive Tasks using Workflows

  • A single Workflow will reduce the time to trigger notifications every time the conditions are met.
  • Easy configuration of global notifications settings.
  • Easy to select and unselect the desired modules for which the notifications trigger.
  • One can create so many workflows for any module based on their requirements.
  • It is easy to select the user to whom the notification is to be sent (for a creator, owner, or last modified user).



Notification and Logs

  • User-friendly UI design to access the notification icon (Bell icon) and the Bell icon will display the counting that shows the number of notifications that have been received.
  • The notification will explain the status and the content of the workflow by which it has been triggered.
  • It is easy to set Mark as read or delete the notification
  • Easy to snooze the notification to view it later. Postpone the notification as per your requirements
  • Easy to view the complete details of all the notifications on a single page of the Notification Log history.


Enhance your CRM experience with Vtiger Notify Plus, delivering instant notifications for seamless business operations
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