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SuiteCRM Google Calendar integration

<p>SuiteCRM with Google Calendar Integration organizes all your schedules, events, meetings, reminders, and appointments. Manage Google Calendar activities from a single interface while dealing with SuiteCRM tasks. The extension allows bidirectional sync between Google Calendar and SuiteCRM. SugarCRM Google Calendar Integration performs in a similar method with all the above features. The SugarCRM Google Calendar Integration connects your multiple Calendars in a single interface.</p>
  • Two-way synchronization of events between CRM and Google Calendar.
  • Secured 2-way sync with Google ID and Secret key.
  • Sync SuiteCRM Calendar to Google Calendar and bidirectionally sync all events.
  • Add or edit events in either location and get auto-update on the other.
  • Synchronize events automatically at frequent intervals based on CRON time.
  • Specific date filters sync events at the preferred time and date range.
  • Logs to keep track of successful and failed synchronization.
  • Save time by checking multiple calendar schedules from a single place.

SuiteCRM Google Calendar integration

CRM Compatibility

Edition: Open Source SuiteCRM: 7.8.*-7.11

Product Version

Version 1.0

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
ionCube Loader 4.0 & above

All your schedules in one place


2-way Sync

Bidirectionally sync events information between your CRM Calendar and Google Calendar.

Sync on the fly

Add or edit events in one location and get automatically updated on the other.

Filter based sync

Synchronize only specific existing events with the option to choose start date and time.

SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration

Experience seamless synchronization between Suite CRM and Google Calendar with our integration. Effortlessly manage your events in one place by syncing Google Calendar with your CRM. Configure sync preferences, choose onsave, manual, or automatic sync options. Instantly sync on-the-go or set specific filters for manual sync. Enable cron scheduling for automatic sync. Monitor sync statuses on a single page. Stay organized and never miss a beat with SuiteCRM Google Calendar integration.



Secured 2-way sync

  • Connect your SuiteCRM/SugarCRM and Google Calendar in just a click.
  • Choose your preferred Google account to connect with your SuiteCRM/SugarCRM.
  • Bidirectionally sync all your event information between your CRM and Google Calendar.
  • The connection and synchronization process is carried out more securely with Google ID and Secret key.

Sync with specific date filter

  • Sometimes you no longer need to sync all your existing events between SuiteCRM/SugarCRM and Google Calendar.
  • Use the specific date-based filter to synchronize events from a particular date and time range.
  • Choose the date and time range that fits your requirements.



Single tap to sync all events

  • Maintain your Google and SuiteCRM/SugarCRM Calendar up-to-date without much effort.
  • Just tap to bring-in/send all your Calendar events from SuiteCRM/SugarCRM Calendar to Google Calendar.
  • You no longer need to check multiple calendars, get to know about all your schedules from one place.



Synchronize on the go

  • No more manual entries to keep your SuiteCRM/SugarCRM and Google Calendar events updated.
  • Add, and edit event information either in your CRM or Google Calendar and get automatically updated on the other.
  • Saves time in organizing your events across two locations and boosts productivity.

Automated Sync

  • With SuiteCRM/SugarCRM Google Calendar integration, you can automate your synchronization process.
  • Set your preferred CRON job to run the synchronization process at periodic intervals.

Keep track of logs

  • Track your complete synchronization information with logs.
  • Logs give you the status of your synchronization process and this ensures that there is no missing of any valuable data.


Enhance collaboration and streamline your workflow with SuiteCRM Google Calendar integration. Seamlessly sync your schedules, manage tasks, and optimize your time efficiently.
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