CRM Compatibility :

Edition: Open Source
Version: 7.8,*- 7.10.9

QuickBooks SuiteCRM Integration

Product version 1.2

Integrate your QuickBooks Accounting Software with SuiteCRM.

  • Bidirectionally sync Contacts, Accounts, Products, Quotes and Invoices between SuiteCRM to QuickBooks.
  • Schedule sync with cron to sync at non-peak hours of work
  • Sync selective records that have allowed sync with the QuickBooks SuiteCRM integration.
  • Unique mapping field template for each supported SuiteCRM modules.
  • Sync specified status of Quotes and Invoice from SuiteCRM to QuickBooks.
  • Detailed log for overall record sync between Suite CRM and QuickBooks.
Single Domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (4.0 or ↑)

How SuiteCRM Quickbooks Integration works


Connect QB & CRM

Just a single click to connect your SuiteCRM integration with Quickbooks.


Sync your data

Sync all your data in one go or schedule your sync to run at regular intervals.


Sync Log

Audit your sync log to know about the successful and failed data sync.

Connect SuiteCRM & Quickbooks

Just Click on ” Connect to Quickbooks ” to hook up your SuiteCRM and Quickbooks.


Relate CRM &QB fileds

Map the appropriate SuiteCRM field with QuickBooks.


Data Synchronization

Sync all your data instantly in one go or schedule it to run synchronization later.


Sync only particular records

Pick and mark – selective records from SuiteCRM and sync it to Quickbooks.


Sync based on invoice Status

Lets you sync records from suiteCRM to Quickbooks based on invoice status. Choose your choice status to sync.




Secure & Reliable Sync
  • Sync all your data in just a click without any manual intervention.
  • Bi-directionally sync Invoices, Quotes, Products, Contacts and Accounts.
  • Secured data sync with QuickBooks API to connect with SuiteCRM.
Schedule your Sync
  • With suitecrm accounting module, you can sync all your records instantly in single click.
  • Easy to maintain both SuiteCRM and QuickBooks accounting software info up-to-date with scheduled sync based on CRON setup.
Flexible Mapping
  • More intuitive field mapping to make QuickBooks and SuiteCRM field mapping more easy.
  • Use the module option menu to choose the module you need to map.
  • Sync only selective records from SuiteCRM to QuickBooks using different available filters like select, paid, unpaid, cancelled and more for invoices.
Review your Logs
  • Easy to keep track of complete sync information with logs in QuickBooks SuiteCRM Integration.
  • Provides you the information of both successful and failure sync records.
  • You can have a quick look at the sync information with the sync logs for both instant and scheduled sync.
Minimum Requirements
  • The sync is performed with the advantages and limitations of QuickBooks API.
  • For Non-US QuickBooks Account, The Tax value in QuickBooks is synced with the shipping tax in SuiteCRM. Because there is no tax option in SuiteCRM.
  • This product/current version dont support SuiteCRM Quickbooks Desktop integration and SugarCRM Quickbooks integration

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