QuickBooks SuiteCRM Integration

Sync suite CRM and QuickBooks

QuickBooks SuiteCRM Integration is a Suite CRM extension to integrate QuickBooks Online within the Suite CRM. Products, Contacts, Invoices and Quotes are bidirectionally synced between QuickBooks online and Suite CRM. The sync can be scheduled to sync at non-peak hours with cron to balance the server loads. The scheduled records are queued one after the other to execute the sync without conflicts. The sync can also be executed for instant update using the manual sync option. The fields of QuickBooks are mapped with the fields of Suite CRM to sync the data appropriately. The mapping fields of each supported Suite CRM modules can be defined separately.


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  • Lifetime Support and Lifetime upgrade.
  • Required ionCube loader version 4.4 or higher.
  • Licensed for a single domain.


  • Sync Contacts, Products, Quotes and Invoices from SuiteCRM to QuickBooks bidirectionally.
  • Schedule sync with cron to sync at non-peak hours of work.
  • Sync selective records that have allowed sync with the QuickBooks SuiteCRM integration.
  • Queue the sync to execute the scheduled record.
  • Sync selective fields of QuickBooks and SuiteCRM with the field mapping.
  • Unique mapping field template for each supported SuiteCRM modules.
  • Sync Quotes and Invoice of Suite CRM to QuickBooks with the specified status.
  • Detailed log for overall record sync between Suite CRM and QuickBooks.

Minimum Requirements

  • The sync is performed with the advantages and limitations of QuickBooks API
  • For Non-US QuikBooks Account, The Tax value in QuickBooks is synced with the shipping tax in SuiteCRM. Because there is no tax option in SuiteCRM
  • The product will not work beyond the scope of SuiteCRM or QuickBooks. The standard of both application need to be maintained.You can know more about the product in documentation