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Best EMR/EHR Software

The TajEmo Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software system is the best EMR/ EHR integration Software. It is developed to be a highly flexible and customizable platform for medical practices of all sizes. The system is built on top of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack. 

There is a wide range of helpful features available that include appointment scheduling, 

  • patient demographics, 
  • clinical decision support, 
  • prescription writing, 
  • billing. 

Also, it is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

Our Expertise

We can customize TajEmo, the best EMR/EHR software to specific use cases to enhance the functionality and data flow. And integrating it into other systems and extending their capability with custom development requirements by partners and clients. 

We are the best EHR EMR Software development company. We have the knowledge and expertise to optimize the EMR/EHR integration and customization process, ensure data security and compliance with regulations, and provide support to end-users.

We have partnered with TajEmo Ehealth as an EMR/EHR partner to provide the best EHR EMR Development, Integration, and Customer Support. Our support extends by integrating with practice management systems, laboratory information systems, or other medical devices.

About TajEmo Ehealth

TajEmo eHealth provides exceptional software development services and support within the Health Care Community.

TajEmo eHealth is a software development company based in South Africa founded in 2011, its primary focus was to customize OpenEMR for the Medical Industry in Southern Africa and beyond.

We are firm believers that open-source software is the best way to improve the quality of software for the community, and we acquired being an OpenEMR Certified Contributor.

We offer OpenEMR Custom Software Development by highly qualified software engineers to make your EMR simple to use and meet your specific needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

We also provide reliable, HIPAA Compliant, Hosting, and encrypted backup services for OpenEMR and other applications where applicable.

In addition to our training package, we offer OpenEMR user support, IT support, Database conversions, Practice Management Consulting, and Custom Software Development and Integration.

We will help your business make the most of OpenEMR for your customers. We also have Automated Lab Orders and results in with Country Based Service Providers’ Applications and add-on packages that interface with OpenEMR and more.

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Our Team

Information Technology

Monty Appavoo
Monty Appavoo

With many years experience in Software Development , Monty drives TajEmo strategic vision and fearlessly leads our team.Continues to push the envelope of innovation, building a product with purpose and finding more ways to serve our customers.

Clinical Experience

Dr Daya Appavoo
Dr. Daya Appavoo (SME)

Family Medical Practitioner as well as an Occupational Medical Practitioner with over 30 years acts as an advisor/consultant for EHR customization,development and functionality for Medical Practitioners.

Dr Jayseelan Naidu
Dr. Jayseelan Naidu (SME)

Specialist Physician interest is in developing an EHR Application for ease of use, data collection and then data analysis. Assist Designing Clerking templates for different medical disciplines.

Software Development and Support

Fenzik & Team, Smackcoders Inc.

EMR EHR Software Development and Support Specialist Team, India