WooCommerce Integration for Vtiger CRM (Free)

WooCommerce Integration for Vtiger​ is an extension that effectively integrates WooCommerce with Vtiger CRM. This CRM for WooCommerce extension syncs records bidirectionally from Vtiger to WooCommerce and vice versa. The sync is secured with the WooCommerce API key.
  • Effective Bidirectional record sync between Vtiger CRM and WooCommerce.
  • Default mapped fields of Vtiger with WooCommerce. You can also customize mapping based on the business needs.
  • Sync Records instantly to WooCommerce when the record was saved in Vtiger CRM.
  • Easy to enable/disable Onsave Record sync based on the business needs.
  • Sync bulk records between any specified time intervals using the historical sync option.
  • The Sales Order will sync only with the appropriate product and contact.
  • Track the success and failure statuses of record sync history via Audit Trails.
  • Able to sync the create, update, and delete records of Vtiger CRM with WooCommerce respectively.

WooCommerce Integration for Vtiger CRM (Free)

CRM compatibility

Version: 6.5 - 7.5 Edition: Open Source

Product Version

Version: 1.1

Single Domain
Compatible with PHP 8 & above
For lower versions support, contact us
Req. ionCube Loader 12 or above

Integrate and sync records between Vtiger CRM and WooCommerce

Generate API key

Get the consumer key and consumer secret from WooCommerce to configure the WooCommerce settings with Vtiger CRM.

Onsave record sync

Enable the onsave record sync of any particular module and sync records instantly on Save.


Track every status (success/failure) of the record sync history to prevent data loss.

Product Demo

Integrating WooCommerce with Vtiger CRM helps build a strong relationship between customers and the business. It enables businesses to manage and organize customer data, track sales activities, and analyze customer behavior. This integration allows businesses to sync customer information, sales orders, and product details between the two systems bidirectionally, allowing for better customer support and improved customer experience. You can also sync records between specified time periods using Historical sync.


Seamless Record Sync

  • The CRM Woocommerce integration allows bidirectional record sync between Vtiger CRM and WooCommerce seamlessly.
  • The sync is secure and reliable with the WooCommerce API key.
  • Sync records of any selected modules instantly when it was created.
  • Sync bulk records between any defined time intervals from Vtiger to WooCommerce and vice-versa.
  • Able to control how often your record needs to sync.

Field Mapping

  • The fields of Vtiger CRM and WooCommerce are mapped by default.
  • Easy to add /edit custom field mapping by selecting the appropriate field from the drop-down of the respective field.
  • Without mapping the field, the records won’t sync and cause data shuffling.
  • With Woocommerce CRM integration, you can set up the CRON schedule for the automatic sync of records from WooCommerce to Vtiger CRM.


Seamlessly sync Vtiger CRM with WooCommerce, streamlining sales, inventory, and customer data management. Elevate your online business game effortlessly.
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