Autocomplete Address Fields in SuiteCRM

Accelerate your address filling

Faster and more accurate Lead/Customer information entry than ever before. With Address Autocomplete your SuiteCRM can be equipped with a quick way to autocomplete the address information as your salesman start typing it. The address are suggested with the perfectly integrated Google API. It all takes place behind the scene, but you’ll see the smoother filling up of the address information in your CRM.

Address Lookup


Intuitive field mapping

Address Autocomplete is brilliantly designed to auto populate as you type your Lead/Contact address in one of the field in your SuiteCRM. The selection of specific address component is based on typical address format. With Address Autocomplete field mapping you can select related components to align with the exact postal address format of your country.

Turn Off Auto Complete

Address Autocomplete gives you complete control over the address autocomplete and address population. So you can enable the address autocomplete only for the module of your choice. With more flexible and simple design you can take over control of address filling in Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Invoice and Quotes module of SuiteCRM.


All Features

  • Define your own mapping based on your postal format and country standards.
  • Autocomplete address fields of Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Invoice, Quotes modules of SuiteCRM.
  • Auto complete as you start typing your first letter.
  • Licensed only for a single domain. Requires ionCube Loader version 4.0 or above
  • More accurate and a smart way to fill unique address for shipping and billing address.
  • Complete control to turn ON and OFF auto address suggestions.
  • Intuitive interface with button colors same as chosen theme.
  • Lifetime FREE upgrade and Lifetime FREE support.
  • Supports SuiteCRM version 7.8, 7.9

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