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Magento 2 Vtiger Bidirectional Connector

Stop Juggling Between Applications. Keep Data In Sync
  • Bidirectional sync of Customers, Products, Invoices, Quotes, Stores, Category, and Sales orders.
  • Secured sync between Magento 2 store and Vtiger CRM using Magento API.
  • Schedule data sync from Magento2 to Vtiger CRM with CRON jobs.
  • Sync all/selective records from Magento 2 store to Vtiger CRM in a single click.
  • Detailed log section available in the CRM module to know about your data sync.
  • Create/edit store data in Magento and get it automatically updated in Vtiger CRM using CRON jobs.
  • Map the created Magento attributes as Custom field in Vtiger CRM.

Magento 2 Vtiger Bidirectional Connector

CRM Compability

Edition: Open Source Version: 6.* - 7.4

Product Version

Version: 2.1

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
Req. ionCube Loader 4 or above

Modes of sync from Magento to Vtiger CRM


On the go transfer

Create or edit any Magento store data and get automatically updated in Vtiger CRM.

Scheduled transfer

Choose a specific frequency to sync your data without any intervention.

Prompt transfer

Synchronize all or choose particular records to sync from Magento Store to Vtiger CRM.



Sync Magento Sales to Vtiger CRM

  • Sales orders in your Magento 2 store are neatly and automatically collected in Vtiger CRM, with real time on the go transfer and scheduled CRON sync.
  • All sync is bidirectional.

Bidirectionally Sync Invoice

  • Magento 2 Vtiger Bidirectional connector saves all your invoice in Vtiger CRM automatically as you create in your Magento store.
  • You can use logs to see the sync information.

2-Way Customers & Categories Sync

  • Create and edit your Customer or Category information anywhere in Magento 2 store or Vtiger CRM, and Magento 2 Vtiger bidirectional connector will sync bidirectionally to keep your data updated in both store & CRM.

Send Products & Attributes to Vtiger CRM

  • Automatically transfer your Magento 2 store products & Attributes into Vtiger CRM products & custom fields for better inventory management.


Enjoy the seamless integration between Vtiger CRM and Magento with our bidirectional Connector. Simplify your business processes and boost efficiency.
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