CRM Compatibility:

  • Edition: Open Source
  • Version: 7.8.*-7.10.11

Duplicate Check for SuiteCRM

Product version 1.0

Detect and skip the pitfalls of duplicates in your SuiteCRM.

  • Keep your CRM data clean with instant duplicate check.
  • Check duplicates in different modules like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Cases, Targets.
  • Select unique fields in each modules to check for duplicates.
  • Enable/Disable duplicate check for given suiteCRM modules.
  • Save CRM storagewith advanced cross module duplicate detection.
  • Restricts editing privilege to users other than admin.

How Duplicate Check for SuiteCRM Works

Define unique fields

Define your own unique fields for each SuiteCRM modules to check for duplicates.

Instant check

Pops out alerts instantly when a it detects a duplicate at the time data insertion.

Complete control

Take complete control over your duplicate check with a option to turn ON and OFF the check.


Product Demo

Take a quick whirl and get to know about Smart Duplicate Check

Detect SuiteCRM Duplicates



Detect duplicates in a jiffy
  • Data duplicates will always junk your CRM with dirty data.
  • While it resembles like the original data, duplicate records may create misconceptions among sales reps and results in lower customer satisfaction and retention.
  • SuiteCRM Duplicate Check enables you to detect duplicates at the instant, whenever your salespeople add a new record in modules like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Cases and Targets.
  • It pops out an alert, if the data is already exists in your SuiteCRM.
Define unique fields and rules
  • Each one us will have our own way to detect duplicates.
  • Some may use number field or email field or more to check for duplicates.
  • So predefined rules will no longer helpful as your customer information may not be different always.
  • With SuiteCRM Duplicate Check, you can easily define your own rules based on your requirements.
  • You can specify any number unique fields to detect duplicates.
Check duplicates across modules
  • Duplicate records may occur anywhere in your CRM.
  • When your salespeople adds a new customer information in the contact, it’s not enough to check for duplicates in the existing contact list alone, it is essential to check the other modules also.
  • SuiteCRM Duplicate Check detects duplicates across modules in Leads, Contacts and Accounts, this helps you to keep your highly worth CRM data clean and up-to-date.

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