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SuiteCRM Duplicate Check Module Guide

SuiteCRM Duplicate Checker enables you to check for duplicates in your SuiteCRM at the instant of inserting the data. It allows you to detect duplicates in modules like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Cases and target. You can choose any core and custom fields as unique fields to detect duplicates.

Installation #

  • Get the package from the My Account Page.
  • Take a backup of your database, for secure installation
  • Navigate to SuiteCRM and click on the Admin icon -> admin -> Module Loader
  • Upload the DuplicateCheck.zip and click Upload.
  • Click Install to complete the module installation.

Configuration #

SuiteCRM Duplicate Check enables you to have a complete control over the modules like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Cases and Targets on which the SuiteCRM Duplicate check can check the duplicates at the instant of data insertion.

  • To configure, click on the Admin icon -> Admin -> Duplicate Check Settings (you can find this in the bottom of the page)

Using the settings, you define any core and custom fields to check for duplicates in each SuiteCRM modules. You can also enable/ disable duplicate check for any CRM module. Follow the below steps to configure Duplicate check for your SuiteCRM modules.

  • Choose the module in Duplicate Check Rule For on which you the duplicates are need to be checked.
  • Enable the icon, to check the duplicates. To disable the duplicate check, turn it off for the required module.
  • The duplicates will be checked for individual fields of the module. To select the unique fields, click on the double arrows corresponding to the fields and then finally save the configuration.

Cross duplicate check #

SuiteCRM Duplicate Check enables you to detects duplicates across modules. Cross module detection is supported for Leads, Contacts and Accounts. To setup the cross module check, enable For CrossCheck box. And it works for the Phone and Email field types.

Suitecrm Duplicate Check Settings

Alert for Duplicates #

Whenever a new data is entered into your SuiteCRM, the extension pops out an alert message if the data already exist. It will also check for duplicates whenever you update any record in the supported module. This will help you to keep your CRM data clean and prevent it from spamming.

Suitecrm Duplicate Check Instant alert