The making of intelligent machines and programs of Artificial Intelligence development also involves social and general intelligence. We help businesses, organizations, and enterprises improve performance by automating business operations. Our AI automates the business process by learning, problem-solving, reasoning and knowledge representation. We create exceptional AI solutions to strengthen your products and business. Our global clients get great user experience with Artificial Intelligence development software, ML web, and mobile apps.

AI Services and Applications

Explore the latest technologies with new possibilities of AI development tools. Artificial Intelligence development services creates intelligent machines to mimic the cognitive functions of human behavior. We face ethical challenges using AI and ML to remove human responsibility. It devalues human skills, destroys human self-determination, and decreases human control. AI and ML cybersecurity systems hinder the increase of human wrongdoing and cybercrime. We handle the security problems of escalation and lack of control.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning development processes huge amounts of data to get valuable data-driven results. ML algorithms are not programmed explicitly using supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. Execute ML development process in business for credit scoring, creating recommendation systems, and opinion mining. Our ML-based AI solution forecasts sales, advances user analytics and makes better-informed decisions. 

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Churn Prediction
  • Text Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Deep Learning (DL)
  • Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP uses advanced language recognition and processing technologies. Interpretation of language and generation of NLP solutions uses machine language. The problem-solving procedure includes insights into natural language.  The traditional NLP algorithms use ML skills for small data sets and ownership. Generic data extraction with more accuracy happens after classification and translation. Speech recognition applications of NLP are Text to Speech (TTS) and Speech to Text (STT).

Computer vision

Computer vision searches for specific information by processing images and videos. Recognition of images through machine vision makes your daily tedious jobs simpler. AI machines capture the visuals, understand the insightful values, and then translate them. Our AI service recognizes objects, categorizes images or photos, and indexes the content. You can automate monotonous operations like moderating content and client identity verification. Computer vision solutions help to secure better realization from digital pictures or videos.

AI Competencies Based On Types

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

Phase 1: Machine Learning

Considered as Expert Systems specialize in one area and solve one problem.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Phase 2: Machine Intelligence

Reasoned for Planning Optimization that refers to a smart computer as a human

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Phase 3: Machine Consciousness

Robotics & Manufacturing Optimisation run much smarter than best human brains in every field

AI Based On Functionalities


Reactive machines


Limited Theory


Theory of Mind




  • Facial Recognition
  • Automate Tasks
  • Data Ingestion
  • Cloud Computing
  • Quantum Computing
  • ChatBots



  • Java
  • Scala
  • Python
  • R


  • Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Impala
  • WEKA
  • Apache Mahout
  • Caffe


  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • PyTorch
  • Theano


  • NoSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Apache Hive
  • Apache Hbase

Machine Learning

  • Amazon Machine Learning
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Mahout
  • TensorFlow
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Caffe
  • Maxnet
  • Keras
  • Torch
  • Gensim
  • Theano
  • SpaCy
  • OpenCV
  • Google Cloud AI Platform
  • Apache Spark MLib
  • Einstein
  • Scikit Learn
  • GNU Octave

Business Intelligence

Automate your decision-making process and foresee the risks of business with ensured security. ML development services solution and business intelligence leverage your business data management and model. The clever ML development environment streamlines your entire department including financial operations. We implement smart enterprise ML development tools and analyze your organization’s big data. Our automation solution simplifies your supply chain management system and sales pipeline.



Big data services make your company into a fully data-driven organization. We support releasing your valuable understandings with data-driven decisions. Our high-end and specific data service and expertise solve your big data challenges. Big data service implementation makes your organization a completely digital business. Big data consulting incorporates big data strategy, machine learning development process, and analytics. Real-time big data processing takes place along with data platform management. We provide Big Data solutions for turning your business data into perceptions.

  • Big Data Strategy Consulting
  • Big Data Infrastructure Set-Up and Support
  • Big Data Development maintenance and Support
  • Big Data Managed Analytics & Insights Services


Distributed Storage

Apache Hadoop
Amazon S3
Azure Blob Storage

Big Data Processing

Apache Kafka
Apache Spark
Apache Flink
Apache Storm

Apache Druid
Hadoop MapReduce
Apache Giraph

Programming Languages

Apache Scala

Data Management

  • Apache Airflow
  • Informatica
  • Talend
  • Zaloni
  • Apache ZooKeeper
  • Azkaban

Database Management

  • Apache Cassandra
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Synapse
  • ApacheHive
  • Analytics
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Apache HBase
  • MongoDB
  • Apache
  • NiFi



Cloud Computing allows accessing many applications and data through the internet.  The cloud computing, internet-based data processing system is ruling over other IT technologies. Hypermodern Cloud computing comprises tons of public and private connected networks. The system works along with all networks to give dynamic storage infrastructure. All industries, organizations, and medium to large size businesses turned to the cloud. Organizations from all over the world can carry out a number of activities by moving to the cloud. We develop cloud apps to provide extensive and secure enterprise apps. We make businesses understand the true possibilities with our Cloud applications.

Cloud Computing Services and Solutions

The cloud system meets your organizational requirements and manages the entire application.  We analyze your business requirements, consider the technical aspects and assess the security. Our cloud service increases your security, document control, improves competitiveness and collaboration.

  • Managed Operations
  • Self-service Provisioning
  • Elastic Resource Capacity
  • Utility Pricing
  • Management Automation
  • Third Party Ownership
  • Virtualized Resources

Major Split ups of Cloud Computing

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS gives subscription options to apps by means of the internet to our customers. Its main purpose is to use the service for Communication, CRM, ERP, Email, and Games.

Platform as a Service (Paas)

PaaS contains DBMS and BI tools in addition to the IaaS service. Both PaaS and IaaS are used in software development for testing, and maintenance. We use it for building Web, Application Development and Database

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS provides rental infrastructures. It includes servers, networks, operating systems, storage, and virtual machines. The major usage is migration with Security and System Management.

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