What does WP mean? How does It mean to WordPress?

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  • What does WP mean? How does It mean to WordPress?

The term WP is an acronym or abbreviation or slang which has more than 500 meaning and 9310 slang words. There are more than 500 meanings for the term “wp” in 8 different categories. To give the top most priority, wp means “WordPress”, ”White People”, “Well Played”, “Wrong Person”, “Weather Permitting”. But it’s more likely used for WordPress.

You may have heard the word ‘WordPress’ if you searched for anything related to a website. Here in this article, we are going to explain how WP stands for WordPress and why we use it for WordPress, a detailed view about WordPress and much more.

How does wp means to WordPress

WP is also an abbreviation or acronym for the word ‘WordPress’. Aforesaid, it is the most commonly used for WordPress. Mentioning simply ‘WP’ confuses newcomers to WordPress. Most of the web developers use this term in case of using WordPress. It may reduce the time or words but it’s recommended to use the word WordPress in place of WP.

What is WordPress

WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System which is free to use. It is written in PHP and uses a MYSQL database. WP or WordPress was launched in 2003. It is developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress lets you create any kind of website. So you can create amazing website easily using WordPress to promote your business in online. Read the article if you want to know more about the origin of WordPress.

Feature & Benefits of WordPress:

WordPress is the most recommended tools if you want to create blog, ecommerce store or any business website. It consists of many adorable features. Some of the features are,

Types of websites created with WordPress

WordPress lets you create any kind of websites. Here are some of the websites you can create using WordPress:

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In the beginning WordPress is created for the purpose of blogging. And it’s well known as ‘Blog management system;. After that it has added more web content categories such as traditional mailing, forms, media gallery, learning management system and ecommerce store. You can lift up your business to the next level by using WordPress. Now WordPress is used for sharing our business details and to brand our products. This will help you to level up your business by reaching your target audience. WordPress is a powerful tool for blogging. This will help you to build your own website for your business. Also, you can get more leads by creating your own website. How to Backup your WordPress Website
In the top ten million websites of 2021, more than 41% of websites are using WordPress. Even if you are a beginner, with no doubt you can use WordPress to develop your website, manage your contents and grow your business. To make this more easy and comfortable you can use Elementor plugin. This plugin helps you to create your website with more features. You can create a specific template for your website using Elemenor. Learn here to know more details about the plugin installation. Also, get knowledge about how to create own website using Elementor.

Percentage of websites using WordPress

The creation of WordPress makes it much easier for everyone to build websites. Before that website building was more frustrating and technical. Only developers and designers with good knowledge of HTML and CSS could build websites. But WordPress changes this all and let anyone interact with website development.

Over 30% of websites on the internet using WordPress CMS(Content Management System). Some of these famous brands are using WordPress namely Microsoft, Sony, BBC, Walt Disney, MTV and New Yorker. Stats says that over 500 websites are created each day using the free version of WordPress. 62% of the top 100 fast growing company in US use WordPress. The reasons for the popularity of WordPress is the open source platform, plugins to extend the website feature, and themes. Learn here the 30 most important reasons to use WordPress.

Is WordPress easy to use

Yes, absolutely. You can use WordPress without having coding and designing knowledge. There are thousands of themes available in WordPress to build the website layout and many free plugins available to enhance the behaviour and capability of the website. You can easily install WordPress on your desktop and conveniently work on it. There are plenty of resources online to learn about WordPress. This makes it easy for beginners to learn WordPress.

Requirements or Pre-requisites to install WordPress

The below are the prerequisites to install WordPress:

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